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Steven is a Legend , but we all know that he's not the same SG that we used to be.. Henderson is not bad , but he's not good enough for us! Coutinho is awesome but is off Lucas is good, not very good ---- WE NEED A NEW creative midfield !PLAYMAKER
26th Sep 2013 12:47
26th Sep 2013 13:14
"VyLiverpoolFC i agree we need a creative midfielder badly, we need established signings cz couttinho's case doesnt seem to be easy to happen again, well done Br till now getting better"
26th Sep 2013 13:16
"We could get alonso for 3 mil in january before his contract ends, would be a huge tactical and mental boost. Another creative midfielder who could play on the left YNWA good game yesterday"
26th Sep 2013 15:57
"Have the wheels come off already? Last three games all comps , D L L. Not good and we have not played well. Sunderland next and if we loose or draw , the longer knives will be coming out. We can't have another season of standing still , that just means the rest will get further and further away. Great start, not liking it so much now."
26th Sep 2013 16:55
"Sturidge needs to start from the bench. He's the weakest link in the final third. I believe Aspas will work well with Suarez & other team mate. Please play the "gel boy" Hendo beside Lucas although he's bad too, but not as worse as when he played on the right. Gerrard should take a rest to recover his enegy. "
26th Sep 2013 16:57
"In the winter transfer let loan out Hendo, Sterling, Wisdom and buy 02 class midfielders & 01 class winger more, surely you will achieve your goal this season, Brendan. Once more thing: please ask Mourinho to teach you how to do subs change, you're terrible with this."
Dede 7
26th Sep 2013 18:37
"Where is Joe Allen? Suarez makes a very big impact while in the team. our defence was much more solid apart from conceeding on a setpiece once again of which i believe they are working to put an end to. its high time Aspas puts his mark we know he is good especially when midfielders play a high tempo game he can make wonders up front. its just a matter of a couple of games. YNWA."