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Lets face it Aspas was a big big mistake
23rd Sep 2013 9:39
23rd Sep 2013 9:48
"Some supporters have said Luis has no incentive to perform as he will leave at seasons end..BIG MISTAKE. Suarez gives 110% in every game he plays, he is a winner, he knows no other way (thats why we love him) Counting down the hours to seeing Luis put on the famous no 7 shirt again..he will do us proud as always..YNWA LUIS"
23rd Sep 2013 9:51
"First, that man u game is not that important, secondly, u dnt have 2 b subjected 2 a fall b4 u try to pick urself up. u should have seen it coming in d game of swansea. no pass no domination."
23rd Sep 2013 9:51
"If the A is for Aspas you can forget it, I have yet to see anything in this player. 15m on Alberto and Aspas and we could have got Konoplyanka!!!! Joke!!!"
23rd Sep 2013 10:01
"Its high time we start taking those small teams more serious. cause we were thinking that 4 d next six games we will gain maximum points frm those so call small teams now we know it was just an illusion."
23rd Sep 2013 10:21
"be_real_lfc Not really he played really well in the pre-season. He's not able to handle physical nature of EPL. He can improve. It's in his hands"
23rd Sep 2013 10:35
"Can't wait to see the forward 2 of LS & DS let's just hope they play for the team & not themselves as they are both guilty of doing. Sadly our #10 PCM s injured & I'd love to see him pulling the stings behind these 2 with GJ running down the wing. Lets stick with the topguns until our troops return,Then see how we go!"
23rd Sep 2013 10:35
"Sturidge needs to learn how to pass for SAS to co-exist."
23rd Sep 2013 10:55
"Not only SAS.., the other lads also need to have a really great understanding each other. The teamwork was really bad in last game. We need not only very strong pair but also very strong team."
23rd Sep 2013 10:55
"There is no point moaning about what has been done. Aspas hasn't been to great since the Mancs game. For me, he isn't a 'hole' player. Maybe in the Spanish league but he is getting hounded early and it just doesn't stick. I felt he operated better when he was coming in off the flanks or playing up top on his own with someone behind him. Too early to be calling him out and at £7m not a big worry."
23rd Sep 2013 10:56
"As long as we play as a team and prioritise Liverpool getting the glory. I think it's unfair to label Sturridge as selfish, though. If anything, Suarez shows thattendency more than DS does. Nothing a good rollicking by a team-mate can't solve."
23rd Sep 2013 10:57
"Guys, we will lose games. Please will you get that in your heads. Ifit wasn't at the weekend it would have been against Swansea the other night. There is no chance a team goes unbeaten all season, not anymore. Too much good teams, too much strong units, too much resilience /passion/spirit. These 'small' teams treat us like cup finals, we should treat them like that too."
23rd Sep 2013 10:58
"Don't be so hard on Aspas, people. He's done okay. He presses defenders and while his first touch can improve, I think that once he settles into the rhythm of the league, he'll do just fine. He's shown the inventiveness and energy already. Just a matter of experience in the league now."
23rd Sep 2013 11:09
23rd Sep 2013 11:17
"(Aspas + Alberto)< Eriksen..."
23rd Sep 2013 11:30
"Your opinion dont count, support your players dnt cuz them, u fake lfc supporter"
23rd Sep 2013 11:30
"Your opinion dont count, support your players dnt cuz them, u fake lfc supporter"
23rd Sep 2013 11:50
"We are going to have a good season ynwa :) bit of bad luck through injuries guys don't forget that... Johnson, Coutinho, agger,toure, sissoko, and Sturridge has been struggling with injuries. It frustrates me the last two games but to be honest the injuries haven't helped. Really hope Sturridge and Suarez become the true SAS because I know they can work well together"
23rd Sep 2013 11:56
"Aspas is a very good player. Liverpool fan should learn to give players time to adapt."
23rd Sep 2013 12:11
"kingwillis: yeah clearly we are going to lose games, but losing at HOME to Southampton is terrible, if we drop points id be expecting them dropped away from home. "
23rd Sep 2013 12:12
"Mr Rodgers got it badly wrong on Saturday. Steven Gerrard should not be deployed as a sweeper for Lucas. Soton did a right number on us. We need to simply learn from Saturday, and not make the same mistakes again. Still a decent season start."
23rd Sep 2013 12:23
"Look,we can all blame Aspas and Alberto. At the end of the day, some clown went out and scouted them and another clown signed them. It was probably the same ones who bought Borini and Allen. But it is a very big worry that we dont have a lot of money and have wasted it on these. Get the scouting sorted."
LFC since 1975
23rd Sep 2013 12:35
"it was a poor TEAM performance, dont just blame Aspas, he has shown good signs. I think Gerrard gave the ball away more that match than the whole of last season. also poor selection from Rodgers not playing any full backs. anyway we will bounce back"
23rd Sep 2013 12:42
23rd Sep 2013 12:42
"I beg to disagree. With no European competition this year, the Wednesday's game against Man Ure is important, very important. For one thing, it's the quickest route back into Europe, and secondly, it's against the Mancs! Need I say any more....really?"
23rd Sep 2013 12:43
"There is no disguising the fact that we missed Coutinho and even more - Johnson. I know it's pointless crying about not buying Eriksen but it is baffling why we didn't. The return of Suarez could not be more timely, but once we have Coutinho and Johnson on board - we will be formidable. "
23rd Sep 2013 12:47
"As everyone knows I don't put too much truck with these cup games. I feel we don't have the depth in squad to compete on all fronts. Saying that, though, beating Manure would breed confidence going forward, whilst losing may set in some doubts with the players. Catch 22, me thinks..."
23rd Sep 2013 12:48
"enough with the praising man!!! can this team first achieve something before heap praises on them and start hyping them up? thats how they start getting big heads and demanding huge salaries."
23rd Sep 2013 12:51
"my manure mates always go on about lfc fans whine loads and always think after a few wins we are going to win the league.i always defend us of course but looking at this site they are right.we whinge all the time.we lost, get over it.we played badly,get over it!its gonna be an open season so get behind the manager and the team and stop whining!!"
23rd Sep 2013 12:52
"kingwillis i think aspas would play well on the right wing. atleast thats where i saw him play when he was at celta vigo. believe this guy can cross, i'v seen him and he goes back to defend. i dont want to judge him just yet."
23rd Sep 2013 13:01
"I think we should recall Suso, and selling Jojno was a mistake, even though I understand why we did. We have to use who we have available, and players like Allen and Aspas have to come good. We will find out in the itnterim who is ready to stand up and fill the breach. My money says they will"
23rd Sep 2013 13:16
"Kolo Toure can hold his head up high after Saturday, one of the few who can - great player, great signing - keep up the good work!"
23rd Sep 2013 13:20
"I think princeofpersia9 has hit the Ball straight into the Net. We should ALL STOP WHINGEING and get behind the Squad as we are a Squad, not just a team. So LFC Fans get behind OUR Squad/team and back them the Way WE should. Onwards and Upwards REDS..........YNWA REDS."
23rd Sep 2013 13:33
"Its annoying to see how many "fans" starts hammering the team, as soon as one match goes wrong. Support the team or at least be constructive in your criticisme. Aspas hasnt been as bad as you say. He works very hard and he will be worth it, just give him time, we cant always get a Coutinho or a Sturridge."
23rd Sep 2013 13:58
"Im Just a Fan, i don't know if my opinion is taken serious.. And im not a Manager but ALL SUMMER LONG i CRIED OUT for another CREATIVE MIDFIELDER. And it all fell on DEAF EARS. RODGERS was tactically wrong on the weekend and WE NEED ANOTHER PLAYER IN THE COUNTINHO STYLE."
23rd Sep 2013 14:21
"Aspas is good and try to assist and pass the balls. Sturridge and Suarez need to do the same. Selfless performance and teamwork!!!!!!!"
23rd Sep 2013 14:23
"BR loves to buy small players with talents but little strength. And players become injury prone."
23rd Sep 2013 14:26
"I'm aware that Coutinho is injured at the moment but removing Aspas from the starting 11 we've been using for our previous league games and putting Suarez in is all that is needed. When Coutinho comes back our best front three is Suarez, Sturridge and Coutinho."
23rd Sep 2013 14:28
"seconds2hell - I don't think you are at all special in thinking we needed a CAM and, clearly, BR did try to bring in just such a high-quality player in Mkhitaryan, but he unsurprisingly joined the CL runners-up. We'll be getting someone quality in January, we'll have Suarez and Cou is in a couple of weeks. It'll be enough until the window."
23rd Sep 2013 14:30
" be_real_lfc - I wouldn't call him a big mistake. He will never be, or at least I hope he will never be good enough to be a part of our best 11, but he will notch a goal here and there and he is god enough to fill in for injured and suspended players. "
23rd Sep 2013 14:33
"Is the Forum EVER coming back?!!! We PAY for that service and over one-month's downtime is completely unacceptable. Now they've taken down the alert page and left we subscribers completely in the dark. Customer service has been utterly useless, too. Never seen the like of it with a big organization like LFC."
23rd Sep 2013 14:44
"I don't think we need to blame aspas right nows. Before blaming just see how many he has while being up front. It depends on many factors. If the team behind has been playing well and he gets lots of assist and he don't score then he would fail but for now the team is not playing well"
23rd Sep 2013 14:56
"Less talking and more humility!! When we are top of the table or on a good run, you must stop praising yourselves! Has BR not learnt this yet? Play everything down and concentrate on the next game. Against Soton we were complacent. Everyone thought 3 pts was in the bag b4 a ball was kicked!"
23rd Sep 2013 15:01
"JohnnyGib82 - Yours is the type of comment I can't stomach. If he'd come out and reamed the players he'd of been pilloried, too. C'mon. And I wouldn't say he praised the performance at all, but his criticism was tempered by acknowledging the good play we did put on, and there were some really good moments. Also, first loss in league play in six months, yet the moaning persists. Jeez...."
23rd Sep 2013 15:16
"You got the wrong end of the stick. I meant less talking before the match. Yes, we were on a high, but we keep making the same mistake of talking to the press about how great we already are - which makes us complacent."
23rd Sep 2013 15:52
"Some of you are clueless, 7m is not a lot in today's market, he is clearly gonna be a squad player. The only reason he's getting so much playing time is because we didn't have Moses from the start and Suarez was banned. Sturridge needs to pick up his overall game, he can't just play bad every game and then get a goal from his first shot."
23rd Sep 2013 15:57
"And Southampton aren't even a bad team, there like another Swansea in my view. Bought some good players, even some or internet fans wanted gaston Ramirez, what a great signin that wold have been yet you slate Brendan for his. Southampton will finish top 10 this season so it is t as bad as u all think, man city conceded 3 to Cardiff so I think that's worse."
23rd Sep 2013 16:10
"Cant express how much more I can agree with you 'be_real_lfc'"
23rd Sep 2013 16:19
"I wish people will give other teams a little respect. Ok not good to lose but Southampton are a good footballing team and spent a fair bit of money too. We played poorly and got punished. To go with the injuries and some refereeing decisions. Its going to happen. Chelsea lost to Everton. Arsenal to Villa."
23rd Sep 2013 16:22
"Aspas will come good! Just needs to settle and score a goal.. In the meantime Suarez will pick up where he left off and show the world why he is in the top 3 world players."
23rd Sep 2013 16:54
"Its only been a few games give the lad Aspas a chance, and as for Alberto he is only 20 and you can see he has quality!"
23rd Sep 2013 17:26
""What's all that about Sakho watching a PSG match last night and saying he wants to go back to PSG already? What a waste of 18 million pounds."
23rd Sep 2013 17:32
"I commented on amother article that we need to give the team time, and we surely will. But somehow I feel a big game like the one against Manu next week, always becomes the 'perfect time to bounce back' (seems more of covering up what went wrong). I think it will be better to talk after the game (and a win) that it was good to have such a big game to get us back on track !! YNWA"
23rd Sep 2013 17:41
"roshi - If Rodgers was filmed reaming coming out and reaming the players he would get arrested for gross indecency."
23rd Sep 2013 17:48
"SAS coming to manchester so serender man-s :-),,, fare play they said suarez is a selfish player,but hasant he passed so many times in the box none of us belive that anymore (as we exspect a touch of it from any top goal scorer) just hope DS does the same,they need to eat drink and sleep together lol,and pass the salt plz ect then NOTHING could stop them,YNWA "
23rd Sep 2013 18:26
"SAS YES! We still need another striker for cover/rotate/bench so we have OPTIONS! What happens if one gets injured for Six weeks? Still shows our squad is SHORT on attacking options = Another striker is needed, Creative midfielder, goalscoring winger! SLOWLY BUT SURELY WE WILL GET THERE!"
23rd Sep 2013 18:28
"To all the ASPAS haters I think you are being harsh. He should be playing on the right of a front 3. HE IS PLAYING OUT OF POSITION! "
23rd Sep 2013 18:38
"I do agree with all of the quotes by Kolo. This being the stand out. They did fail as a team. Not individually. As a team. It was tough for all. That's football. Move on and keep being positive. The dubbed SAS could be a force, based on past evidence but only time can tell as this season unfolds. Excited to see just how the rest of the season pans out for us. YNWA."
23rd Sep 2013 18:47
"Please stop barracking Aspas. He will come good. Let's look on the bright side of life. It is early days, we are still in there with the pack. One loss doesn't make a bad start to the season all of a sudden. Lets' hope that we get back to our winning ways and stay consistently so. "
23rd Sep 2013 18:52
"Aspas? Omg! Offload fast"
Billy B girl
23rd Sep 2013 19:25
"be_real_lfc I agree Aspas looks a big big mistake but so does Brendan Rodgers !"
23rd Sep 2013 20:31
"be_real_lfc 23rd Sep 2013 9:39,I don't think so.He is a quality player.His technical ability is superb.He needs time and more games.He will prove people like you wrong which I think you wish to happen.The problem is we lack quality can't expect Henderson to provide quality passes ."
Save us Kenny
23rd Sep 2013 22:31
"I didnt understand BR philosophy at the start, but now I can see where he will take us, right to the top, its a shame about the injuries. Sakho is a beast, Alberto and Aspas will get there in time, they had no premiership experience, but will come good. Come on you reds!!!!! YNWA "
24th Sep 2013 0:43
"sisuarez - Will Hughes >>> Eriksen - 3 years younger, miles better by aged 21. So the club should tie it up. Also give Aspas and Alberto a chance - SO CALLED FANS, remember Alonso/Arbeloa in their first season was nothing special he had to adjust. Both then got signed by Madrid."