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I like Lucan, but fear situation like last season when he was out. Who is the backup for him ?? surely not joe allen !!
23rd Sep 2013 8:46
23rd Sep 2013 8:50
"Midfield failed miserably against Saints. No one had the urge to go forward even after we conceded the goal.. If we went forward and attempted a couple of long shots I would be a little happier..."
23rd Sep 2013 9:15
"your taking the mick on how long the forums have been down. "
23rd Sep 2013 9:17
"Joe Allen is an attacking midfielder and should be tried in Coutinho position. He only played defensive mid because Lucas was injured. And because of the dumbass comments like above from so called supporters, his confidence has taken a knock. Supporter, clue is in the word."
23rd Sep 2013 10:02
"The cup game should be the ideal game for joe allen but not at 10 as this system has not worked well even with coutinho. I would like us to go back to a 3 man midfield with allen alongside lucas and hendo as the advanced player allen would also break forward and then hendo will cover. Moses on the right where downing played and sterling left with luis up front."
23rd Sep 2013 10:09
"saints started off really bright and got at us from the go, we didnt have anything going forward, cant wait for suarez to come back, at least he will try... we went from 1st to 5th over the weekend, not good enough..."
23rd Sep 2013 10:14
"interesting points cordoso. Got to get Allen back in somehow or will be a waste of a talented young lad and only weakens the squad. All of our players should be supported to the hilt. It would be good if those who only have something negative to say, say nothing at all. Dont mind constructive stuff, but destructive.........what does it achieve?"
23rd Sep 2013 10:27
"Scubanut , I have been critical of allen last season as he was not performing but would also say was happy when we signed him. He is a quality player but needs to play in that controlling role alongside lucas as he is not good as defensive mid."
23rd Sep 2013 10:41
"U dare show us pass tactice when we lost. how did dat help anyway."
23rd Sep 2013 10:49
"Lucas bossed the game as usual. He didn't have much support, though, besudes Hendo, who was decent. It seemed as if not everyone was sticking to the plan, and some got flustered when we were pressed. The lack of overlapping fullbacks didn't help, either. Oh, well."
23rd Sep 2013 10:53
"cordoso, I'd also like to see that midfield. Allen and Hendo can both play a box-to-box role, with them taking turns occupying the hole and assisting Lucas and the back four. Lucas is not half bad bursting forward at times, either, but he'll sit deeper, obviously."
23rd Sep 2013 10:54
"cordoso, I might have just repeated your comment. Sorry! Take it as a ratification hehe."
23rd Sep 2013 11:07
"Joeyrasdien, the problem we had against against soton was making the transition between defense and attack and the more the game went on the more we seemed to lose our way, having a flexible midfield three was key last season but since we have converted to this num10 system we have found that transition more difficult."
23rd Sep 2013 11:19
"Confirms how useless Opta stats are! Lucas had a poor game along with majority of team. He does not have the guile or quality of pass to unlock a defence. Why did we play 4 centre backs and 2 holding midfielders at home to the Saints ????? "
23rd Sep 2013 11:26
"young joey Allen, come my boy"
23rd Sep 2013 11:48
"We have now around 6( Agger, Skirtle,Sakho,Toure,Thiago,Coates)central defenders but I don't think Brendan looked the need for a backup to Lucas unless he put in mind Joe Allen.Our scouting looks average, no real quality but only numbers from season to season. Borini,Allen, Aspas,Cissokho, Alberto. We already have enough youngsters and the focus should have been on few quality players."
23rd Sep 2013 11:59
"I think Aspas was a huge mistake, why didn't we get Erkson"
23rd Sep 2013 12:01
"The system we play is built around LS,defenders are not to eager to come forward when he plays.We will be fine,Now that he is back."
23rd Sep 2013 12:13
"cordoso, I fully agree with that. We seemed to rely a bit too much on the 10 to do the thinking, when the mids we have should be more than capable of bridging that gap. A fit Joe Allen might be just what we need."
23rd Sep 2013 12:21
"so funny people thinking "joe allen" will come back and make any difference going forward, don't understand that seen as tho he doesn't score or create chances"
23rd Sep 2013 12:22
"Shove off with your stats please. Our midfield inclusive of Lucas on Saturday was utterly dreadful. "
23rd Sep 2013 12:22
"Joeyrasdien, joe would be a great option instead of sg for the cup game and if he can take his chance he could be a better option than continuing with the num10 system overall."
23rd Sep 2013 12:40
"Rushjob9, why do you attritubute the result to our midfield, was it the system or are lucas and sg just poor quality players?"
23rd Sep 2013 14:32
"Brendan can turn both Toure and Wisdom to be our new DMF to partner Lucas. Free Stevie to play as No: 10 or recall Coady to play with Lucas."
23rd Sep 2013 14:35
"We should buy players like Diame, Siggurdson and Ben Arfa as attacking players to give us more options. Sell Allen, Borini, Coates, Reina and Jones. Get Jack Butland as the No: 2 for Simon."
23rd Sep 2013 15:18
"I have said this before if we keep playing this dummy Lucas in midfield we will win nothing . Of course his pass rate is good he never passes the ball any further than 10 yards ,and in all the games this season opposing midfielders are just walking past him . Since he has been in our midfield 3 managers have been sacked."
23rd Sep 2013 15:50
"We should look at Conner Coedy to step into Lucas's shoes... Young hungry and strong. "
23rd Sep 2013 16:07
"I think as long as Allen does what he did when started and provided the quick passes forwards then he should play. Good understanding with Gerrard in pre-season. some of the front players need to drop deeper at times to stop our midfield from being overwhelmed."
23rd Sep 2013 19:16
"will u Mancs in disguise get of Lucas back. Firstly Barca has two players xavi & iniesta that do not pass the ball any further than 10 yds plus our 17 game run coincided with the return of Lucas at other things. His stats say he didnt give the ball away. the oppo cant score without the ball. Support our team or shut it."
23rd Sep 2013 19:26
"We havent played well all season but the players have put in a shift every game. The results will come justget behind the team."
23rd Sep 2013 19:28
"I bet you 10000 0000 that if we created an Aspas song his game would raise 10 fold"
23rd Sep 2013 19:43
"whole new midfield needed.mised opertunity to sign a bit of creativity in the window,we cant rely on a young kid in coutinho and the ageing gerrard any more,better with toure RB and johnson RW when fit,sakho LB for now an push enrique up to LW"
23rd Sep 2013 19:58
"Playing Steven Gerrard in the centre of mid will be BR's biggest downfall. If BR really believes in his so called philosophy of possession football Stevie is the wrong man to be at the heart of the midfield. While Coutinho is out move Stevie behind the striker and play Hendo, Allen and Lucas in the midfield trio."
23rd Sep 2013 20:45
"With Lucas as our "best" midfielder, any need to ask why we 've never qualified for champions League since he became integral part of Liverpool midfield."
23rd Sep 2013 21:39
"Makele + real mad + chelsea not sure how many goals he scored but i am sure its in single fig& hewas unheralded until he left & couldnt be replaced. so careful what u numpties ask 4. as 4 the numpty who blamed Lucas for us not getting champs league....get a life. u might have forgotten that he has been badly injured twice in last 2 seasons & his return as always coincided with good runs."
23rd Sep 2013 22:01
"And while he was badly injured and out of the team we won one cup and got to final of another "
Going CouCou
24th Sep 2013 4:30
"So many people knocking Allen, he showed in his first few months here that he has quality, his style suits the way we play. He got a shoulder injury and hasn't had a chance coming back yet with another set back. Lets try supporting our players "
24th Sep 2013 9:12
"Stefan2, comparing Makele with Lucas Leiva shows how dumb you are, Daverees, you are absolutely right."
24th Sep 2013 13:08
"The stats show it all, Kolo Toure and Aspas at 65% Passing accuracy, Brendan Rodgers should have kept Skrtel, Sakho, Agger on, and ditched Toure!"
24th Sep 2013 18:10
"The two barca players you mentioned are light years away from Lucas , has anyone ever came in to buy him why ? because nobody else would want to harbour a dummy like him . 3 managers sacked says it all ."
25th Sep 2013 10:50
"I agree , anyone is better than that knob Lucas "
25th Sep 2013 21:46
"I have just witnessed the biggest load of e against a second strung United team . Lucas well he is the worst Liverpool midfielder ive seen in 50 years , the kipper on him when he came off , at least Henderson was more mobile . Suarez and Sturridge couldnt stand up , and as for Brendan ...he doesnt know wht he is doing . Im Sorry to say this but get Rodgers out and Klopp in ."