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KBC: if hes happy atm, then wages will be a prob. If we cut 20-30K then it shouldnt be too much, considering that hes not unhappy atm. 17mil is a steal.
29th Sep 2013 11:30
29th Sep 2013 11:47
"17m is a bargain"
29th Sep 2013 13:29
"Top player."
29th Sep 2013 13:38
"Don't get me wrong - I don't know anything about this guy - but why is he not getting in the PSG side if he's worth 17mill and 150k a week?? Is he a deep-lying playmaker? That's what we need!"
29th Sep 2013 15:47
"As much as I like to see him in Reds, but we already have coutinho and suso has been improving with almeira. I prefer to spend on proper winger like konoplyanka. Unless pastore can be a box to box midfield, but he needs to do defensive duty, which I highly doubt."
29th Sep 2013 19:38
"get him, he's on sakho's recommendation clearly so a wise purchase."
29th Sep 2013 19:54
"Im not sure we really need him. Hes more like a false 9 than a playmaker, always kept the ball and run or finish by himself. Its worth to noting that hes passing style, too complicated, even his teammates are find difficult to receive the ball."
The One
29th Sep 2013 20:34
"Rodgers should try to negotiate a deal in principle with PSG now to avoid losing out as we always do during the transfer window."
29th Sep 2013 21:17
"If we get him lfc will become le contender "
30th Sep 2013 2:18
"9xcommander i think the article was suggesting his agent said he wasnt happy atm. dunno how true that is but he has been left out. would be a great addition, with all players fit and on fire our options up top are good but him and one or 2 more would leave us always having real top quality regardless of a few injuries. Honda worth a shot too and a tricky left footed mid to cut in from right"
30th Sep 2013 9:40
"Strange we had the chance to sign Eriksen but didnt put in a bid would have been a bargain instead decided to switch focus to a wide player now we are back looking at attacking mids"
30th Sep 2013 10:39
"17 for pastore??? That's nothing! LFC please, Offer 25 and he will be yours. Pastore is a Top world class player. I've been following him since he was a Palermo player. Pastore is even better than Coutinho and I like Coutinho. Getting pastore would be the smartest move on January. YNWA Oscar from Uruguay."
30th Sep 2013 10:51
"Pastore is a midfield player, if you think about it that's where the main problem is right now. Coutinho is out for several weeks ... then if something happen to Steve G. we wont have anybody in the midfield of that caliber. I think BR is thinking in the future as well because Gerard won't last forever. Just my thoughts . YNWA Oacar from Urguguay"
30th Sep 2013 11:21
"I really don't care who we in for now. We should just make sure that we in the same position if not top until January, then whoever we bid for will almost be a guarantee with our history and current position. Just my opinion"
30th Sep 2013 12:04
"We are in desperate need on a proper defensive mid and a playmaker.Gerrard is not the same anymore.His perfomance has detoriated considerable.we need a replacement soon"
30th Sep 2013 15:02
"LFC should go for Pastore, he is a very good player and at 20mil would be a good buy. Wages should not be an issue cause he would take a pay cut to get regular playing time which is what LFC can offer him."