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I contacted the IPCC but haven't heard anything let alone read through my initial statement???
26th Sep 2013 13:09
26th Sep 2013 23:46
"Makes one sick to his stomach. The people we're supposed to trust to look out for the well being of society are not worthy of our trust. Not then , not now. Corruption is rampant in all corners of society whether it be politics or sport. Hope the IPCC comes through. Justice will be done someday, whether it's here today or after they're gone. YNWA, JFT96"
27th Sep 2013 10:24
"The IPCC contacted me within 12 hours of me emailing them. I told them that I made a statement to West Midlands police and they said that that team (dealing with police activity on the day) would contact me again. I would love to read what I said at the time, assuming that it even still exists!"
27th Sep 2013 14:30
"I haven't been offered the opportunity to re-read my statement either, despite contacting the IPCC. Still smacks of a cover-up to me and ALWAYS will until I have my day to give my story"
27th Sep 2013 15:04
"Brian, you are in a position at the 'Daily Mirror' to keep the disaster in the public eye. Keep the truth out there until the Law brings it to an end. Keep the truth there for the families. Keep the truth there for the sake of our fans who they tried to make scapegoats of. Keep writing your words of truth for us all. YNWA"