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How many times have we heard that BR? Time to deliver, btw while you are at it, don't play Skrtel ever again!
25th Sep 2013 22:57
25th Sep 2013 23:06
"wasnt skirtel fault missed courtinho"
25th Sep 2013 23:12
"First half okay, second half shocking, jordan henderson please go steven gerrard hang your boots up, coutinho back henderson wont get a game, suarez looked fat get back suarez we need you "
25th Sep 2013 23:14
"I would like to recall Suso"
25th Sep 2013 23:15
"The sooner i see the back of you the better,you can't seem to inspire your team during halftime when we are a goal down,you seem to play everyone out of position except gerrard,y is moses playing the no.10 when we have stevi?we still concede from corners and we cant score from them,don't get me started on your transfer always looking cheap bargains and not ready to fight for real quality "
25th Sep 2013 23:18
"Hate a lose to man u. But am glad we dont have any extra games. FOCUS ON TOP 4!"
25th Sep 2013 23:21
"Blaze why? He played well"
25th Sep 2013 23:45
"WE OUTPLAYED THEM IN THEIR OWN BACK YARD. Unlucky boys now move on."
25th Sep 2013 23:47
"blaze: skrtel played well so turn it in! but gerrard needs dropped, hes been the weaklink in the team this season, shouldn't be guaranteed a start"
25th Sep 2013 23:51
"I have no high hopes in BR, United fans keep Muyes the pressure in order to win, where's some Liverpool fans quarter happy with Norwich city status; loss three consecutive matches and no pressure, that is the atude of smaller team. At the end of the season I hope there's a regime change and ownership change specially if Liverpool don't qualify the Champion league which is very likely!"
25th Sep 2013 23:52
"I have to agree with a few of you, reluctantly... gerrard has been pretty poor for us lately, even more so in the last 2 games, hes been caught in possession way too often. Perhaps just a little break to remind him nobody is too big to be dropped, then hopefully he will come back as good as ever."
25th Sep 2013 23:56
"It will only compensate if you can amass 40+ points after first leg in BPL. "
26th Sep 2013 0:01
"BR, SG cannot play every match (90 mins), please note that. Nice game LS! Is Daniel Sturridge returning to his old ways? I actually expect our ouster to be a blessing in disguise. Less number of matches to play. I will be utterly disappointed if we don't make Top 4. EPL and FA cup only"
26th Sep 2013 0:02
"Mignolet's distributions were much better today....the worrying point is neither we can score from corner nor defend."
26th Sep 2013 0:04
"Sikhred, The goal was SG fault. Whaaaaat! Was that a leap from him? Even my 2 year old son would jump higher than that. All the same I understand. His legs are tiring and BR needs to help him now."
26th Sep 2013 0:04
"I thought Liverpool we're the better footballing side on the night by far, and can feel a little agrieved they got nothing on the night, however I feel like this a good Liverpool side and you can see as the season moves on Liverpool will definitely improve, as for utd thet know their not playing well and will feel a little lucky to night. "
26th Sep 2013 0:15
"I really miss players like Peter Crouch,I havent seen any cushion headers and anyone holding the ball up this season. Just the same old fancy footwork amounting to nothing. It was better tonight but we're kidding ourselves if we think its good enough. Plan B? Too many similar players in attack."
26th Sep 2013 0:17
"As I say for 2 years, we desperately need at least 2 midfielders!!! We could win the league with 2 decent players in the midfield!!!"
26th Sep 2013 0:19
"Nice to see all the apparent liverpool fans behind the team....... We are playing some really great football and just because we are not spending tens of millions on players you think we're failing... ridiculous. time some people actually went by the club moto. YNWA "
26th Sep 2013 0:22
"I hope time prove me wrong, but the only reason we were playing good earlier the season was due to our playmaker Coutinho.. We do not have any player like him so I hope we do not loose too many ggames without him. We desperately needed an attacking midfielder like Alonoso in Jan or else top 4 is not achieveable."
26th Sep 2013 0:27
"Bring Shaqiri in January i can see him working in the 3-5-2 system here very well, much more better then Hendo, and atleast hendo gives us a strong bench."
26th Sep 2013 0:31
"I hope he sticks with 3-5-2 cus it looks good,I hate playing with one upfront and we looked stronger in the midfield,nice to here him say we will strengthen in jan.Still short of holding player and a number 10,we can't rotate our midfield cus we had a poor transfer window and simply haven't got the squad."
26th Sep 2013 0:35
"Did these naysayers watch the same game I did? We were the better team, created more chances; much, much better than vs. Southhampton. Suarez was brilliant even not at his best. We looked really good defensively; why's anyone complaining about Skrtl? United had very few clear chances."
26th Sep 2013 0:48
"However, this defeat is not as hurtful as Southampton defeat. The lads kept fighting until the end. Coutinho was really missed. However, Sterling played well. Just wondering why Rodgers didn't choose to play him from the start instead of Hendo.. Maybe Hendo need to be benched for awhile to make him regroup.. just like last season"
26th Sep 2013 0:53
"dwemb, I agree with you. The lads played better football than the opponent. I enjoyed watching them. It was just missing some touches. Suarez needs some game time to make him back into his shape."
Ammar dent
26th Sep 2013 1:00
"What r u talking about?we played against second united team,vidicon,Ferdinand,van persi,carrack,welbeck,Valencia and Vera were not playing today,we were very poor because of the same problem,NO MIDFIELDERS,Henderson is not a pl player and Gerard need to play maximum 45 mins, there r no good midfielder who link the defense line with strikers"
26th Sep 2013 1:37
"How many corners that were wasted? Please guys practice more in set pieces enough on ball passing... Such a shame every time you win corners, we don't expect a positive result. But still, LFC for life! COYMR!"
26th Sep 2013 1:49
"Hey BR, u blind or what? Drop Legendary Stevie, he is currently outta form. We'll play beta without him. SG will improve but for now, we need inform players!! YNWA!!"
26th Sep 2013 2:17
"why do we always like this,so lack of consistency,3 wins in the first 3 matches, and then, 2 losses and 1 draws, BR has to do something about this,,,, "
26th Sep 2013 3:05
"Shut up all you stevie haters... He starts the season slowly... But come christmas he will be the man who will long for in the team to deliver..."
26th Sep 2013 3:17
"this is to Blaze2069, it wasnt Skrtel fault at all, He played very well, infact he is playing better and better every game. he is touching better and more position of the ball, I have to say that Enrique which had a terrific game covering the left side he let chicharito get away from him, "
26th Sep 2013 3:19
"Mr.BR in u we trust but please, please please. u have to understand that when we are one up you are allow to change 3 people. an dont wait till the 80th minute. plz plz you need to do changes on the 65 to 70th minute. u had aspas ibe and sterling ready. this game wasnt for kelly.."
26th Sep 2013 3:38
"cardy0387... preach it. these "fans" need to get out of here. BR is a good manager. The owners will invest in quality players when opportunities present themselves. LFC does not need this negetivity. YNWA"
26th Sep 2013 3:49
"We are out of the cup out for the le what is left now only fa cup we have to get mancini or Gus hiddink with br only defeat "
26th Sep 2013 3:49
"I honestly can't believe some fans, asking for another managerial change and regime change. This is a long term project and we played some good football. You apparent fans should go back to playing FM/FIFA. This club cannot go out and spend tens of millions on talent. We've recorded 1 loss in 16 league games. Go support Man City, you fickle lot. You don't deserve to sing YNWA."
26th Sep 2013 3:56
"If we lost or draw at Sunderland br should resign if he thinks lfc is a big club "
26th Sep 2013 3:56
26th Sep 2013 4:00
"To lostmybet if you think br is better than Benitez continue to dream my friend as Benitez didn't take time to bring trophy at lfc so as g.houillier also. Even lfc don't play well bring sees progress or may be he is blind "
26th Sep 2013 4:11
"why he keeps saying the players were brilliant is beyond me, he is so far out of his depth its frightening that was manures 2nd team and as strong a lfc team you will see for the next 2 months so 6th or 7th finish is all we will achieve"
26th Sep 2013 4:47
" Against manur we played better 2nite than 1st game, but lost. Gota love this game. LS, ur the king. I like the desire the players showed. Why does Moses look uninterested & lazy off the ball?? Sakho seems uncomfortable now, but his touches & vision r class, 5-8 more games & he'll dominate. BR, still 2 experienced attacking mid short."
26th Sep 2013 5:03
"" January, we will try to stay in top SIX". BR, what's wrong with you?? If you're aiming at a top 6 spot, you won't end up in top 4 for sure."
26th Sep 2013 5:19
"somebody mentioned, moses shouldn't be in the team!!! Shouldn't have loan any players at the first place, we learned our lesson last season and BR still repeating it! We're just a stepping stone for these players. Anyway it just a stupid cup lost! I rather exchange 10 league cup for one CP league."
26th Sep 2013 5:24
"we're short on talent and will be way behind the pace by May if some front half quality is not found for January"
Dede 7
26th Sep 2013 5:33
"For the first time am beginning to loose confidence in BR. I HOPE HE PROVES ME WRONG. Its like he is not in full control of things. Lets be honest Sturridge was awful from the start, and what happens he takes off Moses. Who does that?? otherwise Suarez improved the team greatly. Aspas,Alberto,Moses&Suarez in the same squad can be phenominal. am sure about that."
26th Sep 2013 5:36
26th Sep 2013 5:39
"Good effort, but the difference in class/experience showed. Gerrard was playing too deep."
Dede 7
26th Sep 2013 5:47
"3 players(Henderson,Sturridge&Enrique) all had chances to drive the ball into the 6 yard area which gives you a high chance of scoring but they din't. such recklessnes needs to be ironed out.polish the team. so far i think Mignolet,Sakho,Toure,Moses&Suarez are players we can rely on every time they are on the pitch.going forward i hope the rest improve. YNWA."
26th Sep 2013 5:49
"and once agian the flop raheem instead of Aspas or Luis??...BR u are giving too many excuses.. Sakho and Skrtel were poor ..Why didn start with Kelly at RB and Toure as CB ?? and Lucas ...drop him !!!"
26th Sep 2013 5:49
"Good game, we had chances and they had chances, it could've gone either way. We have to work on those corners, cost us two games already. Brilliant display at a tough ground, and I really have to praise Kolo, he seemed like he really wanted to score for the fans, thanks for the hard work. "
26th Sep 2013 6:02
"Oh my god! ''hopefully we can reinforce in January'' haha! BR I can't blame u for Man U lost cos u selected a best team u had but talking about reinforcing just now is a joke. When u spend £25m on SAKHO & ILORI while u have AGG, SKRTL, TOURE & KELLy who plays there too, iu could get ERIKSEN for £9m he wanted to come but u never make an offer & get another attacking player for £16m"
26th Sep 2013 6:09
"The loss of playmaker PC is the excuse for our poor goals for.Then why on earth didn't BR play Alberto? If he's not good enough, why buy him? ONCE A GAIN, when we reach the box, we haven't a clue what to do with it. same boring excuses. same scriptwriters as KK"
26th Sep 2013 6:11
"£25m spent on SAKHO & ILORI could get us Eriksen who wanted so much to come to anfield I remember his AJAX manager's comment about that £9m for him and the £16m for a right winger pffff"
26th Sep 2013 6:11
"HENDERSON is USELESSSS.... Don't play him ever again!"
26th Sep 2013 6:17
"nail on the head HAPPYFEET. Moses totally insignificant. Definitely Hendersons worst game.We played well in the first half, for what, one shot, one header. why does nobody want to shoot. The way they shunted the ball around on the edge of the area, you would think it was"PASS THE PARCEL."
26th Sep 2013 6:28
"Sunday League Defending !!! 2 games,2 losses,no goals scored and 2 goals conceded straight from corners.Its a shambles.This would never have happened if big Sami was at the back.Sort this out right now or you can GET OUT !!"
26th Sep 2013 6:36
"Getting bored of this. Same sh*t, different season. We couldn't score last year and were blunt in the final third. The exact same this year. "
26th Sep 2013 6:37
"Perfomance was not bad as result is...I see some glimps of progress in formation 3-5-2.Some players are tired-Stevie G. and Sturridge,clearly.Daniel had not accurate pass last night.Luis is back,but...he lack HIS sharpness,need a games,sure.And Enrique-he is desperate to prove something,but he makes mistakes again and again...It will be better,I hope.YNWA>"
26th Sep 2013 6:39
"Are there any real Liverpool fans on here?' Such pathetic negative comments. We played the league champions and lost. But we played well enough to deserve the win. It was just bad luck!"
26th Sep 2013 6:43
"....Just to say-Hendo plays on WRONG position in team and he is out of form,too.His position is BM or CM,fullstop.Overall,we have a squad,but we lack No.10 in PC absence.It's crucial for this team.Why Suso need to leave?YNWA>"
26th Sep 2013 6:46
"LOST TO A B-SIDE MANU! what a shame, we wont get TOP-4, nor win a cup, that meaning no europe for next season as well. Suarez will be off in January or summer. Not so bright at all. And really need to laugh about those who thought we´d win the league after 3 wins... not in REAL LIFE"
26th Sep 2013 6:49
"And what a smart transfer business we have done. no playmaker availabe after PC is injured, no proper Right back in sight? I really wonder what BR and FSG are thinking? And above all, let Eriksen strehten Tottenham for a bargain of 12m... IM SPEECHLESS"
26th Sep 2013 7:01
"Kaavile paattu malsarathinu kaanaammm.............."
26th Sep 2013 7:03
"BR pls make good use of subute, any tym u make subute, they dont make any serious impact, is steeling now a match winner? "
26th Sep 2013 7:11
"Don't just blame the defense. If the attack is not working the defense will be vulnerable any moment. and with hendo on the right we are very discomfortable as he is more likely to pass backward than going forward"
26th Sep 2013 7:14
"Dear Brendan, I didn't understand your subs change decision: Kelly for Lucas, Sterling for Moses. Since they came in we played like 9 men team. Once more thing, why kept Sturidge for the whole game? Didn't you see he killed all the passes from his team mate? Give Alberto, Ibe & Aspas a chance on such case please!!!"
26th Sep 2013 7:17
"I know fans don't want to admit it but STIRRIDGE and NOT GERRARD was the weak link"
26th Sep 2013 7:26
"We need to practice defending set pieces. How did Hernandez, one of the smallest players on the pitch find himself in the middle of the penalty box by himself and be able to side foot it into the net? Come on BR YNWA"
26th Sep 2013 7:27
"Well I thought United played quite good football last night, yes I will admit it. it is probably the firs time in a very long time I see those people actually play football. I was a bit sad loosing to them but they won that match on merrit which is new for them. so I really wasnt destroyed. Just a bit sad."
26th Sep 2013 7:27
""I thought they were brilliant in everything..." R U SERIOUS BR ??!!"
26th Sep 2013 7:29
"ANd yes set pieces need some looking at... specially corners, we have towers man marking instead of zonal clearing... a bit odd to me.."
26th Sep 2013 7:29
"I am a massive LFC follower and will be even if we are relegated , but the truth is BR must stop with this constant BS , while he relies on Henderson and Sterling we going nowhere they mid to bottom end league players, sturridge is a goal scorer when he is looking at goals , no ball control no passing skill, another bad season I see coming."
26th Sep 2013 7:29
"Focus on the league You said, well we saw HOW focused we were against So'ton last Saturday. Next on the line non-glamorous Sunderland - can we focus on that???"
26th Sep 2013 7:33
"It was an excellent game of football!! our boys play good high quality football 90% of the time and thay did last night. We lost.. its done.. but our lads gave it a good fight and could have taken it against the match with a bit of luck.. they were playing at Old Trafford you know!! They did good against a good side. But lost. get over it."
26th Sep 2013 7:34
"BR stop rendering praises on players cos sturage is becoming an unproductive player on d pitch, just put him on d bench & c his performance as a sub"
26th Sep 2013 7:37
26th Sep 2013 7:38
"BR should watch the game on TV and he will see the bad players we have << Sterling / Useless , Henderson/ Workhorse no talent, Sturridge/ A god sub and not much more, Sahko, the worst buy so far, Stevie needs some motivation he is still the worlds best, and TOURE u the man he plays with a passion that all the others should follow"
26th Sep 2013 7:38
"Need a right midfielder, Hendo out of position. Sturridge plays better without Suarez, can be addressed tho, if both on top form we won't be far away, 6 points from next 2 games is a must. "
26th Sep 2013 7:42
"We played better last night than we did when we beat them 1-0. 'Blaze2069' you cant just shut up and jog on. Why do I keep seeing an idiotic comment on the first comment for the whole world to see? "
26th Sep 2013 7:56
"BR should drop Enrique. He was horrible in the previous game against Southampton and clearly due to his poor marking, Liverpool conceded the goal against MANURE."
26th Sep 2013 7:59
"Dont wait to reinforce in Jan bring Assaidi /and Suso back.also get proper sub bcz its scary if super Simon gets injured"
26th Sep 2013 8:00
"BR quoting top six by Jan isn't very ambitious. We should be aiming for top 4 by then. No point been top 6 if we're 12/15 points off 4th!!"
26th Sep 2013 8:00
" GHANDI 26th Sep 2013 1:00.What do you mean by second United team.Was this team not better than what Moyes fielded against City.I bet if he had fielded this team,it would had been difficult for City to beat them."
26th Sep 2013 8:01
"I have to say, I think Lucas has been poor to-date this season. I have not seen a moment of brilliance from him in ages!"
26th Sep 2013 8:08
"BR, this is not good enough for Liverpool FC, the Team has to have some extra hours now to review all of their performance, this is simply NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Please get the team back to winning ways IMMEDIATELY !"
26th Sep 2013 8:09
"Blaze2069, what wrong did Skrtel do, the whole defence went to sleep and the reliable keeper did not come out to cut the ball, its the responsibility of the whole team to defend set pieces, stop pointing fingures, even our captain fantastic w3as not at his best, Kolo TOURE WAS OWESOME. YNWA "
26th Sep 2013 8:24
"BR needs to do only one thing:Bench Gerard and make Kolo captain.And you will see a totally different team.What a player!!Its like when carra left,he imbibed his spirit in kolo.Lets have a song for the beast called toure!!!"
26th Sep 2013 8:26
"On the plus side he did take no.21 off . "
26th Sep 2013 8:30
"Gerard reason for goal, not enrique.Which game do some of you watch is beyond me!Enrique created the 3 best chances of the game.Its not his fault that suarez and moses f^&*ed up!!Why is hendo sacrificed.He is not a right wing back..Why did BR make only 2 subsutions?Why no Ibe or alberto? "
26th Sep 2013 8:32
"I like to think we are part of the liverpool family but some of the comments on here make me despair. We lost yesterday because of Enrique (although Gerrard didn't help). BR can not drop him because he needs attacking full backs and because Cisokkho is injured he has no other choice. Coutinho would make a massive difference when back"
26th Sep 2013 8:36
"I thought the team played well yday. We would not be talking about united only goal if Toure / Henderson had scored. BR is not to blame for that. I believe in this philosophy - we just need some additional players to make it work. Even Neville said BR did not have a level playing field vs Chelsea/ spurs etc. with the resources at hand, we are doing well"
26th Sep 2013 8:40
"With all our players back , the first team is a match for anyone. One thing I will say is Enrique's concentration really worries me. Normally his pace/ strength help him recover but he will get caught out. I don't think BR is impressed. He just has that look doesn't he - of someone who's brain is not quick and someone who doesn't have a sense of urgency"
26th Sep 2013 8:43
26th Sep 2013 8:47
"I think its clear couts is missing, instead of fooling around why not give Luiz Alberto his chance against a bottom of the log, managerless Sunderland? this guy has talent and what better game to test him and give him a chance?"
26th Sep 2013 8:50
"BR you need to rest Gerrard, Lucas and Hendo as they have played every game and look "flat" as you mentioned...hang on there are no other central midfielders apart from Joe Allen to replace them! "
26th Sep 2013 8:50
"The people criticising skrtel clearly don't know football and the other idiots criticising Henderson clearly didn't see that when Lucas the crab went off and Hendo went central we looked far better and more creative and attacking. Gerard played better than the last 2 games some of you need to p:ss off and support man city or chelski as u know football as well as there fans!! "
26th Sep 2013 8:51
"Loaning out suso and selling shelvey without buying replacements and buying 2 central defenders and having 6 central defenders. No wonder you are so obsessed with playing 4 central defenders against Southampton. If you has brought midfield players like eriksen then you won't be waiting for January to get replacements...very poor transfer policy."
26th Sep 2013 8:51
"will we stop talking about a utd 2nd eleven. they ran their socks off and threw the bodies at everything to stop a good Liverpool performance. BR is right in his assessment, it was the final ball and lack of composure in their box that cost us."
26th Sep 2013 8:58
"the problem with the team is we do not have good subs.and our attack is light weight and easily intimidated.sturridge last 2 games where awful.alberto,aspas,sakho,allen borini 50million waste of money should have bought 2 good players intead.suarez really changed the team yesterday.henderson can not attack we should have replaced him last 30 minutes with ibe.gerrard should be played as an attacker"
26th Sep 2013 9:00
"A good game at the toilet. No"
26th Sep 2013 9:01
"Skrtel is our best defender at the moment. First 10 minutes every united attack ended at skrtel. He deserves his place in the team."
26th Sep 2013 9:03
"What game did most of you watch? The team outplayed them in 90% of the game the only 10% we lacked was a finish, hitting the bar and forcing saves mind you... Not surprising LS needs to get his eye in and DS needs a rest. Get over it, erikson this erikson that. One player doesn't win you silverware. We are on the right track!"
26th Sep 2013 9:03
"our present situation. our bench is for kids, top 4 teams bench for internationals, we need time to get there."
26th Sep 2013 9:04
"Why is everybody talkin about Gerrard playing bad. Exept of Southampton (where everyone was terrible) he only playd good games. He, Coutinho and Suarez are still our bedt players"
26th Sep 2013 9:05
"I wonder hw sm fans analyze their own matches. The flop of d matches right from Swansea's 2nd half till manure game, the fault is from BR. Playn Gerrard deep & tryin nonsense players in no 10 position is beyond me. Am a Nigerian, av never seen where moses plays from no 10 positn. use Gerrard behind ur strikers & c goals. return Hendo 2 Mid & stop playing double DM."
26th Sep 2013 9:05
"Difficult to see how anyone can have any complaints about player application or tactics. Jose Enrique fell asleep with Hernandez in front of the goal, but one can forgive momentary STUPIDITY.....more worrying was the bench. This club is so under invested it is clear the owners are stiffing us for profit. "
26th Sep 2013 9:06
"Blaze you are a muppet"
26th Sep 2013 9:11
"when we are winning games,everything is great.but if you want to challenge for trophies,its how the players respond when they are losing or have lost a match.Winning teams always never give up & give it all till the end. Winning teams hate losing.So how are our players to respond to 2 consecutive losses. C'mon REDs, you must respond with a strong desire to win....YNWA"
26th Sep 2013 9:12
"People talk about it "taking time" when time is something the club does not have as clubs like Spurs are seriously building for the future with new stadiums and investment. We need new owners. It is as simple as that. FSG are running the club into the ground. FSG need to go."
26th Sep 2013 9:13
"I like what I am seeing but progress isn't there. That is not BR's fault. We are losing to reserve and Championship sides which is not acceptable. Realistically we now only have the FA Cup we can win and its only September. That isn't progress. We need two world class midfielders and FSG need to spend big on one and get Alonso back for the other."
26th Sep 2013 9:14
"I have been a Liverpool supporter for 45 years and I have never known a time when it was alright to be e. Being poor in the final third or with the final ball is accepted and average is the accepted norm. How many times do we have to accept millionaire defenders leaving a man at the far post unmarked."
26th Sep 2013 9:14
"Hi to All.First post here.Yest we played well, infact much better than 1st first game with manure however we werenâ"
26th Sep 2013 9:15
"If you don't score you can't win. Instead of splashing the cash Fenway buy the cheaper strikers like Borinin and Aspas."
AC Moran
26th Sep 2013 9:19
"I think sterling will be good in a few years but for now hes just too weak and takes too much time on the ball, would like to see Ibe get a run out hes quick and powerful with plenty of skill. Skrtel was quality yet again."
26th Sep 2013 9:20
"Losing to "minnows" is almost tradition...that in itself doesn't worry me. It's the constant "it will take time" line FSG keep rolling out whilst they clearly are only concerned about profit. FSG have been here long enough now and aside from aggressive cost cutting have done nothing. Other than speculate on loads cheap young players...who simply are not Good enough."
26th Sep 2013 9:23
"Work in progress- they were good signs there last night- chin up on we march"
26th Sep 2013 9:26
"The young players can be seen getting runs out in the U21s....the first XI is where ability comes before age. Belief in youth is the academies remit, not the first teams."
26th Sep 2013 9:30
"we deserved more then we got, have seen enough of victor moses send him back to chelski"
26th Sep 2013 9:33
"After all building a footy team is not building the bleeding Egyptian Pyramids....Spurs are doing it...Arsenal are doing it...City are doing it...FSG are laughing all the way to the banks (that they own)...."
26th Sep 2013 9:35
"If united loss was just that,one game,it would be ok.But the trend is worrying,same concerns every week.We cant be unlucky all the time.Not happy with Sturridges body language,gets very frustrated with passes that dont reach him.Also he's greedy,only Suarez deserves to be selfish with the ball."
26th Sep 2013 9:38
"Our display last night was stark reminder that we will struggle in the BPL if we don't get some creativity up front. Sturridge was poor. So much was made of our defence, yet we gave away a soft set piece goal. Mignolet was superb again. Damn we missed Continho. Forever Red."
26th Sep 2013 9:41
"if we weren't better against a 2nd string manure I would be worried. Critical we get a result on sunday. "
26th Sep 2013 9:51
"Think BR will be a good long-term manager for the club , but what really baffles me is his inability to read the rythme of the games i.e. SUBSUTIONS --the team's too inconsistent, it can be shocking to watch them at times"
26th Sep 2013 9:51
"We can now all see why we should have got Christien Eriksen as with Coutinho sidlined we have no creativity in the centre of the park so until he is back we will have more disapointing results. On a plus this was a good run out for Luis who was a bit rusty but will improve with each match played. LFC YNWA "
26th Sep 2013 9:55
" I meant SUBSUTIONS .... KOLO TOURE was immense, great mentality , Hendo,Lucas are just Useless,The Captain deserves a good rest....... but i agree with most comments here.the policy transfer was ty as usual and instead of strengthening the needed areas we end up with 6 center backs # bad business"
26th Sep 2013 10:03
"sjb do us all a favour and throw away your jersey, then go out and get any other jersey and support them instead. telling gerrard hang his boots up is like telling the pope to suck your c**k, muppet."
26th Sep 2013 10:07
"seyi- goal was completely enriques fault, lost hernandez. as a matter of fact he was shocking all game, sky sports showed it after, hadnt a clue the whole game where he was meant to be. worst left back in the league by far..."
26th Sep 2013 10:12
"Mishroom- how much longer are you guna spout the same old line lad"
26th Sep 2013 10:12
"3 months during the transfer window BR keeps feeding us the BS that he has improved the squad. Now after 3 weeks from closing it he is saying hopefully we can reinforce again in January! Just take a look to our bench yesterday to know how the squad was dramatically improved. "
26th Sep 2013 10:17
"ignoring the absolutely horrendous grammar from some of you guys, i must say ive never read so many awful posts. some of you are clueless. one lad said get mancini, another ing about eriksen not being signed, hes played well against two very poor sides. poor result but some of you need to stop commenting."
26th Sep 2013 10:20
"Defenders are not doing will ..."
26th Sep 2013 10:22
"centrecircle11 26th Sep 2013 much longer are you going to ask the same question?..its all you do...lad. Instead of questioning my comments, why not intelligently counter them....lad.....assuming you can....lad."
26th Sep 2013 10:23
"Yes comments should be up to high standerds ,it is LFC guys"
26th Sep 2013 10:26
"3 points on Sunday is assumed....not expected."
26th Sep 2013 10:31
26th Sep 2013 10:34
"Manures " second team" with Nani and that with our second team (the U21s)....that is how far we have fallen behind since 2008-9. Cheap cheap cheaper...."
26th Sep 2013 10:36
"Mushy- nothing i say will change your point of view, its engraved in your head lad- anyway im not getting in to one of your slanging matches cos you are sure to win, with your vile insults- we support our team, you support yourself,lad"
26th Sep 2013 10:41
"I can not understand that BR does not see that we have such poor midfielders. Leiva, Gerrard and Henderson are our worst players. Barca without Xavi, Busquets and Inesta not the same team."
26th Sep 2013 10:44
"OMG there is some rubbish written on these pages get behind the team YNWA REDS "
26th Sep 2013 10:54
"You are the Manager, we trusted the team to You. So your decision always counts, I would prefer playing Sturridge on the bench now that Suarez is back. I believe Aspas will go well with Suarez."
26th Sep 2013 11:03
"It's a shame how some fans are defending GERRARD. All our midfielders are pelaying better than him. Saying his old that's why his playing so poorly, shame! Look at PIRLO, XAVI & 37years old TOTTI. These players are still leading their teams to the victory every week. GERRARD is my favourite player but LFC means a lot more to me than him. It's time for him to prove his worth on the field! "
26th Sep 2013 11:06
"Wow, shame on all you who keeps slating the team. We had a good match yesterday, and we played well both before and after the break. Disappointed with the loss, but we were playing Man Utd away from home, so I'll get over it. Massive improvement from the soton game, so let's hope we can keep improving and we'll crush Sunderland this weekend. YNWA"
26th Sep 2013 11:15
"It's a shame how some fans are defending GERRARD. All our midfielders are playing better than him. Saying his old that's why his playing so poorly, shame! Look at PIRLO, XAVI & 37years old TOTTI. These players are still leading their teams to the victory every week. GERRARD is my favourite player but LFC means a lot more to me than him. It's time for him to prove his worth on the field! ""
26th Sep 2013 11:18
"We need more creative players in the mould of Coutinho, Mata, Silva, Nasri and another goal scorer. Goals win games. That is why Man_U have got Rooney, Van_persie, Chicharito, Young, Nani, Welbeck. Too reliant on Sturridge or Suarez to score. I also believe that Gerrard is been played too deeply to influence the game at the goal scoring end."
26th Sep 2013 11:23
"Based on match against a,then play we a really bad match.Not many players perform,and the team looks tired,especially 2.halves.Seems in bad shap/slow.M-field in front of defense almost nonexistent.DS takes many bad decisions seems not sharp.LS out of training?SAKHO,3 bad matches,very uncertain.Hendo is running more than he plays ball,that confuse all.Worrying when we're talking top4."
26th Sep 2013 11:38
"Midfielders ! Midfielders !! Midfielders!!! We can do nothing in this league, let alone in Europe without midfielders . So to all and sundry in management GO OUT AND BUY SOME MIDFIELDERS !!! Else this magnificent club ,my beloved reds shall not return to it's former glory . It's That simple !!!!!"
26th Sep 2013 11:44
"Not sure what most of you are talking about. I've seen every game this season so far, and for me, if you take the opponents into account last night was out best match. Still a lot to improve but I never expected us to run riot at OT."
Big Eyes ex R.S.A
26th Sep 2013 11:48
"The performance against Southampton was awful we are at home one striker? we always seem to concede at corners and we always look tired I am always optomistic however after recent performances it is clear we are a long way from top four."
26th Sep 2013 11:57
"The legend Gerrard is being hunted by uneducated football supporters of our great club to be dropped. What a shame, SG at 10% capacity is better than some others that play in the red shirt. SG is the one we always look to, to pull us out of a mess. SG knockers GET S-----D "
26th Sep 2013 12:03
"You are in the best position compared to other BPL contenders, all will be busy with mid-week Europe and Capital One matches .... so if you can't deliver at least 40 points by Christmas, no excuse. Then fight for FA Cup. If you believe you have the right team of your choice, make them deliver. if you win matches, you won't need to do long post match breifings anyway. "
26th Sep 2013 12:15
"If we play like last nite with better end product, we'll be a threat to any team. Skrtyl performance good, he's a hussler. Agree with Eurochamp & dont drop anymore unnecessary points! "
26th Sep 2013 12:21
"Somethings changed with BR. I remember him putting his faith and skills into coaching younger players 'cos they'll run through brick walls for you'. Talking of staying in top 6 and further strengthening in January. The possession football and everything he was about pre us seems to have gone out the window?"
26th Sep 2013 12:26
"However, we played ok last night, so not slating. Just see a change in BR and what he now says etc. Time will tell if its a change for the best. I reckon he's frustrated with FSG."
26th Sep 2013 12:30
""And now we are out of this competition, there's gonna be even less chance for the 'youngsters' to be given a chance. Weve now almost got an embarrasment of defenders, good attacking options, and an utterly crap midfield. Im a little confused?" "
26th Sep 2013 12:31
"Do any of you muppets slating Stevie and the team actually go to the games?? Stevie is playing a different game now but he has still been playing well. Get behind the team fools and see how far we can get. In Brendan we trust!!!"
26th Sep 2013 12:37
"We really need suso now, since coutinho has an injury,.,.probably allen"
26th Sep 2013 12:41
"To be honest, why are we slating, yes out of the Cap One Cup. Seriously a good performance, looked promising get behind the team and stop slating. Unlucky last night, we have had a good start now we build on it !!!"
26th Sep 2013 12:42
"Seriously BR how can you play Moses and then Sterling in the middle. Do you really know what you are doing. Players who play on the flanks always get confused when players are coming from behind them."
26th Sep 2013 12:44
"I went to the game and the balance of the team was not good. Toure does not have the attributes to get forward from RB meaning Hendo pushed out to the RW where he was ineffective- this lost us control in the middle of the park. Kelly coming on from Moses (Hendo into CM) to play RW when we needed a goal was crazy. We need to learn to start with recognised full backs in future "
26th Sep 2013 12:45
"I can't believe FSG have taken a gamble with Rodgers. Should have been sacked in the summer and a cheque book opened up to bring in a world class coach. No wonder Suarez wants out."
26th Sep 2013 12:49
"I Don't think you can place any blame on the players as you say BR they all played well. You should blame yourself - If you wanted to win why did you remove Moses and replace him with Kelly?!"
26th Sep 2013 12:52
"Rushjob i normally enjoy reading your comments and normally agree - but utterly crap midfield. I think there are 2 faults with your comment- 1) the work done by Lucas & SG is running up and down. Stevie was in good positions a number of tims but was let down by a team-mates pass. 2) the impact of Coutinho. Because of his movement and skills, he makes SG/LL play even better. "
26th Sep 2013 12:52
"we waste transfer window after transfer window. You want success,, buy good players for the team right now, not in 3/5 years. Don't strengthen already strong areas and leave others threadbare. Stop spending millions on players who don't improve us one tiny bit. Gerrard needs to play further up and until Lucas fitness improves he shouldn't be near the team."
26th Sep 2013 12:55
"Look at our first team SM GJ-KT-DA-LE ( SG-LL PC VM-DS-LS ok accept left back liability - but where is the other weak links. But i also think Brendan is frustrated with FSG (willian etc) - we desparetly need another creative midfielder. "
26th Sep 2013 12:57
"Look, at the end of the day, the start of the season was yet another false dawn.We are 5th, out of europe,out of capital one and left only with the f.a cup to go out of. We have still way too many average players.Hendo,Allen,Sterling, Enrique, Lucas, Moses, Aspas,etc etc are not top 4 standard.We need top top players."
26th Sep 2013 12:58
"I just cant stand the comments on here. Its read something like - Skrtel - get rid Enrique - terrible Sakho- rubbish Gerrard - retire Lucas - rubbish hendo - never play again Moses - send back to Chavs Sturridge - gone backwards I bet if you guys were managers , the team would never lose!!!!"
26th Sep 2013 13:03
"And can anyone seriously blame Luis for wanting out??He is a top top player and he has championship players as team-mates. I feel very sorry for him as a player, but not as a person. FSG trying to do this on the cheap and they should've known it needed a billion to change things."
Mr. B.
26th Sep 2013 13:05
"I mourn for my Liv.Not in UEF CL. Deleted yet from Capt.O.C. What remains...EPL or FA C. The culture of erratic display.What has Henderson got to give to the team.Pls, B.Rog better sign midfielders in Jan. Stop toomuch excuses & talks. Only result's necessary.Pls Bre.Rog.Do I hear U talk... We have to make sure we stay up in the top six...Disgusting! ! ! !"
26th Sep 2013 13:11
"Given Kells is back, Johnson on his way back and Saurez is looking motivated, there is no reason not to expect a good points tally between now and Xmas. The Xmas period does not look easy, but one can drown the misery. Forget the January window as Spurs are minted....we should be there or there abouts a Europa league berth cone the end of the season.....FSG OUT!"
26th Sep 2013 13:13
"How can anyone slate the team after that performance last night,I was at the game last night and everyone on the bus home thought we played well.Yes I agree a poor transfer window is now costing us cus we strengthened the wrong areas,the bench is full of kids.However I think with Suarez bk we will go on a good run."
Mr. B.
26th Sep 2013 13:15
"I share this view..."- Skrtel - get rid Enrique - terrible Sakho- rubbish Gerrard - retire Lucas - rubbish hendo - never play again Moses - send back to Chavs Sturridge"...Mignolet's the only player now. Since Moses & Sakho arrivals,no match won,if things like this,Suarez may still leave...!"
26th Sep 2013 13:17
"Also where's all this Man U reserves stuff come from?apart from 3 at the bk and maybe carrick that was there strongest team with van Persie injured.All the Manu fans have been calling for kagawa and herdandez to start.We had players out too ya know."
26th Sep 2013 13:46
"...and the cracks are starting to appear! Ordinary performances of late. A draw and two losses from our last three games???"
26th Sep 2013 13:53
"We are faced with a war of ATTRITION and one way forward, is to IMPROVISE. Many seem to be writing JH off. I say, IMPROVISE. Reality wise, Alonso contributed massively both to defense and attack. Since his departure nobody has been able to replicate his overall contribution. JH could be the ideal candidate, experienced to the tune of 100 games and the vitality to smash opposition build-up play. "
26th Sep 2013 13:56
"Virdeelfc- Our midfield simply isnt working at the moment. Lucas has 60 minutes maximum in him, and Gerrard playing far too deep. This is our problem since the 2nd game. Hence we dont seem to do much 2nd half. "
26th Sep 2013 13:58
"How i long for a 'unit of a midfielder'- one that can tackle, pass, shoot. Like midfielders used to be. Our present midfield is presently a 6th/7th placed teams one- and I fear if it doesnt improve thats where we'll end up."
26th Sep 2013 13:59
"Cos City, Arsenal, Spurs, Man Utd, and possibly Everton have more midfield options than us, and ordinarily its where games are won and lost- tis where Southampton beat us last week."
26th Sep 2013 13:59
"My point is that the contribution from the DM role is currently not enough to give us the required edge, for a successful navigation to the season's end. JH COULD be groomed for the DM role. May just turn out to be a revelation too."
26th Sep 2013 14:01
"Russhjob-we tried to get midfielders in the TW one went to dortmund other to chelsea- we are a little poor in midfield at the moment, we need couthino back and an alonso!!!"
26th Sep 2013 14:01
"Maybe look at 'converting' one of our 10 defenders into a defensive midfielder to allow Gerro to push forward a little cos Lucas just isnt fit enough (horrendous injury I appreciate)."
26th Sep 2013 14:08
"Some comments here are...unreal and far away from true...What if we'd lost 2 or 3 games in PL till now?I see squad with ENOUGH quality players to get top4 this season.Some of them need games,need time...LFC mngr staff MUST sort out 1st line in next 3-4 weeks.With Cissokho,Johnson and PC.TACTICTS are my main concern.It's up to B.R.,clearly.YNWA>"
26th Sep 2013 14:23
"If we had been playing 3-5-2 last night with a fit Johnson,Coutinho and Cissokho, we would have crushed them.... BR needs to try and win as many games as possible without getting the cursed Manager of the Month award!!"
26th Sep 2013 14:23
"centrecircle- but we got no-one. And i reckon this is the source of BR's obvious frustration. This transfer commitee set up now is just a re-named Director of football and if you remember BR said the one stipulation was that he wouldnt work under a DOF!I sense agitation from BR. He's changed."
26th Sep 2013 14:32
"rushkob did you see Stevie G's massive cross field ball to completed do the entire utd back line and put Enrique through?? Name me better midfielders in the DM role with same passing range ? I agree about Lucas - he needs competition- maybe Toure could do the role - he seemed he willing to go forward"
26th Sep 2013 14:35
"^ sorry Rushjob (bleddy iphone!!!) "
26th Sep 2013 14:37
"Skirtel played well.....gerrard was a lil bit exhausted in de second half and henderson was given faulty passes......Sturridge held on the for too long but i was pleased how they played yesterday."
26th Sep 2013 14:48
"Playing 3 across the middle with kells as wing back and Johnson will give us attacking options hitherto unavailable. Kelly is our saviour, Kelly is scouse!"
cypo red
26th Sep 2013 14:50
"A certain Mr. Benitez is doing quite well at Napoli I hear. FSG?"
26th Sep 2013 14:53
"one more thing i prefer Sterlin to Hnderson.....i think in our next fixture Rodgers could use sterlin in place of Henderson."
26th Sep 2013 14:59
"Thank you Millito - that was insightful. Only I can't remember sterling pulling up trees vs Southampton "
26th Sep 2013 15:02
"b4 rodgers come gerrard was controling midfield now gerrads sittin in front of the back 4 with lucas we have no drive or width in midfield should have brought midfield no defence,but rodgers seems to think he knows what hes doin so "
26th Sep 2013 15:04
"moses should play on right wing and sterling or maybe sturidge could play there and cut in hes more left footed so it might suite him"
26th Sep 2013 15:06
"one more thing i prefer Sterlin to Hnderson.....i think in our next fixture Rodgers could use sterlin in place of Henderson."
26th Sep 2013 15:07
"5 games in the season and allready the defeatist atude starts showing up. Just do the business u needed to do in the summer, not always "we'll get it right next time""
26th Sep 2013 15:13
"Dont play Skrtel again, are you mad?! Not selling Skrtel was one of the best things this summer, awesome we didnt bought certain greek player"
26th Sep 2013 15:19
"For all of you who said to be lfc fans take a look at yrself in the mirror . Not long ago you we're praising captain marvellous Stevie G you are the best now that he dropped his form a bit you guys calling for his head . Instead if u relly luv this club n appreciate what Stevie has done and will do support him n the club , in LFC and Stevie n Brendon I trust LFC forever YNWA "
26th Sep 2013 15:19
"For all of you who said to be lfc fans take a look at yrself in the mirror . Not long ago you we're praising captain marvellous Stevie G you are the best now that he dropped his form a bit you guys calling for his head . Instead if u relly luv this club n appreciate what Stevie has done and will do support him n the club , in LFC and Stevie n Brendon I trust LFC forever YNWA "
26th Sep 2013 15:26
"Some interesting comments- i think FSG have stiched up BR a little this season( TW) i have always supported BR but our owners have left him short and maybe this is why hes frustrated- also BR needs to find his best formation but is stugling cos of injuries- i still believe in BR and his work and wish him well "
26th Sep 2013 15:27
"The problem is that we haven't played well so far this season. Against Stoke, Mignolet saved a penalty. Against Villa we played awfully, we had a draw against Swansea and we lost against Southampton. We DONT HAVE ATTACKING football. "
26th Sep 2013 15:35
"ATTACKS - that is the key, we havent even scored a created/creative goal this season. Just some individual Sturridge attacks once in 90 minutes, not more attack. Gerrard is really slow, he is not good enough nowadays. Last year we created several chances and scored a few. This season we dont even create chances."
26th Sep 2013 15:37
"Have the wheels come off already ? Last three results all comps. D L L. Not good is it and a game away to Sunderland next. I'm not liking it much at the minute , lets get back on the rails soon. If we don't , well ,who knows how bad it could get."
26th Sep 2013 15:45
"Support your team and stop trying to manage the club!"
26th Sep 2013 15:52
"There was too much tiki, but not enough taka. We should find a way to add SERIOUS bite to our game.YNWA!!!"
26th Sep 2013 16:02
"Sturridge is very lazy, slow and did not put effort on the game, always in oide position, never come back fast."
26th Sep 2013 16:03
"The worst player last night was Henderson. Nothing came out of him. He just run without target and benefit. He id very bad palyer. Why is he palying with Liverpool?"
26th Sep 2013 16:36
"still guttered we need to take our chancers in front of goal we had a chances manure had 8 changers so it was there for the taking we need to bounce back YNWA"
26th Sep 2013 16:37
"Enrique is the only player who deserves criticism for scratching his arsse instead of marking and denying Hernandez."
26th Sep 2013 17:13
"VirdeeLFC """Stevie G's massive cross field ball to completed do the entire utd back line and put Enrique through??""" ....happens only a few times, gerard doesnt offer much at the moment"