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This is absolutely amazing...
25th Sep 2013 12:06
25th Sep 2013 12:49
"I was Lucky enough to visit Kenya twice whilst I served in the Forces and I Loved the country for it's Wild Beauty and Very Friendly people who couldn't do enough for us. We played a few local sides at football as well. Good Old Days. Never Forget them, YNWA REDS."
25th Sep 2013 12:57
" Thank you LFC Global Family for shouldering us in this difficult moment. Salute to you Chavda, I certainly have met a more ardent Kenyan LFC fan than I. #ynwa and be strong."
25th Sep 2013 12:58
"thsi is a travesty, there are bigger things in their country to worry about"
Denza Red
25th Sep 2013 13:13
"A very interesting read Mitesh,clearly a true Red. So sad however that you witnessed the horror of the Westgate atrocity. YNWA"
25th Sep 2013 13:22
"No words can be used to describe the deep pain of the entire event. However we leave all to God to comfort and heal the grieving families and the wounded plus those in shock. As a Kenyan and eternal LFC fan I thank the official club site for publishing Mitesh's story. YNWA Kenyan Reds."
25th Sep 2013 13:30
"All of the Liverpool family are with you Chavda. We will keep you and your nation in our prayers. YNWA"
25th Sep 2013 14:59
"Mitesh thank for sharing this. Am glad and proud to be a Kenyan LFC fun. This is a great article and it means a lot for us. Thank you for remembering the Kenyan Family. YNWA Regards, Nicholas Muratha. "
25th Sep 2013 15:20
"Our head is bloodied but unbowed...terrorism will be defeated not just here in Kenya but the world over... as we mourn our beloved here please ye redmen go to the theater of dreams & make them dream you never went there and give us something to smile about "
25th Sep 2013 15:35
"Get ur soldiers out of kismaayo and stay out of their business ASAP."
25th Sep 2013 15:54
"SomaRed - I know my way around East African politics. I know that Somalia has gone through a heck of a lot of horror in quite some time... And I truly hope that country regains it's pride and solves it's crises out. But your comment is simply sick! Have some compassion!!!"
25th Sep 2013 15:57
"As a true LFC fan... this is not place for politics... especially between fans of this club with it's history of tragedies...! Kenya is a great country with wonderful people, and if they are also LFC fans then all the better. Our hearts and prayers should be with the victims of this horrible crime. YNWA"
25th Sep 2013 16:19
"Ronny-G ,Somalia wil Sooner or later regain its pride no doubt. but its neighbours are who keep interfering, and making it a lot harder , however ethiopie had learned its lesson (afrer 2006/7)war and they r staying out of it !"
25th Sep 2013 16:22
"its kenya who don't seem to be backing off and there had to be sent a message. whether this is the right way ?im not sure. they need to start listening ."
25th Sep 2013 16:26
"I am deeply touched by the support from the LFCFamily. Truely we are one of a Kind."
25th Sep 2013 17:06
"Total, total respect Mitesh... YNWA means exactly what it says. Please pass on all LFC's fans condolences for the terrible events in your home country. Make it to the Kop one day, make yourself known and sing to your heart's content. YNWA Kenya"
25th Sep 2013 17:13
"Kenya, Huwezi Tembea Peke Yako (Kenya, You'll Never Walk Alone)"
25th Sep 2013 17:29
"We're all with you Kenya. Whoever your god is, whatever your team is this should not happen. YNWA!!"
25th Sep 2013 17:41
"RIP those killed in the nairobi shopping mall massacre. my heart goes out to the peruvian doctor due to take up a post in lpool school of tropical medicine. RIP. YNWA..."