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this guy is a million times better than aspas and alberto. BR clueless 15m wasted
22nd Sep 2013 13:16
22nd Sep 2013 13:41
"Binomial(13.16)agree and equally Joe Allen 15 millions anyhow this season is when I think the americans will judge Mr Rodgers progress as a manager of LFC equally not sure 17 millions should be spent on Sakho because LFC should give a chance to the academy products the opportunity otherwise what is the point having an academy?"
22nd Sep 2013 14:25
"dont think we should of let suso go unless we was defo getting another playmaker hope we done sell him"
22nd Sep 2013 14:58
"Lads getting on managers back already and starting to pick on players get over yourselves "
Top 4 for sure
22nd Sep 2013 15:13
"I think this loan spell will do him a world of good. Hopefully next year he will have game experience and we can slot him into out first team competing with coutinho."
22nd Sep 2013 15:16
"bistry - 7m on ilori to when we got wisdom. very poor scouts we have...we'll waste the last 10m budget on will hughes pmsl"
22nd Sep 2013 17:51
"Actually suso is the closest we have to coutinho. Shame we sent him out on loan. But he does not yet have the same tenacity and strength. So this is what he needs and hopefully he will return with more experience and compete the position in the hole."
22nd Sep 2013 18:08
"Bistry you and binomial are the clueless ones, everyone just ignore these fools who have no clue about liverpool or football."
Afrika Kop
22nd Sep 2013 22:00
" I hope the plan is to bring him back next season or if the rules allow, in January. He is too much quality. "
22nd Sep 2013 22:36
"Ability wise there isn't much between Suso and Coutinho. Coutinho just has more games under his belt, which Suso desperately needs at this stage of his career. Hopefully he won't want to stay in Spain."
23rd Sep 2013 2:57
"I don't know why Suso was put on loan! Hope he doesn't become another Pacheco! Suso would slot in the Coutinho role naturally ans score too! YNWA!"
Vosta Lee
23rd Sep 2013 4:07
"How does Binomial always get to be the first one to comment?"
23rd Sep 2013 7:22
"much better than raheem !!!"
23rd Sep 2013 9:50
"Now if Buck had not sent him out on loan, he would have been the ideal replacement for Coutinho..."
23rd Sep 2013 10:38
"agree with Wouzer all u hear from those 2 is how S£$t BR is and the team yet best start in 20 years what does he have to do win the league in september"
23rd Sep 2013 12:25
"well I have to agree with binomial, suso is a great talent and just needed games to prove it so now would have been the perfect time to see him in the number 10 position instead of on the RW were Rodgers kept putting him"
23rd Sep 2013 14:24
"Suso will be a BIG player next season. He will be the next Mata for us.By the next year, we should have enough stocks. We shall have Coady, Suso, Ngoo, Yesil, Teixiera,Adorjan, Ibe, Sterling, Mclaughin, Wisdom, Jack Dunn, Morgan and Robinson ready. If we can buy Hughes, Moses, Muriel and Abel Hernandez, then we shall have a very young and strong squad. "
23rd Sep 2013 14:27
"Besides, we can buy another World Class player in Leandro Damiao. Get a new goalkeeper to replace Jones. We can have Butland."
23rd Sep 2013 21:08
"Suso is NOT near coutinho quality, not yet, needs games and that is what he is getting. spanish league is not the level of premier league. Esp not defensively,easier for flair players to shine. How is money wasted on the Alberto and ilori, they are real young quality who will be regulars in year or two and be top class. Br is clueless? Don't make me laugh!"
24th Sep 2013 11:52
"He's more creative than Henderson."
24th Sep 2013 11:56
"Best young player in Spain do far this season stats have him top,, why Alberto is at the club at the exspence of suso is a up on Rodgers part, "
24th Sep 2013 16:32
"Suso is a huge talent and I don't see him as a direct Coutinho competition. I see Suso as a proper playmaker with a wider range of passing than Coutinho BUT less pace from standing. Both could play in the future with a more box to box destructive player in Gerard's place eventually, as he IS losing capacity for that type of play. "
24th Sep 2013 20:25
"This loan spell is great, first of all because he plays in the first league of spanish football (not some second league) so he will play against some of the best teams in the world. He would have been a good backup for Coutinho, but I think a full season of playing regularly in the top flight will benefit him much more than playing a few games when Coutinho is injured or rested"
24th Sep 2013 21:27
"suso can be brilliant ,coutinho had plenty of games under his belt hard to get game time at top club so he is sent on loan potentially better than any midfielder at liverpool hope he is not sold"
25th Sep 2013 16:55
"listen much better than Sterling will ever be what on earth is BR thinking"