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cmon you reds 3pts please
29th Sep 2013 15:02
29th Sep 2013 15:02
"IMO Sturridge needs a rest. He was clearly tired against united and did not look sharp at all"
29th Sep 2013 15:03
"That'll do.... C 'mon the pool!"
29th Sep 2013 15:03
"should be good enough to win"
29th Sep 2013 15:03
"Sterling would of been good In this game"
Top 4 for sure
29th Sep 2013 15:04
"Strong team that should get the 3 points. 3-5-2 or 4-3-3 Anyone ideas?"
29th Sep 2013 15:06
"Go all the way Reds! 0-3(Suarez 2, Sturridge 1)"
Top 4 for sure
29th Sep 2013 15:06
"Any ideas*"
29th Sep 2013 15:06
"Where's Alberto?"
29th Sep 2013 15:07
"Come On You Mighty Reds! YNWA =)"
South African Scouser.
29th Sep 2013 15:07
"TOO EASY !!!. 1-4"
29th Sep 2013 15:10
"I thought moses, hendo, suarez and sturridge linked well in periods of the game against united lets hope those 4 will shred sunderland"
29th Sep 2013 15:12
"Why does he play sakho , agger ten times better "
29th Sep 2013 15:12
"The Moses, Suarez and Sturridge partnership looks a good one. Just needs a bit of time but you could see flashes of brilliance in game against manure."
29th Sep 2013 15:12
"U quite right there nazim..hopping for 3 pts here...we did Actually play well with this same formation last time so hoping for a win "
29th Sep 2013 15:13
"Kelly not on bench hope not injured again,"
Truth Hurts 13
29th Sep 2013 15:14
"Yes , Opium. 3pts and 3rd place. Go boys go.."
29th Sep 2013 15:14
"3 poits liverpool 3 sunderland 0 sua sturr and gerry"
29th Sep 2013 15:14
"Top 4 for sure it will be a 3-5-2 formation today and we should get the 3 points today"
29th Sep 2013 15:15
"SUN-0 = LIV-4!!!!!"
29th Sep 2013 15:15
"How many times have we been here before, playing a team who have just sacked their manager. So we know how it goes , we get played off the park and a loss. Well boys it better not turn out that way , that's a Liverpool shirt you wear ,so lets see a performance and three points. No excuses ,just deliver the three points."
29th Sep 2013 15:18
"No excuses come on lfc lets profit from yesterday's results n climb the league ynwa "
29th Sep 2013 15:20
"Good formation but HENDO isnt a winger he should be in the middle in place of Gerrerad and Wisdom at right. Alberto should have get a chance to play behind Stur & Luis anyway hope it will be a good game with 3points YNWA!!! "
29th Sep 2013 15:24
"I am not so sure about BR's insistence in playing Sakho in whatever position he can find. If its no broken don't fix it. It's not a coincidence that we have conceded goals in every game Sakho has played in and we are yet to win any of those games. The previous set up was good enough to win games. The lad may eventually come good but this is a time for tried & tested players"
29th Sep 2013 15:25
"Ibe should atleast be given 30 min IMO"
29th Sep 2013 15:29
"Where is KELLY and ALBERTO? and there is no information given ??????????? If we FAIL this SEASON Rodgers is to BLAME,, Some tactics are so SAD. we don't need flashes just because the Formation worked last week, rather we need GOALS GOALS GOALS. UNITED are poor so no wonder we performed well on wednesday but still we LOST."
29th Sep 2013 15:32
"Sakho reminds me of troure lets joe I'm Proved wrong I wud plyd Lucas holding Push Gerry forward Mignolet Skrtel Sakho Toure. Enrique Lucas Mosses Hendo Gerry Sturridge surez "
29th Sep 2013 15:32
"BR, please if they are not able to score, u need to be more aggressive on early subsutions, we have Ibe, Sterling, Aspas .. thats one thing BR is not good at"
29th Sep 2013 15:33
"On to no. 2! Three points please! YNWA!"
29th Sep 2013 15:33
"This line up performed well against Utd. Just missed out on that one but not this one lads. Lets get that W. Come on Liverpool! YNWA "
29th Sep 2013 15:34
"Really weird to see DAgger on the bench, I hope its not the money talking and hes on the bench just for precaution"
Norfolk in Chance
29th Sep 2013 15:37
"Seconds2hell: lol.. thanks for the insight fella! ha ha ha... I love this site, you can always have a laugh at the comments. It used to irritate me reading all the nonsense, but now I just read them out loud in the pub and we all wet ourselves at the muppets. "
29th Sep 2013 15:40
"We don't want a handsome performance but yet poor one point,we want poor performance and yet handsome 3 Bloo*y points."
29th Sep 2013 15:41
"dis match is a must 3pts, pls sturrage play wit d team & not an individual game"
29th Sep 2013 15:44
"Go you Redmen. Pass and move its the Liverpool Groove. 3 points lads, you can do it. YNWA"
29th Sep 2013 15:45
"BR pls we need a tactical change when d boyz are getting tired..... "
29th Sep 2013 15:46
"we showed no creativity in midfield against a very poor united esp down the right. 40 year old in midfield ,sunderland could cause us trouble,lucas hendo substandard,sterling too light maybe sub lucas and hendu with agger and ibe"
29th Sep 2013 15:48
"After two defeats, I think Rodgers should give a chance to other players."
29th Sep 2013 15:51
"go on lads shame Kelly misses out thought he did well v manure"
29th Sep 2013 15:53
"hehe comments like secondstohell just makes me laugh too :) great lineup today, Agger just been injured and not being risked to start, kelly slight injury, otherwise Toure may have taken Sakhos place. Alberto promising but probably dropped coz of his poor last appearance ? Hope to see Ilori get a few minutes"
29th Sep 2013 15:53
"And would be nice to see Ibe get a few minutes"
29th Sep 2013 15:58
"Good luck RED men. Sealed of the game by half time. YNWA"
29th Sep 2013 16:10
"Agger to Barca in january it seems :-("
29th Sep 2013 16:12
"we should bench it mosses "
29th Sep 2013 16:13
"If this team cannot beat Sunderland ,there is something badly wrong ."
29th Sep 2013 16:19
"Hate seeing Moses and Henderson playing in the wings ...Moses is almost always out of position and Henderson is not good enough..Sterling should be given the chance"
29th Sep 2013 16:27
"What the hell r we playing at there is NO tempo and we r not pressing the ball high enough "
29th Sep 2013 16:27
"I am now getting concern about our team, can we get top 4. don't think so."
29th Sep 2013 16:30
"I love it when people doubt Sturridge because he always seems to score! I thought we have been quite poor, but we have absorbed pressure and scored hopefully will now score a few ;) come on Liverpool!!"
29th Sep 2013 16:33
"now prove me wrong Liverpool and score 2 more goals finish the game off."
29th Sep 2013 16:38
"suarez goal..wooooo"
29th Sep 2013 16:42
"Mignolet is a very good keeper but when it comes 2 crosses my 13 year old boy could do better he need 2 do some training on them "
29th Sep 2013 16:43
"I think Liverpool might be looking at my comments."
29th Sep 2013 16:47
"midfield dead again class forwards digging us out again how long before we see hendo is not aright winger and lucasnot good enough for top four or premier league winners"
29th Sep 2013 16:49
"Good 1st af keep it goin need another goal finish them off "
29th Sep 2013 16:53
"lucas and gerrard improved performances . defence looks solid and we got dangerous attacking players. coutinho hurry back and we will have a good season."
29th Sep 2013 16:55
"Not a good 1st half need more tempo and press the ball higher and more it quicker and please don't sit back go 4 more goals "
29th Sep 2013 17:12
"what was lucas doing no midfield cover"
29th Sep 2013 17:12
"What the hell is going on why can't we play in the 2nd half or do they think we were 2-0 up they can sit back and think about smoking there Cuban cigars tonight at home "
red till i die
29th Sep 2013 17:13
"3-5-2 Y"
red till i die
29th Sep 2013 17:22
"Change the formation Buck Rodgers before we lose points "
29th Sep 2013 17:28
"Take Gerrard off the pitch and put Hendo in the middle."
29th Sep 2013 17:30
"sundreland must be laughing at getting 20mil for hendo"
29th Sep 2013 17:31
"Hendo not having a great game. His touch is off and seems constrained. Maybe it's being back at his home club."
29th Sep 2013 17:35
"Rodgers is a clueless coach. Why take out Moses when Henderson has been playing crap. Henderson kills the game on the right. He is useless there. Switch back to 4-2-3-1 Rodgers!"
29th Sep 2013 17:39
"Sunderland deserves a draw from this game because we have played crap all night. Rodgers out!"
29th Sep 2013 17:43
"Centre Midfield is clearly the problem. Always on the backfoot. "
29th Sep 2013 17:48
"F##king I much seeing thing we have scored a goal in the 2nd half GET IN THERE "
29th Sep 2013 17:49
"moan moan moan"
29th Sep 2013 17:54
"You don't play in central midfield and walk around like Gerrard. It's no wonder that Liverpool's midfield is non-existent."
29th Sep 2013 17:58
"Moan, moan, moan 2nd in the league a 3-1 win. Team hopefully building confidence and momentum! We played well against a team who wanted to play out of their skins to get a result! It was a good away victory!"
29th Sep 2013 18:03
"Are we watching different match here?? What the complaint? Because Sunderland bring the game to us and it wide open? or you guys prefer them to park the bus in front of the goal and end up 0-0 or lose 0-1 toward the end? "
29th Sep 2013 18:07
"3-5-2 seem like a good and exciting formation to break open defensive play from lower teams. Risk though. That last goal starting from Mignolet remind me of younger Reina. His reflexs is god given."
29th Sep 2013 18:34
"great defence, sharp attackers. We can improve in centre midfield but theres more to come from the. Henderson is needed for the shape of the team, when coutinho comes back, dont be surprised if moses gets benched"
30th Sep 2013 9:24
"Dave108. you're spot on. whats the prediction for the next match. and scorers. we'll have the whole week drooling. ha ha. ynwa."