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No crisis here. Teams lose games. I say this as a 100% certainty, NO team will win EVERY game in the EPL. IF any LFC fan thinks this is possible then please call me out and we can debate this. We were terrible, it happens. I am happy the bogey is off our back and BR can analyse the boys from the men in these situations. Suarez couldn't come back at a better time.
22nd Sep 2013 8:34
Norfolk in Chance
22nd Sep 2013 8:40
"Great that we have another game soon to right the wrongs. Perfect chance to react in a positive way. Some people who pretend they're fans, claim we're 'useless' after one defeat. It's obvious they don't have a clue, but nothing will stop them or their agenda."
22nd Sep 2013 8:44
"Mignolet was amazing as always yesterday... If not him, we would have lost 3-0 or 4-0 for sure. He stopped two certain goals..."
22nd Sep 2013 8:44
"We cannot put together a decent defence if they are all crocked. We cannot get an effective midfield and we cannot increase depth in the squad all by wednesday. I don't know what Southampton were thinking of organising themselves and making it difficut for us !!!!"
22nd Sep 2013 8:48
"I agree kingwillis every team around us has had a bad result this year already so let's not blow this out of proportion. Sometimes s#it happens."
22nd Sep 2013 8:52
"Well said Kingwillis10,we had a bad game but we need to close the door on that one,lesson learnt. Big game on Wednesday so let's concentrate on that and push on from there. YNWA"
22nd Sep 2013 9:18
"There is no Slating players or calling for the managers sack. Just a request for some respect of the shirt and support. Yesterday was an embarrassment and the second halves of all our games this season have not been good enough. The football performance has to equal the financial performance....if that is possible. YNWA!..SOS!!"
22nd Sep 2013 9:23
"To be honest, I know this Wednesdays match is in a cup competition and it is probably our best chance of silverware, but I'd rather go out of this particular competition (after smashing the mancs obviously) and concentrate on the league. Yesterday was a set happens from time to time, but let's move on."
22nd Sep 2013 9:25
"NO SIMON, you cannot put things right in the STUPID carling cup"
22nd Sep 2013 9:29
"Not a crisis but some odd selections of 4 CB in defence when Enrique was clearly fit and why not Woisdom at RB. To say Mingloet had a super game, pulled off some great saves but highlights on MOD showed some sloppy footwork from him and overall approach was poor. Lets forget and move on!"
22nd Sep 2013 9:30
"I think wishing us to lose games to "prioritise" the league is a cop out. Liverpool Football Club should aim to win every game and every competition. If we have insufficient depth of squad to compete in all competitions this season, then the owners owe us an excuse. And an apology."
22nd Sep 2013 9:50
"Gerard and Lucas should be rested on Wednesday both look tired and very limited this season no creativity or drive, shame we didn't sign diame and eriksen for 15m, a reality check yesterday, superman back next game,"
Gerrard 08
22nd Sep 2013 9:54
"Just the kick up the arse they needed ! Maybe this will wake them up. They needed more attacking options signings in the summer now we have to wait until January. We'll bounce back n hopfully finsh fourth this season. Don't forget we have super Luis Suarez back!!! Give us that humph we need! "
22nd Sep 2013 10:28
"I am confident and looking forward to wednesday's game! Just get this last game out of the mind and carry on!"
22nd Sep 2013 10:41
"Forget the Capital One Cup! Let the Mancs have it! Just get through the game with no more injuries to first team players. We should play our reserves..."
22nd Sep 2013 10:53
"Let the mancs win a cup instead of us.....unbelievable....thought I would never hear a fan of this club want gift the mancs a cup......Shame is in order."
22nd Sep 2013 11:01
"We lost a game which we shd have won easily...but its ok...lets win the next few games in a row and trust me we will be right up there fighting like true champions! YNWA boys...we are right behind you."
22nd Sep 2013 11:03
"That is what I would call a REALITY CHECK!! "
22nd Sep 2013 11:06
"If Saurez wants out, as he does, and we assume he has been told he can go if we don't qaulify for champions league, where is his incentive to perform?"
22nd Sep 2013 11:10
"Thats right slmon- chin up lad.Thats football sometimes,now on to the next games against manure/ sunderland- come on you reds"
22nd Sep 2013 11:10
"Mignolet was great at shot stopping as always but playing out from the back he looked risky."
22nd Sep 2013 11:16
"win wednesday and all is forgotten"
Gerrard o ya beauty
22nd Sep 2013 11:20
"Terrible yesterday it was painfull to watch, we was at home and it was a fair game really an even game, that tells me we're not too much better than Southampton without Coutinho and Suarez, and when this team goes 1-0 down u just know they not going to win the game. Never looked like scoring yesterday. YNWA"
22nd Sep 2013 11:32
"mushroomscouser288GTO 22nd Sep 2013 10:53 - sorry, did I miss something - is it the cup final on Wednesday??"
22nd Sep 2013 11:42
"lets hope rogers learns from this performance,we only play one half of football, he got to sort out his best back four, play gerard more attacking midfield, as continho is out and are best attack, welcome back to suarez he will make a big difference, no more slip ups and we can challenge for top four. "
22nd Sep 2013 11:45
"Gerald played badly. we lost because of midfield lost of control and no creativity at all. Simple rules : no shot no goal. "
22nd Sep 2013 12:07
"matc9482 22nd Sep 2013 seem happy for the mancs to knock us out and win the cup we are competing with them for.....your comment at 10:41 is unambiguous.....and yes, you are clearly missing something."
22nd Sep 2013 12:28
"rather keep quiet. talking too much got us here in the first place"
22nd Sep 2013 12:28
"All I can say is lfc were poor yesterday. Mignolet was by far the best player . But it's always good to get any pressure off like winning every game Suarez will make a missive difference Wednesday night I still believe "
22nd Sep 2013 12:29
"Let Man U have the Mickey Mouse cup,our priority this season must be top 4.I wouldn't play Suarez on wed in case he gets injured,I just hope brendan tore some chunks out of those players yesterday cus that performance was a disgrace.4 centre halfs showed brendan still has a lot to learn,we had 3 full bks on the bench so don't say bs about injuries."
22nd Sep 2013 12:31
"In fairness, we never had an off day we had an awful day. 4 CB's to start a game was enough for me to be concerned and oddly we still conceded from a set piece. Put this one down to experience, for all concerned. "
22nd Sep 2013 12:49
"We need a STABLE defence,, call me whatever you want but this weekend's tactics from Rodgers sucked BIG TIME. not even figting back for a draw.. Kingwillis10 can't agree more.. glad that monkey is off our back"
22nd Sep 2013 13:02
"If FSG invested in a squad with depth of quality, we would not have to "forget" competition....or call cups "mickey mouse". Calling cups "mickey mouse" is for teams who can't stand competition. This club exists to win the competitions we are in. End of. Anything else is exonerating our profit hungry owners."
22nd Sep 2013 13:21
"I said at the end of the transfer window the squad ain't big & good enough,look at Southamptons bench and compare it to ours.Its scary,to spend 25 mil on two defenders when we lack attacking options is just bad management.Even if he wanted to rest players on Wednesday he can't.3-4 injuries and the squad is on its knees.Its a joke!"
22nd Sep 2013 13:24
"You need to Clear your line and Stop taking chances in your area- Be decisive with ball at your feet! Thisis what caused us to give away a needless corner and the goal!!!"
22nd Sep 2013 13:28
"Absolutely right mushroomscouser 13:o2, what are these fans really getting from FSG? I still canâ"
22nd Sep 2013 13:29
"dream on"
22nd Sep 2013 13:30
"still canâ"
22nd Sep 2013 13:37
"Talk is cheap in this squad. They must learn it from blarney boy Rodgers and the chatty men Ayre, Werner and Henry. So what happened yesterday? Carra would have been going mental at his team mates. That wasn't just a blip, it was a complete lack of effort by most of the players and it was tactical tinkering gone too far from BR. This team and BR are lightweight and arrogant, so are the owners."
22nd Sep 2013 13:58
"Stop kidding yourself. Those 3 points against Southampton are lost forever. Don't mix everything up."
22nd Sep 2013 14:02
"why wasnt kelly and enrique playing agger and skertel sometimes turn off and get caught but i dont blame the players you dont change a winning side rodgers as to take the blame we still 2nd so get on with it"
Red Kurdo
22nd Sep 2013 14:13
"Come on you reds!!!"
22nd Sep 2013 14:24
"What a load of rubbish put it right no chance the way u played yesterday I watched a Sunday team play today and they played better and they don't get paid for it at home and u play like that every player and manager are a disgrace this is last year all over again your all a JOKE"
22nd Sep 2013 14:44
"A lot of silly talk about players we should have signed and the owners not spending, blah blah blah. This game came down to players not not performing and bad decision making from BR. Anything you do in life requires effort and passion. Saw none yesterday. I'd rather lose with a bunch of academy players playing their socks off than the team we fielded yesterday."
22nd Sep 2013 14:45
"I read the same comments and observations last season-We finished 7th I read the same comments and observations 2 seasons ago-We finished 8th Its not that I lack the passion other Liverpool fans.I've been a liverpool fan for 30 years. The last 4 seasons have shown a similar pattern of inconsistency and it's highly likely that Brendon Rogers will underachieve again "
22nd Sep 2013 14:56
"Honestly, I am not looking forward to the Wednesday game at old trafford, because I have a feeling we might loose this one, the way we play since Coutinho got injured shows you the picture of what is going to happen. I am highly disappointed in BR and FSG."
22nd Sep 2013 15:24
"Mushroom: I am offering views with the LFC's best intentions at heart. The prize money for winning the LC is less than some of our players' weekly wages!! However, the prize money for achieving top four - which I am proposing is best done by avoiding any further injuries to first-teamers - is worth focussing on. We need to bounce back V Sunderland in PL. LC is peripheral..."
22nd Sep 2013 15:27
"(cont.)... I have actually been pleased to see your constant trolling of LFC die down recently, but clearly you're a bitter person who cannot be denied posting daily attacks on something or other. Be sure if you intend to find more credibility belittling me/my posts than you did on LFC/FSG then you are gravely mistaken."
22nd Sep 2013 15:29
"Unavailable yesterday: Suarez, Coutinho, Johnson, Cissokho, Allen, Coates. Playing while less than 100% fit: Enrique, Agger, Sturridge. The only criticism that should come from yesterday is that we need a bigger squad than we have. Avoiding further injuries/suspensions is paramount."
22nd Sep 2013 15:56
"Kingwillis10 22nd Sep 2013 8:34 Great comment! LFC should fight for every cup & every game, we wont win them all, but we had better well fight for them all. At LFC nobody shirks a challenge, its instilled in our roots & demonstrated in our trophy cabinets. "
22nd Sep 2013 15:57
"We can't rely on one play maker, we must need change & plan b & back up, proven playrs is what we really need, as well as top striker with good first touch. I understand it must have ups & downs in EPL, but at least we expect to see a convincing game. Please sign in Bernard & Honda & Yarmolenko!!!"
22nd Sep 2013 16:08
"Its not about setting things right in d next game its about all games."
22nd Sep 2013 16:09
"Losing at home to Southampton would be unacceptable at OT and heads would roll, that's the differencee, how did we ever come to accept this? There should have been a 'Hell to pay' at-i-tude from the manager. I hope FSG come down hard on Rodgers for allowing this to happen, any self respecting LFC player should feel a real sense of shame at this result."
22nd Sep 2013 16:16
"We gained 3 very valuable points recently when we played manu but what characterises us is the way we just give those points away for free against teams Liverpool should be beating easily, we used to cane teams like this for fun. We are full of pride when we play manu and give our best but against weaker opposition we lose this pride completely. Shame Shame Shame."
22nd Sep 2013 16:27
"Loz99 - way OTT comment; we played woefully & each player knows. No team has ever won every PL game, we'll lose some (even to 'lower' teams), as will the other top6. No game in the PL is an easy walkover, just ask the other top6 this year. To say 'heads should roll' is far too emotive, we have no divine right to beat So'ton type teams easily, that's an insult to those teams!"
22nd Sep 2013 16:27
"Can the club not impliment a way of deducting a weeks wages from player's pay for a performance like this? Surely any of the LFC players playing yesterday should have the decency to refuse any pay. Some of these guys earn £500 00-10000 a week, only to play awful like this. "
22nd Sep 2013 16:39
"Teams-nearly-ready 22nd Sep 2013 16:27, I know it's ott, results like that sometimes produce OTT reactions and make it hard to rationalise. Results like this can gradually become the norm as they begin to be more and more accepted. Ferguson would be fuming at a result like that and would have players in his office Monday morning 9am pronto for inquests, that's the key."
22nd Sep 2013 16:44
"Teams-nearly-ready 22nd Sep 2013 16:27, In some industries under par performances can result in getting fired or wages deducted etc, you'll never become the best until you adapt strict disciplined principles and consistency. "
22nd Sep 2013 16:51
"Loz99 - agree, under-par performances need players dragged into the boss's office & reprimanded, do you think that won't happen here? One thing FSG have done this year is to implement performance related contracts (as told on this website) for new signings. Those on other contracts will have avoided this, but the likes of Toure & Gerrard will not let the players get away with it."
22nd Sep 2013 16:56
"Loz99 - I know its all raw at the moment, but we have another 'derby' game Wed against the auld enemy (who are losing 2-0 to City). Better to focus on that & put the So'ton game to bed, nothing can be changed about it now, but we can have an effect on the Cup game, that's where our team need us right now."
22nd Sep 2013 17:07
"How can you put a lost 3 points right"
22nd Sep 2013 17:14
"Kick Henderson out of the team.we need quality.look at ManC ,Chelsea & Arsenal.The quality of midfield they have.And Spurs they only need time.Who do we have.There is no chance on earth for us to be among the top 4.We have only Suarez.Sturiedge is not a class striker.only the January window can save our season."
22nd Sep 2013 17:53
"No this cant be put right we have thrown away 3 point. who cares about the carling cup. having said that i would have taken 10 points without luis suarez at the start of the season so now lets kick on in the league forget the cups they wont get ECL football back LFC YNWA"
22nd Sep 2013 18:05
"matc9482 22nd Sep 2013 15:24....its about WINNING and PRIDE not about FSG PROFIT MARGINS."
22nd Sep 2013 18:27
"mushroomscouser288GTO 22nd Sep 2013 18:05 u r right again lad it is about winning we should play 2 win every game and every competition we entry and if FSG want 2 make money off use then they have 2 spend the money first "
22nd Sep 2013 18:40
"lfc4ever76 22nd Sep 2013 right. If FSG can't afford the PRIDE that comes with LFC they should NEVER HAVE BOUGHT US."
22nd Sep 2013 18:48
"Think there is a bit of a heated debate on another article with kingwillis10 and I agree with you. It was a poor game and many teams have had one but we need to pick ourselves up quickly. Back our boys when the going gets tough as well as when we win. Back to what shanks said."
22nd Sep 2013 18:51
"mushroomscouser288GTO 22nd Sep 2013 18:40 yep that is true but they now if they did buy use we would pay 4 everything they wanted 4 there beloved Red Socks and i didn't think it could get any worse than the last yanks owners. But on a side note i am a bit happier that UTD got stuffed 4-1 today "
22nd Sep 2013 18:52
"FSG should have listened to shanks and provided some support with more of the tv money to bolster the mid field. We was over run in the centre last season and nothing had been done to correct it."
22nd Sep 2013 18:59
"lfc4ever76 22nd Sep 2013 18:51....aye made up manure got battered. Looking forward to beating them mid week too. Moyes will be sh!ttiing bricks at the thought of us visiting....manures attempts at shares sales isn't going too well either! it!"
22nd Sep 2013 19:01
"mushroomscouser288GTO 22nd Sep 2013 18:52 the only reason there was nowt done about it was because of Ian Ayre sitting on his hands and FSG refusing 2 sign the cheques and trying 2 get everyone on the cheap so they can have a bigger profit 4 them 2 spend on the beloved Red Socks "
22nd Sep 2013 19:05
"I have nothing against LFC winning with pride, I just hope on Wednesday it is done by a bunch of kids, so that our first-teamers are fresh and fighting fit to get 3 points v Sunderland next week. If I could choose one game to win out of the two I'd choose the PL game. LC fixtures are a hindrance while the squad is depleted. That, and that alone, is my point."
22nd Sep 2013 19:09
"never worry about Wednesday night its the league that's our main priority"
22nd Sep 2013 19:10
"mushroomscouser288GTO 22nd Sep 2013 18:59 if they play like they did today we will win and i bet u when we win Moyes will be sacked the only player we will have 2 look out 4 is the fat sherk look alike and at least there yank owners r just as bad as ours as there owners r going 2 make them bankrupt I hope "
22nd Sep 2013 19:13
"please. Look at wasted money - losing twelve million on Downing, twenty million on Andy Carrol, Borini was twelve million quids worth of rubbish and Joe Allan is an absolute disappointment at twelve million."
22nd Sep 2013 19:14
"Teams-nearly-ready 22nd Sep 2013 16:56, I was hoping that City v Manu would be a draw to help us by two points, I'll settle for the City win with 'a smile like a Cheshire Cat' it warms the heart to see them stuffed like that & eases our pain a bit. Come Wednesday pride will be at stake but our tactics & commitment must be better than yesterday's debacle, YNWA mate. "
22nd Sep 2013 19:15
"matc9482 22nd Sep 2013 19:05 i hope u r joking we r LFC we play 2 win every game and every cup we entry and BR needs 2 play his strongest team in every game "
22nd Sep 2013 19:19
"Wezzi 22nd Sep 2013 19:13....I am loooking at wasted money. I wasted 70 quid yesterday....although some of that went on ales."
22nd Sep 2013 19:22
"'Devoid of ideas' was the comment made by Gary Gillespie during yesterdays match. Maybe if players had their wages docked they'd soon buck up their ideas. Sorry for the fans who paid good money to go to Anfield yesterday to witness that shockingly poor display with the exception of Minolet."
22nd Sep 2013 19:26
"The look on Michael Carrick's face after their defeat is pricelees, Rooney's expression looks like he needs his nappy changed. I just wish we hadn't given away 5 valuable points in two matches, thank goodness Suarez is back perhaps he will help us to really grasp the nettle and press onwards."
22nd Sep 2013 19:33
"lfc4ever76 22nd Sep 2013 19:15 - top clubs have fielded weakened starting XI's in the LC since the dawn of time!! Me saying I'd rather us turn our attention to the league is me (optimistically, perhaps, I admit) still classing LFC as a top club. Finishing top 4 is our priority, and if this comes at the cost of a 3rd round LC exit then so be it!"
Norfolk in Chance
22nd Sep 2013 19:40
"HabeshaKop: you have an obsession with slating Henderson. But tell us what are your credentials? None. Where are you from? India. What teams have you managed or played for? None. What good teams are there in India? None. You claim to be an expert. Why? All you do is abuse our players month after month like a troll. You are a plastic c8.t."
22nd Sep 2013 19:50
"We need to win on wed from confidence point of view..If we cant play on weekdays once in a while when teams like Man Utd are competing on weekdays almost every week then we are telling ourselves we are meek and just dont have it. We should be able to beat sunderland even after playing a full strength team on wed."
22nd Sep 2013 19:51
"matc9482 22nd Sep 2013 19:33 ok i c your point but i am 1 of them fans that i want use 2 win every game and every cup we entry and if FSG invested in the team we could win every cup entered but they would rather spend the money on there beloved Red Socks "
22nd Sep 2013 19:54
"Great goalkeeper! You keep us in the game - we have LS back next game"
22nd Sep 2013 19:57
"Stevie seemed tired . It's okay we are playing good - on the right track "
22nd Sep 2013 20:01
"lfc4ever76 22nd Sep 2013 19:51 - to hopefully bring what seems like an argument to a close then (as we seem to be venting frustration over the same point) I would LOVE to see us win every game too, but we don't have the squad for it at the moment. If we didn't have 8 players injured/unfit maybe we'd be able to handle this, but clearly we need to strengthen the squad. YNWA."
22nd Sep 2013 20:02
"Let's rip into them on Wednesday night. It doesn't matter that it's the League Cup 3rd round, we are playing our most hated rivals, and I want us to beat them. It was great watching them being put to the sword today and beating them twice in a few weeks will be awesome."
22nd Sep 2013 20:06
"Importance of any BPL match is no less than a.united match, no excuse to play like this and it's true without Simon, it would have been 3/4 - 0! But Mignolet must work on distribution, this has become an added threat!"
22nd Sep 2013 20:09
"... their shaky defence will be dreading facing Gnasher on Wednesday. Luis needs to control his frustrations and aggression and make them feel sick with another trouncing."
22nd Sep 2013 20:12
"matc9482 22nd Sep 2013 20:51 this is not a argument don't u think we can play our strongest team on Wednesday night and when we beat UTD and into the round and all the players back from injury we will still be able 2 play a strong team and win this cup and hopefully get into the top 4 "
22nd Sep 2013 20:13
"I agree 100% with kingwillis10 makes perfect sense, ming kept us in it, it could have been 4-0 if it wasnt for him. The man u game is massive, we need a cup at least, most teams in the top 8 need a cup, we definatly need it. Hopefully luis can pick up where he left off, scoring and leaving people in the floor from his skill.... Not his bite YNWA"
22nd Sep 2013 20:14
"3 important games coming up - manure,sunderland, c palace - this will test our mentality, will to win and our belief in what we are trying to do at lfc- we dont need the silly posts that we get on here "
22nd Sep 2013 20:17
"1st to 5th what was some of he players thinking, they get paid milloins and don't perform. The team have to pick it up. Capital one cup or no cup, effort must always be 100% this is their day job, imagine we go to work and don't produce, we could be fired, let go, face consequences, what is so special about soccer players??"
22nd Sep 2013 20:19
"Team v manure- ming wisdom kolo sako enrique gerrard allen sterling moses alberto suarez- come on redmen"
22nd Sep 2013 20:23
"lfc4ever76 I would prefer to phrase it: ...get into the top four and HOPEFULLY win this cup! Make no bones about it - we lost yesterday because our squad is thin on the ground. Certain players need a rest. If this is achieved at the expense of a LC defeat then I would take that to achieve a greater good."
Dede 7
22nd Sep 2013 20:34
"The Premier league should be the priority. i hope we come back much much better against Sunderland. "
22nd Sep 2013 20:41
"matc9482 22nd Sep 2013 20:23 we lost yesterday because BR picked the wrong team from the start and the league cup final is before the end of the season so if we take one game at a time like we should we should get 2 the final before the end of of season and with the injured players back and new players in January will help us get into the top 4 "
22nd Sep 2013 21:04
"people go on about BR picking 4 centre backs but here's a fact: we don't have a fit right back (BOTH Wisdom and Kelly are centre backs) and when Enrique finally came on at left back he was WOEFUL!"
22nd Sep 2013 21:13
"matc9482 22nd Sep 2013 21:04 please don't think i am picking on u but Wisdon and Kelly r better right backs than centre back so why not play 1 of them and yes they may need match fitness but the only why that get that is by playing them "
22nd Sep 2013 21:14
"Stephen King couldn't have bettered the horror plot of yesterday's debacle. Starting with 4 cb's..changing DS's position, leaving out Luis Enrique and then scrambling two young guns - in Sterling & Alberto - to mount a rescue effort. MORTIFIED -best sums up yeterday's events. "
22nd Sep 2013 21:19
"Agree with kingwillis to a certain extent, however, i don't think we've actually played well since stoke, it's not our 1st bad performance. We've lost our fluidity and control in games, something we even had at the start of last season, scoring was the problem then. That said, we're still in an okay position, hopefully this can change before it causes any damage."
22nd Sep 2013 21:20
"Key players will be rested for Wednesday, u can be sure Manure will rest key players. Give the younger lads a chance. They cant do any worse than what happened at the weekend. "
22nd Sep 2013 21:21
"no offence taken buddy! In all honesty I was hoping pre-match that Wisdom would keep his place at RB. Anyway, all in all, as Kingwillis10 said at the top of this thread, we lost a game. It happens. Saints aren't as bad as alot are making out, and they played good stuff yesterday. We didn't. We move on, and hopefully won't lose any more men to injury, before recruiting in Jan. YNWA."
22nd Sep 2013 21:23
"Anyone calling for Hendo to be kicked off the team should go support the Mancs. Shameful"
22nd Sep 2013 21:31
"matc9482 22nd Sep 2013 21:21 yep they did play better than use and i hope we do get the players BR wants in January and FSG pay the money "
22nd Sep 2013 21:37
"matc9482 I agree that we could do with no more injuries. However, stating that we'd be refreshed for sunderland if our 1st team didn't play, makes no sense...we didn't play for almost a week before saturday, did we look fitter for it? Players should be able to play 2 games with 4 days rest in between. As for utd, beating them would give us a massive boost, it's a necessary but minor risk imo."
22nd Sep 2013 21:47
"Mignolet is a world class goalkeeper and i love him to bits but to be honest i would rather win the next 5 league games and dare i say it lose wednesday"
Afrika Kop
22nd Sep 2013 21:50
"I like many fans will want our team to really learn from this and improve. The Manager must trust the right players for the right postions we have t out disposal. We must beelive in our youngsters until they explode. Wisdom, Raheem Ibe will not imrpove unless they play. "
22nd Sep 2013 22:29
"The table doesn't lie, we are 5th. Poor judgement in the transfer window has come home to roost. we have no midfield creativity. Hendo is just a Mo Farah that can kick a ball, he just runs around.Aspas sorry mate but you're out of your depth and its damaging you to be trying to play at this level cos you cant. very poor show by all."
22nd Sep 2013 22:40
"Lets face it. We have a large supporter base of negative pessimistic fans. If we lose, they are happy, they can say "I told you so" If we win, they are nowhere to be seen.."
22nd Sep 2013 23:05
"Can we get Suso back in January. Believe he brings a lot more to our team than some of our starting eleven."
23rd Sep 2013 0:30
"The benefit of hindsight is a wonderful thing, but I think Brendan should have kept faith with Wisdom at right-back, him being a specialist in that area, and Toure should have been given a centre-back berth, given his form and general prowess. Wisdom made a mistake vs. Swansea, but I still think he's a good player."
23rd Sep 2013 0:33
"Yeah or Kelly. Come back to fitness soon Martin!"
23rd Sep 2013 0:34
"Agree with the concept KIngwillis10 but not all of it. BR has to be able to correctly diagnose and rectify so future games don't repeat last shambolic performance. We all visit this site & whinge but in reality who is listening? You have to go backwards sometimes to see how many times this keeps happening. These results are more common than realised. Stats please anyone?"
23rd Sep 2013 1:36
"Yes Liverpool played badly against the thing for sure this season there is no easy game for any of the top 6 can win a game anytime..suprise? All teams have strengthen themselves so brace ourselves for an exiting BPL season..its a long season, ups and downs are aplenty so instead of condemning LFC, lets give our support. "
23rd Sep 2013 2:02
"rest most of players carling cup not our priority focus on epl let utd win the match no prblm we want more consistency in epl "
23rd Sep 2013 2:43
"We have to show up against Manchester United. what happened on Saturday is just one bad day"
23rd Sep 2013 3:32
"Quite the sorry lot of bitter supporters on here today. 1st loss of the season, 'twas bound to happen. The sky isnt falling, relax. The lads werent at their best and BR might have made some selection mistakes. cnt."
23rd Sep 2013 3:33
"This is still a work in progress. Something to think about, the Red Sox just went from worst to first this season. After unloading loads of wages and getting a solid team with good chemistry. LFC is on that path. So relax, enjoy the ride. Some bumps WILL occur on the way. It could be worse, you could be a manure supporter. ;) "
Dede 7
23rd Sep 2013 5:10
"The problem is that we seem to have no options in midfield. its the problem right now. Midfield is the engine. its very important to have a strong midfield. i mentioned earlier that if we strengthen our midfield we could even win the League. coz we have a good defence and prolific forwards but many average midfielders."
23rd Sep 2013 5:56
"never should have sold Jonjo"
23rd Sep 2013 6:46
"we lose with our head high up, no shame no big deal its part of this beautiful game! btw, i found it strange that we didn't press on hard last sat which normally we did! and to counter teams which like to sit back to defend. i will advise to shoot from outside, make their defend come out to defend and create havoc! "
23rd Sep 2013 7:16
"we can start by dropping Skrtel !!!"