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Anything less than 3 nill will be unacceptable. go guys u can do it.
29th Sep 2013 10:01
29th Sep 2013 10:18
"A must win match to get our season back on track, the result is not so important, but the 3 points are critical. You can win this well lads, just go out and do it. YNWA"
29th Sep 2013 10:31
"Unacceptable? I'd settle for 3 points!"
29th Sep 2013 10:45
"If we can't beat Sunderland today we will not be in top4 end of season it's that simple, c'mon redmen 3pts please,YNWA ."
29th Sep 2013 10:45
"First big challange of B R rain to get lfc winning again quick ynwa "
29th Sep 2013 11:23
"Don't care how many goals we get just once we win that's the name of the game winning."
29th Sep 2013 12:06
"other results on Saturday have been kind to us. take advantage you reds. nothing less than 3 points. ynwa."
29th Sep 2013 12:08
"u better be right because the Southampton game was disgraceful "
Norfolk in Chance
29th Sep 2013 12:16
"fiko13: better be right or what?! What exactly are you going to do? Cancel Sky Sports? Support another team? What? I'll tell you exactly what your response will be: nothing, you will do nothing except type aggressive childish comments on a website because you have deluded yourself that it will change something or have an effect and that you are worth listening to. "
29th Sep 2013 12:21
"C'mon Liverpool! A good, strong performance and 3 points today please! Good luck. ynwa"
29th Sep 2013 12:23
"Well said Norfolk in Chance. YNWA REDS."
29th Sep 2013 13:09
"I'm glad the defeat hasn't affected morale too much, but the players can still look to improve the negative aspects, such as defending corners. Anyway, come on lads. Defend well and get some goals. Even the Sunderland supporter said their defence is creaky."
29th Sep 2013 14:00
"i love toure but next time he has a situation at the back ask him to kick the simple ball out for a throw in. the losses we have suffered are coming from conrners given by toure(southampton and manchester united). let him play the simple ball out."
29th Sep 2013 14:04
"and please try luis alberto instead of sterling who just runs around like a headless chicken. sterling needs to put his act together and be the player who lite up the epl last season."
29th Sep 2013 14:32
"Apart from Arsenal it was a good day for us yesterday with our main rivals dropping points. Need to make the most of it and get 3 points today, I will go with 2-0 and Suarez to open his account."
29th Sep 2013 14:46
"Results started to turn when we changed our system to accomodate all these centre backs we now have! we should have used that 17 mil for a world class attacking player IMO but I do think sakho will be decent"
29th Sep 2013 14:47
"This three at the back is for amateurs though."
29th Sep 2013 15:08
"A win for me is fine dont care abt the scoreline....won't go around screaming 0-3, 0-4, 0-2 or stuff like that..folks were saying that abt the Soton game and turned out different..Sunderland may have a point to prove now with crazy coach gone"
Truth Hurts 13
29th Sep 2013 15:19
"3pts for 3rd. I know we can do it. YNWA."