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Finally! Go you mighty Reds!
25th Sep 2013 18:47
25th Sep 2013 18:48
"Very strong team c'mon you reds"
25th Sep 2013 18:49
"Top team, come on you reds!!! "
25th Sep 2013 18:51
"What about a rest for the likes of Stevie ?"
25th Sep 2013 18:52
"don't get much stronger then that with what we have available"
25th Sep 2013 18:52
"Where is Joe Allen did he go on loan and nobody has told us yet?"
25th Sep 2013 18:53
"Good go get em Luis. Suppose Toure's on the right. Would prefer to see Kelly there and Toure with Skrts in the centre. Come on you redmen do us proud again."
25th Sep 2013 18:54
"That's an awesome front three in Moses, Suarez and Sturridge. If only, if only, if only Coutinho was available to slot in behind them. Ah well, good looking starting 11 today. Hope remains eternal."
25th Sep 2013 18:54
"Put the summer behind you Luis and show the people who have supported you that your heart (for the time being at least) is with LFC"
25th Sep 2013 18:54
"Hope Sakho doesnt get sent off for a two footed lunge - he looks vulnerable to me in that respect and wiil be even MORE fired up tonight. "
25th Sep 2013 18:54
"Strong side. I might have started Kelly at RB perhaps. Good luck."
25th Sep 2013 18:55
"Come on Boys - Willing to let bygones be bygonds - Clean slate now Luis although If you want to have a nibble on Moyes or Evra then do it in your own time. I'll even lend you a bib:)"
25th Sep 2013 18:55
"LUCAS offers nothing in attack. You can't play him and Gerrard in midfield"
25th Sep 2013 18:56
"Why not giving MARTIN KELLY fullback position instead of Toure? he is a CB got damnn it. Sakho should not be in our starting 11, The PAIN continues"
25th Sep 2013 18:58
"Apart from LUCAS & HENDERSON, the team has quality"
25th Sep 2013 18:58
"ok we must to win this one "
25th Sep 2013 18:58
"Strong starting 11- well done BR"
25th Sep 2013 18:58
"do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do Luuuiiss Suuuaarreez"
25th Sep 2013 19:01
"without a doubt, the best player in the premiership. van persil? second rate compared to suarez!"
25th Sep 2013 19:02
"Great to see louis suarez back . Si confident for this game now"
25th Sep 2013 19:03
"Good looking side..."
25th Sep 2013 19:03
"better job on the lineup done there . had no clue on saturday. we taking this one out for sure"
25th Sep 2013 19:05
"The manager has done all he can.He chose an attacking 11 and equally as positive subs bench.lets all unite fans to support the whole heartedly and the players to do their best stuff the mancs!!!!YNWA"
25th Sep 2013 19:08
"as we miss JOHNSON and AGGER, i prefer this kind of a back line, KELLY TOUR SKRTEL ENRIQUE. "
25th Sep 2013 19:09
"F^kin Sakho has been awful Why drop the Dagger??"
25th Sep 2013 19:10
25th Sep 2013 19:10
25th Sep 2013 19:10
"Result needed today BR. Show us wot u made of and good luck red men! YNWA"
25th Sep 2013 19:11
"Hope he's been fed!!"
25th Sep 2013 19:12
"Beware of the back-lash. But who will have the bigger back-lash. Cmon boys, give us something to quickly forget Saturday - plsssssssss "
25th Sep 2013 19:13
"seconds2hell........Dont critisize. SUPPORT THE TEAM!!! CALL YOURSELF A FAN? ANALIZE LATER. STUFF THE MANCS!!! "
25th Sep 2013 19:13
"Gonna be hard to beat them with 10 men , and that's what we are doing playing our no.21 . Why ?"
25th Sep 2013 19:14
"still NO Alberto playing in Coutinho's position, whats wrong with BR?"
25th Sep 2013 19:18
"TIme will tell about Sakho, but how many braincells do you people have writing him off after 5 minutes ? you do it to every player who has a rough start at the club! We all support the same club, and regardless if you like the manager or some of the players or not, this is the team who´s playing tonight and this is the coach thats currently at the helm, so support your team!"
lfc dan123
25th Sep 2013 19:19
"god we lose one match and evryone looses there minds, lucas is quality and so is sakho, COME ON YOU REDMEN!!!! "
25th Sep 2013 19:19
"chrisgerrard are you for real ? no need to worry about lucas and stevie pal ...if I was to change anything then personally I may of had a look at the back four as it dosent look to balanced to me but BR will know better than anyone who should be where so lets just get behind the boys. good to see luis back to the guy is world class whatever you think about him"
25th Sep 2013 19:22
"Good to have u back in track Luis! Missed you! All the best for tonight's clash!"
25th Sep 2013 19:24
"I would have select Kelly for right back instead of skrtel while Sterling take over Henderson"
25th Sep 2013 19:24
"good line up cant wait to see the gargoyle's face after we knock them out come on the mighty reds"
25th Sep 2013 19:27
"Strong lineup and we need a win after Southampton match. Come on Kolo, do us proud on the right flank!"
25th Sep 2013 19:28
"Return of the Kraken!"
25th Sep 2013 19:31
"Llets go Suarez lets whoop a**.. YNWA Vamos LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB..."
25th Sep 2013 19:31
"Very nice starting line up UTD will be sh##ting a brick when they c that front 3 but the only problem i have with this team is the back 4 i wish Kelly was playing RB and Toure playing CB "
25th Sep 2013 19:34
"Go you mighty Redmen, thank you Brendan for taking this match seriously. YNWA"
25th Sep 2013 19:42
"BR Must you start three center back again? Especially Mamadou Sakho,I'd prefer K Toure and M Skrtel at the heart of our defence with M Kelly from the right back.We don't need Sakho.BR should suppose to sign an attacking MF instead of ing Sakho."
25th Sep 2013 19:55
"Fast pace, to catch a Liverpool side with three CB and two strikers that are unfit. It will be a LONG half!"
25th Sep 2013 20:19
"come on reds we need to make some of these crosses tell "
25th Sep 2013 20:30
"skrtel playing very well we really need to push home our dominance manure are there for the taking come on mighty reds "
25th Sep 2013 20:32
"Apart from the first 10mins we doing fine skrtel and Enrique have been fab."
25th Sep 2013 20:35
"We are fortunate that Uniteds front and wide players are short and our CBs are winning the crucial balls off them. A decent half, some of our players are still becoming familiar with the team e.g. Sakho and Moses, and unfit (Suarez, Sturridge). Just need a spark from Suarez!"
25th Sep 2013 20:39
"When the 43rd minutes ticks over, Man U change pace. It's not a bad ploy really, to soak pressure, then change gear. Just something we need to match when it happens (or employ ourselves during certain periods)? Well played lads anyway. We could have scored a few already!"
25th Sep 2013 20:43
"Sakho is definitely starting to settle now! he looks a beast! Good first half took us a while to settle, just need to press on second half! come on redmen!!"
25th Sep 2013 20:48
"Soft corner, soft goal"
25th Sep 2013 20:50
"Apparently we havent scored in the second half of the match this season so far! lol Mmm....come on LFC !"
25th Sep 2013 21:01
"You can see why chelsea sent Moses out on loan,he offers nothing."
25th Sep 2013 21:04
"There is nothing bigger than Steven Gerrard. This is Gerrard Football Club. What can you do about it?"
25th Sep 2013 21:09
"Oh look it's kelly"
25th Sep 2013 21:28
"We are losing but for once i m happy with the performance and effort"
25th Sep 2013 21:29
"Without a playmaker ie Coutinho we have nothing to build from."
25th Sep 2013 21:34
"Giggs should have been half. We gave away a soft goal. If we had a fit Sturridge and Suarez, we may have won. Never mind. Just focus on getting top 4 finish. FA cup?"
25th Sep 2013 21:36
"our defence is so terrible, and Sturridge completely lost!"
25th Sep 2013 21:39
"well done, well played ."
25th Sep 2013 21:40
"My god if Coutinho was playing think we may of walked that game plenty of positives lost from a silly goal!"
25th Sep 2013 21:40
"nice to see suarez back. we were better tem. we till we are full strength. be a match for anyone. its in the league where we will show it. hopefully"
25th Sep 2013 21:41
"We need another player maker in january. As once Coutinho is out we are not linking the final 3rd and carving open the defence."
25th Sep 2013 21:43
"I would play Jordan Ibe in place of Henderson. we lost against Utd reserve team. The last three games will be the tale of this season. Three won and three lost as usual now we will beat Sunderland on Sunday. Ohh tired of this."
25th Sep 2013 21:47
"Poor signings, poor players, Sturridge you a joke and lucky to get those goals to mislead some fans."
25th Sep 2013 21:58
"good game YNWA know let us focus on next match"
25th Sep 2013 22:15
"Rogers always inept, this is not watford or swansea, Gerrard, Sturridge, Suarez, Moses, Henderson were all rubbish, WHY THE HELL DON'T YOU WANT TO GIVE ALBERTO A CHANCE?"
26th Sep 2013 8:30
"it may not have been Man Uniteds best 11 but they had class players all over the pitch : Rooney,Kagawa,hernandez,nani, we had a rusty Suarez, Sturridge and Gerrard were dissapointing. Moses is still finding his feet"
26th Sep 2013 8:31
"I thought Henderson did good, and the defence also even if Sakho still is finding his feet"