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Assuming rogers sorts his defence out we will hammer the s. Enrique, kolo, Sakho, Wisdom to start!!!
25th Sep 2013 11:08
25th Sep 2013 11:08
"Go Victor, use us and do it for us and then win the world cup"
25th Sep 2013 11:15
"After the Soton game it would be a great feeling. It would be a bleeding miracle."
25th Sep 2013 11:48
"I see Victor Meldrew is up to his old tricks of spreading false doom and gloom. Well, tonight he will witness his wishful thinking of our demise - to be proven nonsense - and hopefully reduces him going back to his hovel and counting his Prozac. "
25th Sep 2013 12:03
"Buddha333...pretty poor even by your standards. I always want my team to win. Unlike you who wished the team to lose to hasten "
25th Sep 2013 12:10
"buddha3333 25th Sep 2013 11:48..I remember you wishing the team to lose to hasten KKs sack. You would troll every day calling for kennys sack like the chelsea fan glory Hunter you are. You can't hide from who you are. That you still post under the same name and have no shame is a sure sign of serious sociopathic deficit. Are you incarcerated? You should be.9"
25th Sep 2013 12:53
"fungus, for the last time, you're mixing me up with another poster who has publicly admitted he wanted us to lose to hasten KK removal. At the time I was on record in vociferously arguing against that as I never want us to lose. Now stop spreading your usual bile and admit you and the said poster have something in common as you now share his wishes..."
25th Sep 2013 12:57
"Any so called fan who relishes our mishaps or places any individual above our club is the lowest of the low, and deserves to be ostracised and left marooned on some dessert Island with no food or water. The manic depressives who come on here only to spout negative diatribe should go on a never ending trek"
25th Sep 2013 13:06
"Interplay between Moses & Suarez - I await with great interest."
25th Sep 2013 13:09
"Funghi, you're the most sorriest of fans. Your self hatred is glaringly obvious, and telling by your mindless uttering's I suspect you were bullied into supporting Liverpool and now at every opportunity you invite us inside your loathsome world - were doom and gloom is the order of the day. I truly pity you. "
25th Sep 2013 13:23
"Funghi, and as for your prison quip..let's hope you never get incarcerated as they will have to remove your shoe laces and any sharp objects - and place you on constant 24 hour watch. Now watch the game tonight and I pray its a depressing win for you..."
25th Sep 2013 13:44
"buddha3333 25th Sep 2013 13:23....the insane rants and ramblings of a chelsea fan in denial. Pull yourself together man. If you ask nicely, they might loosen the straight jacket. I doubt it though. The screws probably can't stand your glory hunting chav antics either."
25th Sep 2013 14:02
"Buddha 11:48, stop generating issues into self-parody. Your whole system is confused, when was the last time you took yourself out? to buy something either shoe or a suit? Really, when was the last time you pampered yourself? or go to a massage parlour and let them straighten your mouth and thinking? "
25th Sep 2013 14:03
"Cont.. If you cannot go to seethes, go to Howe, or go to Tropicana, if you cannot go to Tropicana go to River Nadia near Baraka. I hope you understood what I have just said, just in case you didnâ"
25th Sep 2013 14:04
"Buddha, With all things considered stop dribbling your own creed into others mindsets with that kind of injudicious comment. "
25th Sep 2013 14:08
"Lets go at there and come back home VICTORIOUS. only wish for a win. LFC 2-1"
25th Sep 2013 15:27
"Yes lad it'd be great indeed but you gotta hit the ground running and learn to assist your wing back... Also render your vision active and put in a bit more seriousness and concentration."
25th Sep 2013 15:40
"Buddha & Mushroom - Aggression at it's best. A dual of note, indeed! YNWA"
25th Sep 2013 16:21
"LFCAlpha 25th Sep 2013 15:40...glad you enjoyed it. In truth, I feel defiled and dirty whenever that slimy muvva of a chelsea fan comments on my opinion.....I get similar feelings when the missus drags me to Manchester to go shopping. "
25th Sep 2013 17:26
"(bu) I have come to a conclusion; your comment is built with ramification of inconsistencies, set out to discourage a collegiate environment, â"
25th Sep 2013 17:28
"cont... â"
25th Sep 2013 17:29
"Musshroom be careful of kangaroo courts developing."
25th Sep 2013 18:15
"Funny reading the exercise in oratory between the avid supporters. I'm really hopeful we have got manure at a bad moment, they've already lost to us & man city, yes they'll be up for it and at home but we're surely not going to play as badly as we did against The Saints, albeit they were well organised and with Scrotez playing again he might be good for a couple of goals.."