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Suso, Texeira all who are coutinho type players out on loan.. If alberto can play as no.10 why didn't he start ahead of aspas ? If kelly is not fit enough to play the match, why is he named everytime in the subsutes list ?
22nd Sep 2013 8:43
22nd Sep 2013 8:59
"bring th both beck in summer and loan ibe sterling. "
22nd Sep 2013 10:03
"The same old story however LFC expected to get 3 points against Southampton because Arsenal,Spurs and Everton the main rivals for a CL spot can get 3 points no problems so 3 points lost and having 4 central defenders at the back and not good enough at set pieces that is a joke."
22nd Sep 2013 10:29
"Just need Texeria to score and we have a hat-trick of players that could have filled in for Coutinho scoring!!!"
22nd Sep 2013 11:08
"we need Suso as cover for Coutinho"
22nd Sep 2013 11:15
"suso is a gem, recall coady and send him somewhere else because sheff utd are crap"
22nd Sep 2013 11:42
"kidofkop couldn't agree more.Alberto and Kelly should have started with toure and either skirtel or sakho in the middle with Enrique on the left. and if Enrique WAS injured don't have him on the bench??? Massive mistake by the manager on this!!!"
22nd Sep 2013 13:09
"Texeira and Sterling should of been loaned like i always said, Suso and IBE are good enough to make an impact in out current team."
22nd Sep 2013 13:35
"Rodgers buckled and gave Sterling a first team £45k per week contract when he is really just a youth teamer with bad atude and some potential. Rodgers offloads players because of pricetags and wages then spends £65million on journeymen like Aspas, Assaidi, Borini, allen, Alberto, and Sakho and he offloads talent like Shelvey and Suso or Teixeira. Bizarre."
22nd Sep 2013 14:07
"Brendan should recall Conor Coady, Michael Ngoo and Suso to the 1st team. Coady can play DMF with Lucas and free Gerrard to play as No:10. Alternately, we may play Toure as DMF and play Gerrard as the playmaker. Besides, give Ngoo a chance to prove himself. He is already 21 and is not playing. He has good skill and height. "
22nd Sep 2013 14:08
"Another player Teixiera is a class player. He can play as No: 10."
22nd Sep 2013 14:20
"Bistry, are u serious? What a stupid comment, arsenal lost to Aston villa 3-1, and we lost to Southampton and we should have had a penalty. People have to start to realise that nowadays the premier league is a lot tougher and every team can beat you. It's already happened to arsenal and man city. Stop getting on the teams back as were only five games in."
22nd Sep 2013 14:22
"When we were top of the league all those days ago we were saying were only 4 games in and it's a long season, now that we lost our first game we are all jumping on the players and managers backs. "
22nd Sep 2013 14:31
"We need a player to come in behind the front three & create,have some vision yet have composure & keep the ball when need be. Can Suso do these things? See opportunities very early,create for the frontal three and hang onto the ball when nothing is on & is under duress & pressure from opposing players? Not sure if he ticks all those boxes,not at Premier League level,not yet anyway."
22nd Sep 2013 14:34
"Erikson does though. You snooze,you lose in the transfer window. For the signing fee,it's an endicement we didn't get him. We can afford his wages,he's worth it. We shoud've enticed him to join us."
Buckie LFC Supporter
22nd Sep 2013 14:43
"gambateh & Binomial - you guys for real? SU & Yeovil are poor yet Coady & Ngoo can't get a game, surely that is down to their inability to break into those teams 1st team, yet you want them in our team. A MU player went on loan to Birmingham this week, scored 4 goals yesterday, the sort of impact you want our youngsters to have! "
22nd Sep 2013 14:52
"Get a grip we lose 1 game & listen to the pathetic comments utter joke. The likes of Suso etc are out on loan to gain experience of playing they wouldn't get that here at the moment even if Suso was here as soon as Coutinho is fit again he wouldn't be getting enough game time so its better long term if he is learning on a consistent bases other than a bit part player here. "
22nd Sep 2013 14:57
"Indeed. Did we buy these players to warm the bench. We will not find out how they will fit into the side unless we ' their noses'. Our game is too defensive. BR is to blame for the loss against Soton. Makes me wonder what tactics are being practised during the week. Suares is not our salvation if you cant find someone that can link the midfield with him."
22nd Sep 2013 15:47
"WouzerLFC & scotty78ynwa Great honest comments as ever. Difficult to believe these are the 'intelligent' fans others claim LFC have always had. 1 loss in 5 & they wet themselves & start spouting off tactics & team selections without even reading why that team had to be selected. So many PL managers about these days, wish they'd applied for the LFC job!"
Dede 7
22nd Sep 2013 20:38
"Ibe should start against United. he seems more productive on the right wing."
22nd Sep 2013 21:43
"Suso looks better and better every game.If he wasn't our player and we were linked with him everyone would be buzzing about him, but as things go a lot of people thought he wasn't good enough and was loaned to be sold. Unfortunatley, we are finding out the boy is special but he might end up leaving, because there's gonna be a big bid coming."
22nd Sep 2013 21:44
"Got a standing ovatin at the end!"
22nd Sep 2013 21:57
" Stim 22nd Sep 2013 14:31 Ask Almeria fans ;) . But honestly the boy can do everything, and has become one of the main focal point of Almeria team when going foward. some of the dribble through balls has been absolutely mesmerising not to mention the cross field balls from one side of the pitch to the other. "
22nd Sep 2013 22:53
"We have loaned out too many players with Coutinho's quality! Suso and Texeira and Adorjan are very good midfielders! By the way what has happened to Samed Yesil who is not named in the reseve squad games? Is he still with us?"
23rd Sep 2013 1:56
"gotta love all the wanna be managers :D as if the team BR put out was not good enough to win and their tactics would have been any better. The players just did not play, lots of players missing to deal with and obv that was too much but its 1 loss. As for recalling players, they are not ready for 1st team, none are playing at PL level so cant compare. "
23rd Sep 2013 1:59
"Yesil is injured did his cruciate ligament way back some time ago, hopefully will be back with the reserves soon enough tho. "
23rd Sep 2013 8:59
"We don't need Suso or Texeira because we got Aspas ... bahahahahahahah "
23rd Sep 2013 14:58
"Reina saved a pen (from Balotelli) which took Napoli to the top of the league in serie A. Hopefully Brendan can put a highlights reel together to show Mignolet how to throw the ball. He has to stop kicking everything and start throwing it especially against a high press like Saints did to us at the weekend. "
23rd Sep 2013 19:00
"Kidofkop88, Very good questions. Regrettably, we may never know the answer."
24th Sep 2013 2:20
"Banger1/KidofKop88. simple questions to answer, Suso did not show last year he was ready for PL intesity, texeira, really? Alberto is a young lad who needs time to adapt, will be brilliant but BR put out a team he thought was good enough(and who should have been). Kelly is coming back from injury benching him is normal with the hope he can come on and get some mins under his belt."