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Will Gatorade help John Henry buy a new jet? Or a yacht?.....if a baseball player or two?
26th Sep 2013 13:22
26th Sep 2013 14:51
"I think he means electrolytes not electrodes unless cattle prods are coming into the fitness plan"
cypo red
26th Sep 2013 15:00
"Hopefully FSG will use that money to buy class players like other teams are doing."
26th Sep 2013 15:52
"OMW I love Powerade!"
26th Sep 2013 16:38
"erm, yet another American product. What's wrong with British like Lucozade Sport? Next thing will be a change of name to Liverpool Mersey Goldfish... We are Scouse, not American! "
Dede 7
26th Sep 2013 18:36
"Honestly the Fatigue issue had to be addressed. it was a cause of concern since the beginning of the season. great work Management team. "
27th Sep 2013 11:13
27th Sep 2013 13:39
"Drinks such as Gatoorade are full of cancer-causing chemicals and additives. The sugar varieties rot teeth. The "lite" versions contain carcinogenic artificial sweeteners that cause liver cancer and blood sugar es because the brain is fooled into thinking sugar is being ingested. Might aswell give our players paraffin to drink for the bad health it will cause."
28th Sep 2013 11:36
"Powerade taste better though"