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Why? We are swamped in midfield. Anyway at 32, what does he have to offer? If we want a midfielder let's look first at what the academy has to offer!
23rd Sep 2013 11:33
23rd Sep 2013 11:36
"Love Xabi but we need to look for a younger version of him. We need someone for a 'longer' stay!"
23rd Sep 2013 11:41
"We're not even interested - stop teasing us TalkSport!!"
23rd Sep 2013 11:59
"Not sure Alonso is an option he is 32 and recovering from back surgery anyhow if Mr Rodgers decides for another midfielder I hope it will be Hughes of Derby."
23rd Sep 2013 12:16
"We are not overstocked in midfield, but I don't think Alonso should be who we sign, either. Can't believe I'm commenting on transfer rumours already but, hey, the wheel doesn't stop turning, I guess! My vote is for Honda."
23rd Sep 2013 12:16
"Short term option we don't have 25 million + to buy this type of quality having spent it all on centre backs. "
LFC since 1975
23rd Sep 2013 12:40
"lots of fans thought Gary Mac was too old but that turned out well. Xabi would still command a midfield for another 2-3 years. enough time for Hendo and any academy stars to realy push on and stake a claim for the midfield spots"
23rd Sep 2013 12:46
"This is purely journolistic whimsical tle tattle. It would've been unlikely to happen if he was say three years younger and in the same situation,but he's not 29,he's 32 now and the Premier League hasn't slowed down at all and we don't sign this kind of player anymore. Just tle tattle. "
Red heat
23rd Sep 2013 13:09
"deMeester you're joking right? we are swamped with midfielders??? seriously who do we as backup for stevie, lucas n couts? hendo n allen thats it. "
Red heat
23rd Sep 2013 13:12
"now that dicanio has been sacked what if the new manager who comes in doesnt want borini? he can terminate that loan contract right? i for one would not be upset to see him here. i just feel we look short on strikers n since aspas hasnt started firing yet so nothing wrong to have an extra option."
23rd Sep 2013 13:56
"Too old now. 3 years ago definitely. Wish we can be a bit ambitious and go for Kevin Strootman."
23rd Sep 2013 14:39
"I think Alonso would be a great addition as he could have changed the last game, but he is not in the age group that the manager wants to recruit. Anyone over the age of 25 will not be looked at unless they are out of contract."
23rd Sep 2013 14:44
"Swamped in the midfield?!?! If so, why are we struggling so much to create chances from there? Don't think it's going to happen but boy would he give us some options. No better passer in the game. Will be still great for a couple of years. Plus a great teacher and role model to younger players. Still one of my favorites to wear the shirt."
23rd Sep 2013 15:10
"We need Konoplyanka and that will be it for the window, we have no creativity without Coutinho. Too many cheap buys, reminds of Rafa bargain shopping again. We need Konoplyanka, we saw why he did to Walker and he will continue to do that in the PL. lets not lose him as we lost so many other players!!!! "
23rd Sep 2013 15:24
"Swamped in midfield?? midfield is exactly where we are lacking, no cover for Lucas or Coutinho! needs sorted in January, although not sure Xabi is a real option, 2 years ago perhaps but not now. "
23rd Sep 2013 16:26
"Exactly the sort of player we are lacking. age doesn't matter with a player like Alonso - since when was he ever athletic. His game is based on technique which we lack in the centre of the park. All Henderson's hard work is off the ball. We need creativity and calmness and that is exactly what he will bring. Think Gary Mac!"
23rd Sep 2013 17:06
"too need him.. alonso offer you a creativity.. ageing alonso is ten times better than henderson/allen"
23rd Sep 2013 18:35
"DeMeester.How the hell are we swamped in midfield with just 4 in Gerrard, Lucas, Allen and Henderson. 3 of whom have had surgery recently and 1 still out. This is the smallest midfield squad supplement I have ever known at the club, and that is half a century. "
23rd Sep 2013 18:42
"Sorry in advance for bringing him up, but Alonso would do to us what Scholes did for united. As much as I hate to say he was pure class, and because he never had any physical abilities to lose he was able to do it for a long time, Just as Xabi would. "
23rd Sep 2013 18:45
"To say he is too old is silly. Players like Scholes, Pirlo, Xavi with such technical prowess can play at the top level well into their mid 30's "
23rd Sep 2013 19:21
"timH - I'll be silly as well then, he's too old now, no point in trying to recreate the past, let it go. "
23rd Sep 2013 22:18
"Some people must never have seen him play! Remember the impact of Gary Mac?"
24th Sep 2013 0:02
"Would be nice to see him back in a red shirt ?? . But I keep saying this no doubt gonna pair shako n toure so why not play daggers in the defensive midfield position great passer tackler & will sit so that Stevie can push forward more . Not a bad idea fellow kopites ??"
24th Sep 2013 0:09
"Why can't we go for Mata? He might just be available in january for the right price and he is exacyly the spark our midfield needs. fSg will never go for Alonso at 32."
24th Sep 2013 0:12
"Take him back in a flash! Swamped?! Coutinho injured for 6 weeks and first match after his absence we get beat by Southampton at home because we lacked that final ball"
24th Sep 2013 1:59
"I would sign Alonso with my eyes closed. We may not be in a desperate need for a CM but he is a legend. Still massively talented and will give everything for the Red Shirt. And just for that I would sign him. Hope to see you back Xabi!"
Going CouCou
24th Sep 2013 4:23
"Age didn't stop Pirlo from playing at top level. Alonso is classy on the ball, no doubt we need more creativity. "
24th Sep 2013 4:28
"DeMeester would u swap Gerrard for a youngster. Please Xabi don't finish in Italy come back home and win the PL. YNWA"
24th Sep 2013 6:00
"Don't know why everyone is getting so excited, the transfer window only closed a couple of weeks ago."
24th Sep 2013 8:41
"If Xabi comes then we will be complete in the midfield .Lucas can stay on the becnh and Stevi G can support the attack one again.."
24th Sep 2013 11:02
24th Sep 2013 12:03
"WHAT DOES HE HAVE TO OFFER (ALONSO) well as one person has commented its SKILL AND CRAFT AND A NATURAL TALENT, HE WILL DO US A GREAT JOB in a position that we obviously can,t afford to fill as every decent mid fielder has gone to a club with european football hope we get him"
24th Sep 2013 12:45
"At this point, we need any help we can get!"
25th Sep 2013 5:49
" Alonso is a proven pass master, with him vision and experience he will be handy in our midfield. Nowadays players are over priced. 3m for him, I think we should buy him. Its a win win chance for LFC. Think most ppl forgotten how we benefit from Gary Mac experience.. "
25th Sep 2013 7:04
" Alonso is a proven pass master, with him vision and experience he will be handy in our midfield. Nowadays players are over priced. 3m for him, I think we should buy him. Its a win win chance for LFC. Think most ppl forgotten how we benefit from Gary Mac experience.. "
25th Sep 2013 14:43
"At 32, Alonso is 3 years younger than Gary Mac was when he signed. And we all remember what he offered in his brief spell. So, don't write experienced players off just because of age. Alonso still has got a lot to offer. Who knows, maybe another treble with him around?"
25th Sep 2013 18:25
"Swamped? Barely got our feet wet mate. Cout and Allen both injured. Only kids to cover for StevieG , Lucas and Hendo (and they're wingers). Get a grip Meester Man. Xavi has won EVERYTHING from the World Cup down, and he loves LFC. Make my new year one to remember and 'Come home' Señor Alonso."