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LOVE YOU SUAREZ!!! For me Youre 1 of the BEST EVER. No one is perfect but this guy knows how to PLAY football, he gets the ball defenders dont know what to do,go for him...back he gona get nutmegd?
26th Sep 2013 13:17
26th Sep 2013 13:17
"LS ystrday you were untouchable,our best payer for defo. moses, hendo,especially sturridge should have scored with few good chances. I hope we get into CL so that Suarez stays I love watching him play!"
26th Sep 2013 14:29
"I think we should make the most of what we have by deploying Gerard with Sturridge and Suarez up front, Gerard can score GAOLS man why waste him in midfield??? beside he is older now, midfield duties are tougher on him, please put him in coutinhos position and reap the rewards, I also thing Sakho can play as defensive midfielder, we need him there now!!!!"
26th Sep 2013 15:25
"Very poorly written article. Spelling mistakes and very bad grammar. Not the standard of writing you would expect from someone whose job it is to write words."
26th Sep 2013 19:48
"Welcome back genius."
27th Sep 2013 10:53
"WITH RESPECT MR AYRE NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO say these things about suares HAS,NT HE EVER HEARD OFF cantonar vieara and the likes off them there will always be firebrands in football but very few have the talent off SUARES i still say the evra affair was red nose and evra conspiracy and the bitting incident is nothink compared to some off the tackles that go un punished"
27th Sep 2013 11:20
"suarez is set to shine but who will provide him with assist. sturridege who kick every ball and selfish or poor Henderson playing out of postion and who only know backpass"
27th Sep 2013 11:50
"I'm glad Suarez is playing for us but I think if bayern munich or Madrid come for him in January with 50m+ he will go. can't really blame him either but it's annoying"
27th Sep 2013 12:15
"we are lucky that he is still with us,."