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Brendan it is not only players, you could play Wisdom and Flanagan. Sometimes you need to accept it when you did wrong.The team lacks creative midfielder you wasted the money on 4 defensive players that is also wrong.
23rd Sep 2013 8:37
23rd Sep 2013 8:39
"I feel this has been coming for a while? Got penned in against Stoke in second half, the same against Villa, held on against UTD and be honest, battered against Swansea for the last half hour. Not "
23rd Sep 2013 8:43
"I feel it's been coming for a while! Stoke penned us in and missed a penalty, Held on against Villa and UTD and to be honest got battered by Swansea in last 30mins! Not playing well but grinding out results can't last forever. "
23rd Sep 2013 8:43
"An honest assesment from BR- both full backs injured/ part injured, this doesnt help the fluidity of the team- wisdom should play now and sako LB"
23rd Sep 2013 8:48
"For fans who think one loss is not a big deal.. Look where we are in the table.. 5th spot.. The thing is if we have lost against chelsea or manc we need not worry a lot.. We lost against southampton at Anfield. Our shots on target is lesser than them.. It's one of the worst performance. Be sensible.. "
23rd Sep 2013 9:00
"Dont feel like looking at the table now..."
23rd Sep 2013 9:06
"The performances have been getting worse and worse so this was no surprise to me. We were very lucky to get a draw with swansea and were awful in 2nd half v villa and utd. Results had been masking how poor we are. Hopefully Suarez returning will add some desperately needed quality."
23rd Sep 2013 9:08
"Wednesday is a nice way to kill Manu's hopes totally. If we win it'll definitely make them less confident.. All my hopes rest on suarez.. Only fighters can make it. Unfortunately many are not willing to fight looking at saturday's performance."
23rd Sep 2013 9:12
"sisuarez I diasgree that we wasted money on defenders. Sakho & Ilori are good ones.. Aly & Kolo came free and Kolo is doing a terrific job. I agree that he failed to create a attacking midfielder.. Also, sending suso on loan is a bad move. He can replace coutinho.."
23rd Sep 2013 9:14
"1 week ago, u were talking about fighting to stay on top of table & u just gave it away with ur fvcking tactics. Persisting with a sh*t like Aspas! Hendo despite being good he's playing out of position. Why not play him in midfield3 & play Moses & Ster on wings? U said "I needed to be careful because if we lose Jose that would disrupt us'' so why u used him then? "
23rd Sep 2013 9:14
"1 week ago, u were talking about fighting to stay on top of table & u just gave it away with ur fvcking tactics. Persisting with a sh*t like Aspas! Hendo despite being good he's playing out of position. Why not play him in midfield3 & play Moses & Ster on wings? U said "I needed to be careful because if we lose Jose that would disrupt us'' so why u used him then? "
23rd Sep 2013 9:16
"We were due for a bad game. Some supporters have questioned whether Luis has any incentive to perform seeing that he will leave at seasons end ? BIG MISTAKE...Suarez always gives 110 % in every game he plays, he is a winner, he knows no other way (thats why we love him) Counting down the hours to see Suarez pull on the famous no 7 shirt again..he will do us proud as always..YNWA LUIS"
23rd Sep 2013 9:40
"All players have to give 110 percents in next 2 games,not only Luis,Stevie or Mignolet....Cause,we are in very complicated situation at the moment with bunch of injuries around...It is chance for B.Rodgers to PROVE his capabilities as LFC mngr.It is up to him now,clearly.To MANAGE things.YNWA>"
23rd Sep 2013 9:40
"if we lose but all give 100% it will be acceptable,our squad is inexperienced in parts, not good enough in parts, a top 4 position is an absolute must, jan signings are important or exsisting good players will go. BR its up to you you know what i am talking about"
23rd Sep 2013 9:46
"We havent lost a game since Southampton last season we lose one game & look at the comments being left,what a joke! BR has never said he feels we are the finished article yet,he hasnt been given a big transfer budget,he did try to bring in an attacking mid & its only early doors this season not 1 team in the league is firing on all cilinders as yet so get a grip with all the negative comments"
23rd Sep 2013 9:49
""I needed to be careful because if we lose Jose that would disrupt us. It certainly doesn't help the fluency in how we play. And u played him in the same game, it's hypocriite. Why the fvck u just don't accept u got it wrong? Hate when managers dont accept they got it wrong & find fvcking idiiot excuses! Arrrghhh"
23rd Sep 2013 9:49
"all the excuses ,we had 2 natural r/backs on the bench and 1 natural l/back , if any of them were injured they shouldnt have been on the bench ,after the window you said we were much stronger in depth ,mmm something smells of blarney to me "
23rd Sep 2013 10:02
"I cannot believe all the hypocritical comments being left on here. No one criticized BR, when we were still winning. I believe this signing window has been excellent, although Aspas still needs to prove himself, but he is young. We got another great potential player in Luis Alberto. And with Suarez coming back i think we are in for a great season. "
23rd Sep 2013 10:12
"Our transfers was all about defence. no attacking midfielder no strickers. what kind of a coach does dat? , d strikers we mannaged 2 buy are unproven ones. what is wrong wrong with keeping an unbeating run 4 ten game."
23rd Sep 2013 10:21
"It was not working from the onset of the match, should have brought in Wisdom, Stirling, Enrique in the first half. Anyway, we do not expect we win all home games but we need to try options when something not working, I doubt whether they practiced in training in this formation, added concern is Simon's distribution! "
23rd Sep 2013 10:33
"Wasted money on 4 defensive players and on Aspas and Alberto when all summer long the fans have been calling for Eriksen. BR transfer dealings leave a LOT to be desired. Joke on saturday by the way. Oh and what run. 5 games we have played this season thats all that counts."
23rd Sep 2013 10:38
"I found Rodgers manner on his post match MOTD interview embarrassing. Since when has a performance as bad as that been a laughing matter?....I accept inexperience leads to nerves but total capitulation and defeat are not laughing matters."
23rd Sep 2013 10:46
"Of course the old adage of "building from the back holds true" rebuilding the back line is understandable. But leaving the mid field wanting because the owners are hungry for profit is inexcusable. Despite the admirable undefeated run, the centre has looked weak for a while.....still, one game at a time."
23rd Sep 2013 10:51
"Its sad that we are being conned into thinking that a banned player returning is like "a new world class" signing. Is that how cheap the club is being run? A returning banned player is being toutes as a marquee signing, like Gerrard signing a new contract was sold as a new signing. GARBAGE!"
23rd Sep 2013 10:53
"We can only hope for the best .... our midfield options are really weak. To BR, please line up 1/2 good quality mid-fielders in Jan, you need to spend money to get to an non_european, mid-table team, it doesn't matter how much we love LFC & it's history, players / clubs are just money hungry, also, they know how much we aplash out for average quality players. Accept that and do business "
23rd Sep 2013 11:03
"People can't expect to constantly win. Yeah, we played poor. We are missing Coutinho, that's a big blow. They probably had Wednesday on their minds. This match is one where Rodgers needs to sit with the players and go through their mistakes and improve on them!"
23rd Sep 2013 11:10
"Half of the fans on here are just FAKE!!! Why do you expect to go into every game thinking we're untouchable. We will lose games this season, doesn't make Rodgers a bad manager, go and support Chelsea if you want to be fake!!"
23rd Sep 2013 11:10
"I cannot understand those that accept defeat as one of those things. This was a home match against Southampton and we were top of the table, It showed the issues that will mean we are competing for 6th or 7th and not ytop 4 and yes some of us have been critical of the performances even when we were winning."
23rd Sep 2013 11:10
"BR is all over the place. He doesn't know the style of play or personnel he wants. He talks foolishly and counts his chickens before they hatch. We are playing more like Northern Island than like a Spain or Germany."
23rd Sep 2013 11:12
"LFCMANAGER, you have to be one of the dopiest Knobjockey commenting on here!!! Support the team or say nothing. Where do you get off calling LFC players abusive names. You MUST be a manPoo fan. A LFC fan would NEVER talk such BO#%OCKS"
23rd Sep 2013 11:13
"Our main problem now is, we have no creative midfielder. BR bought too many defensive players but no backup for PC!"
23rd Sep 2013 11:15
"Sisuarez... Wasted money on defenders?? Its ok saying that, but we had: johnson, agger, kelly, toure, coutes all injured. Plus the fact that our scoring department were better than our defending last season! so yes, we needed defenders"
23rd Sep 2013 11:16
"Scotty78 how can you say brendan hasn't been given the money?hes spent nearly a 100 mil in one year!Its just Hes brought average players and strengthened the wrong positions.Look at our bench on sat,full of kids.Its just poor management I'm afraid,4 injuries and the squad is on its knees.signed two unproven players in aspas and Alberto when proven quality was available for less."
23rd Sep 2013 11:16
"Correction. We are playing more like Northern Ireland than like Spain or Germany"
23rd Sep 2013 11:25
"Aspas is one of the worst players in living memory. He is poor at passing, keeping the ball and lacks conviction. He is not a game changer and we are really playing with 10 men when he is on the pitch. Assaidi may be better than him"
23rd Sep 2013 11:33
"Defending alone will not win us games if we don't score. So get creative midfielders too not just defenders. Should have bought Eriksen. "
23rd Sep 2013 11:46
"stavros8 you say we where due for a bad game.But i dont think we have actually had a good game yet this season. Maybe we have some good first halves but we deffinately havent had good games weve been lucky"
23rd Sep 2013 11:52
"100EPLLES - You better not come over to Northern Ireland and say that! "
23rd Sep 2013 11:55
"We had it coming from 2nd half Swansea and we have been playing only 1st half since so when it was 0 0 half time they Southampton came and pressed us high in the last half and got their goal from the corner, that should stop, better LUIS is back. "
23rd Sep 2013 11:59
"Red Neve, ,LFCMANAGER,centrecircle11, KidofKop88. Totally agree with u guys, for those who are saying its just a loss, don't mock the team, support the team, well we do all that and more, we r so upset about the level and the style of play (mainly 2nd halves) but BR should admit he made major fK up with his players choices and misplacing them thats all. We r a big team so we should play like one"
23rd Sep 2013 12:02
"Brendan..sometimes you get what you pay shop in Harrods,you get shop in Lidls,you get Aspas..Think Moses is Sainsburys! We've been flattering to deceive this season.First half against Stoke,Villa and United should be the benchmark.The rest of the time we've been poor."
23rd Sep 2013 12:03
"But Sisaurez can U manage a team?"
23rd Sep 2013 12:12
"The club has been going down the pan since FSG bought us. Revenues up, wages and expenditure down.....don't slate,the players and manager, slate FSG. We were better off owned by Moores. The sooner the fan base turn on FSG as we did G&H the better for the club. FSG OUT. FSG OUT NOW."
23rd Sep 2013 12:12
"people saying he could have played wisdom are the ones that was praying he didn't play him before the game ! make your minds up"
23rd Sep 2013 12:15
"Mushroom- you are the only post out of hundreds over the weekend who thought BRs manner was embarrassing-also fsg are not at fault for our midfieild and are not hungry for profit- it is prudancy-are you still hung over from sat? Lol"
23rd Sep 2013 12:18
"well said hanomac1! Rodgers WASTED money on allen, borini, aspas who are all to small and weak and get bullied! I have faith in alberto coming good, and the rest of the players brought in this summer but he needs to admit when hes made mistakes"
23rd Sep 2013 12:18
"tbf to BR- He has stated that he asked for a number 10, we couldnt get one in (Mkhitarayn and Willian) and the club decided to strengthen defensively. Theres defo an 'undertone' in BR saying this IMO. Discontent with the transfer commitee? Who knows...."
23rd Sep 2013 12:21
"Also, I wouldnt be so hasty in writing off Aspas just yet....."
23rd Sep 2013 12:36
"losing the top spot at home to Southampton is not the end of the World, it just feels like it is!Sturridge has to be less greedy and pass to players like Aspas if in better positions."
23rd Sep 2013 12:37
"D club has bn run on d cheap since d advent of FSG. And tell u what ? U reap what u sow. Average players, average results, simple."
23rd Sep 2013 12:38
"SCUBANUT, I support liverpool like u and I'm really in love with this club that's why i'm expressing myself here. But i can't support BR when he select bad team, can't support BR when team lose to southampton at anfield, but I support BR when he selects a decent team then we play and lost but not when he fvcking can't accept he got things wrong! I support Liverpool not managers!!!"
23rd Sep 2013 12:41
"Lets be honest, alot of us knew this first loss was coming. Our no show performances were swept under the rug cos we were winning & now all the discontent is surfacing. Lucas is a brilliant DM but lets not forget Alonso had an Argy pitbull to help clean up. Suso & Borini should of stayed &the Aspas money should of gone towards a holding mid, preferably a powerhouse. That is all. YNWA "
23rd Sep 2013 12:42
"He has to accept that he got things wrong he said "we've got Jose Enrique that we're nursing through an injury that he has'' ''I needed to be careful because if we lose Jose that would disrupt us. It certainly doesn't help the fluency in how we play'' and yet he played him in the same game. & why hell he keeps going with Aspas in the starting XI? "
23rd Sep 2013 12:42
"If people think the manager laughing over losing is acceptable on these comments that is thier perogative. I personally don't know anyone who saw the interview who wasn't annoyed by it. Prudency? Explain how prudency from a shower of American ultra capitalists doesn't equate to profit? Please explain. I am all ears."
23rd Sep 2013 12:44
"LFCMANAGER - what makes you think if you had picked the team LFC would've won the game? We had 9 first-team squad members unavailable/carrying a knock on Saturday. I'm intrigued to know what your winning formula would've been and how you would've got more out of the players you'd've selected who did actually play?"
23rd Sep 2013 12:47
"Spurs getting a new stadium and FSG have not even spent a penny on our existing stadium. Prudency! Give over! You are taking the p!ss!"
23rd Sep 2013 12:48
"BR, Ian Ayre and FSG did not do too well with their recruitments. Why 8 Central defenders? Why did we fail to sign Christian Erriksen who could possibly turn out as the best playmaker in the league? Save for Mignolet,Kolo and Moses, other recruits were unnecessary or unworthy of a club of Liverpool's status. Buddah a rabid BR Apologist where art thou? "
23rd Sep 2013 12:51
"mushroom scouser - are you talking about the first couple of seconds in this interview, when BR half-chuckles as he formulates his ironic response to a question seeking a detailed breakdown of our failings, answered simply by "we weren't very good."?? "
23rd Sep 2013 12:52
"mushroomscouser288GTO, mate I don't agree with you, FSG been good, they spend a fair bit of money when KK was in charge, since the change to BR he obviously promised more with less spending, if he can't deliver then its his fault ( I hope he succeed and we play CL next year), however FSG surely are in it to make money,its only fools who buy clubs to waste money M city, Chelsea .. etc"
23rd Sep 2013 12:54
"Relax people its not the end of season as yet. We will come right this season i have a good feeling. Coutinho and Johnson get well soon, Rodgers needs reinforcements at Anfield"
23rd Sep 2013 12:55
"Our midfield lacks the legs & steel to be a force. BR would be better off deploying Hendo deep with Lucas & freeing Stevie up. I honestly feel overlooking another DM was naive considering players like Capoue, Diame & not to mention Momo Sissoko on a free. From a creative point of view Suso shoulda been kept to push Coutinho cos the little spaniard isnt far behind. ONTO UNITED- QUE EL PISTOLERO"
23rd Sep 2013 12:56
""Save for Mignolet,Kolo and Moses.."..9-10m for Mignolet, a freebie and a loan...when we recieved 60.6m in tv rights and over 200m in revenues! It isnt profit..its prudence!"
23rd Sep 2013 13:08
"redmanisthebest 23rd Sep 2013 spend under Kenny was 38m. Against the 9th richest club in the world with 200m+ plus in revenues that is not massive investment....hence FSG inventing 40m of exceptionals in the P& hide a fat profit. In fact players are the cost of business. FSG have made zero fresh investment."
23rd Sep 2013 13:08
"dreadfull window nout wrong with our defence but br buys 4new ones and a goalkeeper our central midfield is so poor the worst in 40yrs we will finish 7th or lower."
Gerrard o ya beauty
23rd Sep 2013 13:09
"We will not be top of the league again this season IMO didn't think it would last long, the squad it stripped to its bare bones, midfield looks very weak, Hendo looks the best midfield player we have. Aspas looks like a liability, your praying he'll do something good but just ends up passing the ball away or gets brushed off the ball, can't see him getting 10+ goals this season. YNWA"
23rd Sep 2013 13:16
"It is worrying if we are so scared of Southampton at home we have to play such a defensive formation. Look at the business Everton did on transfer deadline day. Didn't our scouts know about Barry and Lukaku?"
23rd Sep 2013 13:26
"Look at what ONE quality signing will do for goons....instead of a few cheap kids who might provide a massive return on investment when they are sold to a champions league club....prudence!"
23rd Sep 2013 13:32
"I believe that the transfer committee and BR have made a rod for their own back by overloading us with central defenders. Sakho,Skrtel,Wisdom,Agger,Kelly,ilori,Coates and Toure Toure.Toure and Agger have been undroppable and BR shouldn't be fitting players in the team just to keep them happy. Sakho only joined us as he didn't believe he would get enough games at PSG in a world cup year."
23rd Sep 2013 13:58
"It's only been 5 games! chill out"
23rd Sep 2013 14:00
"Whilst I agree ppl getting carried away on the slating side of it, why is it that you all jump on the less popular players, Gerrard yes a legend but has been SHOCKING the last 2 games and may as well not have played, I also do not agree though that while it is only one loss, it is a loss at ANFIELD to Southampton and if we want to contend they are the games we should be winning."
23rd Sep 2013 14:03
"The team is so unbalanced with too many Central midfielders & few defensive & attacking midfielders. The strikers are also too few. That's why Sturridge despite his recent run could afford to indulge in undue selfishness of chasing personal glory to the detriment of the team. Gerrard our all time great has also been poor 4 some time."
23rd Sep 2013 14:04
"MARTIN KELLY should be given a CHANCE, RODGERS stop feeding the players you baught,, The way i see it after the last 2 Games, SAKHO should not start our games at the moment. BACK FOUR KELLY, TOURE, SKRTEL, FLANAGAN untill our injuries are resolved. LFC TILL I DIE. RODGERS DON't get scared of benching your most expensive defenders. he is WEAK "
23rd Sep 2013 14:04
"SAKHO is not a MONSTER as you claimed."
23rd Sep 2013 14:08
"MATC9482 BR should have other plans when there's first team players out. Its been 12years im supporting LFC, i saw all our games this season, I've seen how Gerrard & Lucas has been poors & How electric & fighting has been Hendo despite playing out of position & i saw how nil Aspas has been. Personally i would go for a 4-3-3 with Hendo in the middle, Moses & Ster on the wings against southampton."
23rd Sep 2013 14:16
"I think Gerrard, despite been my favorite player on this earth need competition. He's been poor. Many missed passes, many lost ballS. BR used to say nobody's bigger than LFC, it's a lie. Why gerrard's playing weak every week & are still playing. Why he never played in form Hendo in the middle & put Steve on the bench? I think gerrard should be benched to fight for his place like every player"
23rd Sep 2013 14:16
"Despite all, I believe Sakho will ultimately prove himself as a solid defender. Agger is good, but he crumbles too frequently in challenges. We should look for another playmaker like Adem Ljaic of Roma to improve our transitional play from defence to attack. It is trite to state that we need another quality striker and Sturridge must be told to play for the team. "
23rd Sep 2013 14:17
"Mushroom- your passion for lfc is unquestionable lad- but you keep coming out with the same drone ( fsg profit ect) have a little faith try and change a little and bit of HOPE IN YOUR HEART lad"
23rd Sep 2013 14:19
"Roger is not good enough PERIOD"
23rd Sep 2013 14:36
"centrecircle11 23rd Sep 2013 14:17.......why don't you wake up and stop being naive? We havent even got a left back!"
23rd Sep 2013 14:37
"I think we need to sign another creative midfield player. As Coutinho is out we did not create anything on the field. The players had no creativity. Nobody tried to change the play and some players just vanished in the Southampton game. "
23rd Sep 2013 14:41
"Henderson is not the player who is a starter on the right.he is a milner type player. what we need is someone who can open the defence and create chances. Don't think Suarez will come and everything will go fine. If you don't give him the right player to play with it can get worse."
23rd Sep 2013 14:52
"Mushy - enrque , sissoko and flano its not fsg or BRs fault there injured lad- HOPE in your heart mushroom"
23rd Sep 2013 14:58
"Less talking and more humility!! When we are top of the table or on a good run, you must stop praising yourselves! Has BR not learnt this yet? Play everything down and concentrate on the next game. Against Soton we were complacent. Everyone thought 3 pts was in the bag b4 a ball was kicked"
23rd Sep 2013 15:05
"Of course its FSG' s fault we have not got qaulity depth for injury cover. They put pursuit of profit before buying in players who can be rotated game to game to maintain a match fit compeive first XI that can cover injuries. Barely 5 games in and we are crippled with injury.We have a bench that is an U21 team. Hope? Wake up....lad."
23rd Sep 2013 15:13
"We are not the finished product yet. Wisdom is not ready to be everyday rb. Cissoko Coutinho Agger Coates Johnson Enrique all injured. When is the last time we had so many injuries? Forget the loss. I helive BR will fix the problems. Get back on the horse and start a new winning streak. YNWA"
23rd Sep 2013 15:33
"centrecircle: mushrooms live in complete darkness and have buckets of manure thrown over them twice a day. Does it figure?"
23rd Sep 2013 15:38
"Mushy- ive been awake since 4.30am lad- and im tired of your attacks on our great owners/ manager lol"
23rd Sep 2013 15:38
"C'mon guys. While it was a very poor display on Saturday we're hardly in crisis are we? Brendan did well to strengthen the back line (after all, who would have been in the lineup this weekend with the injuries we've suffered?) and he did try and add more creativity to the midfield but Champions League was too big a draw for those players."
23rd Sep 2013 15:39
"I do wish we'd tried to sign Eriksen (and maybe we did?) but otherwise I'm happy with the direction we're headed."
23rd Sep 2013 15:41
"Mushy- ok maybe ive over done it with GREAT !!!!! LOL "
23rd Sep 2013 16:51
"matc9482 23rd Sep 2013 15:33...classic example of why these comments are locally seen as a joke. Incapable of ever countering an opinion intelligently, just spewing imbecile like insult and crap. What a total beaut. "
23rd Sep 2013 16:54
"centrecircle11 23rd Sep 2013 15:38..then don't respond to my comments if you are tired you half wit. "
23rd Sep 2013 17:53
"Mushy- half wit - thats an insult !!!! Well ive been called worse"
23rd Sep 2013 21:15
"centrecircle11 23rd Sep 2013 15:41....I can totally believe your life is one full of insults."
24th Sep 2013 1:24
"henderson can score goals but rodgers is playing him on wing dammm put moses ,ibe ,sterling on wings roadgers knw that suarez is out for 6 matchesbut he didn't bought a classy striker,we need a more creative player like coutinho and he is mata january we want mata + 1 more striker b it torres no prblm atleast he can score in abscence of suarez"
24th Sep 2013 1:26
"aspas is just a , borini is better than him play ibe in his place "
24th Sep 2013 5:45
"can anyone else spot the glaring irony between the comments made at 16:51 and 16:54?!?! "