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we need 2 move as high as possible in d league table nt about stupid cup dat will get our players injured.
23rd Sep 2013 10:29
23rd Sep 2013 11:02
"Play with honour "
23rd Sep 2013 11:38
"you cant put things right in a cup game from a defeat in the league "
23rd Sep 2013 12:12
"dhd39 - thats the dumbest comment i've heard in a while. No matter the competition its still an opportunity for the team to regain confidence and flow to their play"
23rd Sep 2013 12:17
"whether it's cup or league doesn't matter. We need the right kind of atude and performance in EVERY game. Staying tight at the back is a must but we need to be always positive when we have the ball. They'll come at us on Wednesday but we have to attack them too. If we just sit back it will be very disappointing, even if we scrape a win that way."
23rd Sep 2013 13:01
"ehimwema i reluctantly agree. i dont think the cup is that important considering the amount of injuries we already have. i would welcome a win but i dont think we will at OT. especially after the way we played in the 2nd halves of the past few games."
Red heat
23rd Sep 2013 13:07
"its better to lose to manure now(im not saying intentionally!) than to lose to a smaller team(like swans) which is completely embarassing"
23rd Sep 2013 14:41
"The atude should be playing as hard as possible in every game. Some players just vanished the last game and were either tired or did not care. Come Wednesday we need the players to play their hearts out and beat Man U."
24th Sep 2013 4:48
"Ehimwema u r spot on."