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fair play pochettino, press us high up because we're uncomfortable playing that way
22nd Sep 2013 0:09
22nd Sep 2013 0:14
"is rawk the place to go and talk about our beautiful club. a place controlled by middled aged fatties? "
22nd Sep 2013 1:02
"this was to happen with average players.i dont see making 4th place. "
22nd Sep 2013 5:39
"BR not good enough compare to pochettino in terms of tactical and strategy. he must admit that."
22nd Sep 2013 7:40
"Southampton did not deserve praise from us. Rodgers lost that game for us with his ridiculous team of the league and he panicked. Not the man for the job. Says we are not reliant on suarez we lose a game then he says he cant wait for suarez to be back.small club manager should not be our manager. "
22nd Sep 2013 7:44
"I thought we had the best fans of the premier league. but the comments on here are terrible. "
22nd Sep 2013 8:38
"I've not watched the game yet but fielding 4 cb's against Southampton is an insult to the fans and team I am a fan of BR and he was wise in the transfer market but we need a manager with more ambition if this is how he is going to play it sturridge as great as he is will not score every game so don't pressure him to do so losing these games brings all the good work so far undone "
Norfolk in Chance
22nd Sep 2013 8:52
"More ignorant comments from the plastic fans. I think we've swapped fans with Chelsea in recent years. I'm happy to get rid of all these plastics who only sing when we're winning. Let's go back to local support cos these internet rent a mobs are all fakes.."
22nd Sep 2013 9:24
"1st of all see the usual Brendan haters on again 2nd toure and sakho have played right and leftback before and 3rd think the loss of coutinho is the main problem maybe if alberto was there he culd have filled that role but at the end of the day i'm putting it down to jut a bad day at the office we all have them "
22nd Sep 2013 10:10
"We all agree that playing 4 CBs was the height of naivety or planning foolish on BR's part there was no way our formation could be described as offensive and we did not offer our attackers the best of support. I put this down to an error and hope BR learns from it. "
22nd Sep 2013 10:13
"I am worried the BR experiments with Sakho in different positions at the detriment of the team without letting him undergo a learning process of playing in the premiership. Sakho will be a good buy eventually but at the moment he has to sit, watch and learn without affecting team dynamics. Even without Jonno & Coutinho we should have won that game. We move on YNWA"
22nd Sep 2013 12:17
"you can't blame any individual player, we didn't get our s**t together, also if Enrique is fit play him, he has been for me an outstanding this year and should if fit always start, obviously we missed Courtinho and Suarez, but this has ended the fairy tale and now we must knuckle down."
22nd Sep 2013 12:27
"Got exactly what we deserved,nothing.No urgency,causing our own problems by pussy footing around in defence which led to their goal,a header,against us with four centre halves!Aspas still too lightweight,Sterling a liabilty at the moment,gives away silly fouls in dangerous positions,no link between midfield and forwards,Sturridge unfit,need i go on?"
Give up
22nd Sep 2013 13:28
"It's quite frustrating to see that we were lacking in creativity in midfield. I am surprised and utterly disappointed by BR for not listening to the fans' pleas of bringing players like Eriksen whom we need when coutinho is injured. "
22nd Sep 2013 16:01
"We can't only rely on ONE play maker, ONE striker. We must need change & plan b & back up through out games & season, proven playrs is what we really need, as well as top striker with good first touch. Please sign in Bernard & Yarmolenko & honda."
22nd Sep 2013 16:02
"I feel frustrated when we missed out Eriksen."
22nd Sep 2013 16:57
"Kick Henderson out of the team.we need quality.look at ManC ,Chelsea & Arsenal.The quality of midfield they have.And Spurs they only need time.Who do we have.There is no chance on earth for us to be among the top 4.We have only Suarez.Sturiedge is not a class striker.only the January window can save our season."
23rd Sep 2013 5:59
"With Coutinho Johnson n Enrique missing we had to be on the loosing side,sakho needs some epl taste he isnt tht fast n his marking isnt that good,well his interceptions n tackles were great. "
23rd Sep 2013 6:22
"::CHOICE 1:: GK : Mignolet RB : Flanagan/Wisdom CB : K.Toure CB : Agger LB : Enrique CDM : Lucas RM : Henderson CM : Alberto LM : Gerrard CF : Suarez CF : Sturridge Subs : Jones Skrtel Flanagan/Wisdom Moses/Sterling Aspas/Ibe I think Flanagan Should be given a chance,n Gerrard Can play at LM.I Think this will work."
23rd Sep 2013 6:23
"::CHOICE 2:: GK : Mignolet RB : Flanagan/Wisdom CB : K.Toure CB : Agger LB : Enrique RM : Henderson CM : Lucas LM : Gerrard RW : Moses LW : Suarez CF : Sturridge Subs : Jones Skrtel Flanagan/Wisdom Sterling/Alberto Aspas/Ibe"