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I think LFC should be sponsored by good old WATER
26th Sep 2013 11:00
26th Sep 2013 11:07
"Goodbye Lucozade..."
26th Sep 2013 11:11
"Goodbye Lucozade..."
26th Sep 2013 11:12
"Gatorade me, b*tch"
26th Sep 2013 12:06
"hendo sacko and some other players not Gatorade need some en boost because they are slow motion on the pitch "
26th Sep 2013 13:25
"Every little helps!"
26th Sep 2013 13:43
"Emmm... I'm a bit sceptical over these drinks. In my opinion natural things are better so if i was a player I'd rather drink water or milk or something natural."
26th Sep 2013 13:45
"A nice glass of milk."
26th Sep 2013 14:53
"The Gatorade formula, like Lucozade, is basically sugar, water and a very expensive marketing budget - to pay famous sporting icons, who haven't the foggiest idea about science, but love the $$$$, to plug the product."
26th Sep 2013 16:13
"45yearsared - your comment is absolutely spot on. I run a club in the US, our players are not permitted to use Gatorade. We use ADVOCARE. Its all tested by WADA to be safe. ADVOCARE is only available from distributor. water does not replace the essential nutients. Our supplements actually help the rehydration and muscle recovery process."
26th Sep 2013 16:18
"Gatorade will replace approx 25% of what an athlete loses during performance. ADVOCARE's Rehydrate replaces 100% through potassium, magnesium, b vitamins etc. Even the sugar free G products are crap."
26th Sep 2013 16:53
"Gatorade is very big here in the USA. It sponsors most of the sport games/leagues including American Football, Basketball, etc. This is a big news for a big club like Liverpool "
26th Sep 2013 16:53
"Gatorade have A LOT of money, however, I can't help but associate them with the film Waterboy lol"
26th Sep 2013 17:56
"LFCsince79:Even if what you say is true,gatorade product used by our players will be customized, pre-tested by our nutritionists and only then used.Not like Morgan does not know what you know,rite? "
Buckie LFC Supporter
26th Sep 2013 23:35
"Gatorade sounds big in USA but we are big everywhere, so lets get to the crunch, what are we getting out of this partnership apart from sugared water? i.e. How much cash do we get to plug this drink worldwide & to improve our product (i.e. transfers!)"
27th Sep 2013 7:36
"I just hope that those water bottles are more leak-tight than our defence....."
27th Sep 2013 10:01
"Great idea to fill our players with sugary crap filled with chemical additives or the "lite" varieties filled with artificial sweetener crap that metabolises into formaldehyde and other cancer causing chemicals. "
27th Sep 2013 12:51
"Kophero: I understand your point. Its likely that what LFC gets is not a commercial version. if in fact thay actually use it. This deal is really about pushing a product to a new market and the $ for LFC. The bottom line...there are better products. This is about $$$$$, not sports nutrition."
27th Sep 2013 13:13
"I would offer the following...go to each company's website and research their respective product lines and the science/nutrition behind each. On Advocares can find enormous amounts of info. On gatorade's site its all about commercialism. Advocare has no paid endorsers...gatorade; all paid endorsers."
27th Sep 2013 15:13
"It's very simple, they get Gatorade bottles full of WATER during the game. Then after the game they get a specialized formula (not like what is picked up off the shelf at the market). LFC's nutritionists aren't going to let our players get unfit. It'll be tested. relax. YNWA"