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we were very poor today i cant believe what ive just watched
21st Sep 2013 18:15
21st Sep 2013 18:18
"BR coast us this defeat! Wrong starting XI. Why TOURE-SKRTL-AGG-SAKHO together? I thought we had these 4 for competition but not a problem. Now BR who said Sacko price tag isn't matter he has to prove his worth and now he's *ng playing him and let a real attacking in form Enrique outside. And why not playing 3midfield with Hendo and Sterling at right putting SH*T ASPAS on the bench?" "
21st Sep 2013 18:20
"Now we're back where we belong! We're not improving at all this season we lost our possession game, and are playing like sh*t always defending. I wonder what kind of confidence in the team BR is often talking about? We were dominated in all our 5 PL opponents this season on possession. I'm frustrated by Rodgers tactics Aspas & Sackho not deserve Starting XI""
21st Sep 2013 18:21
"I hope, we have money back guarantee on Aspas. He is so scared on the pitch."
21st Sep 2013 18:21
"yes, it's true criminal, 4 cbs and we conceded a goal from A set piece. Fix this crap asap boss. You guys let millions people around the world down.."
21st Sep 2013 18:23
21st Sep 2013 18:23
"Four cenre backs!! what is wrong with playing Kelly??? And now both Gerrard and Lus seem to be playing as defensive midfielders??? Alberto should have replaced coutinho!!"
21st Sep 2013 18:23
"Reality is back. BR and his coaching team need to rethink about it. Not the players's fault, I would say."
21st Sep 2013 18:25
"Very bad day at the office.. Miserable performance that can only get better and I am sure it will! YNWA"
21st Sep 2013 18:25
"Gerald's time is up for a while, but still overrated. Long goal shooting set should be by other players, not him anymore. "
21st Sep 2013 18:26
"I think you have no idea what you are doing! "
21st Sep 2013 18:26
"just chalk it down to experience. Look on the bright side, Luis is back in the reckoning now!!"
21st Sep 2013 18:26
"And Agger seems to pick up more injuries than a 90 year old woman on an ice rink!! "
21st Sep 2013 18:27
"What's Rodgers doing? Chatting more blarney. Lethargic? No european football and we're flat? There's an envelope here Rodgers and your name is on it. You're a jive talking egomaniac. "
21st Sep 2013 18:29
"I love Gerrard with all my heart, but sometimes you can't let your heart fvck your mind.."
21st Sep 2013 18:30
"TERRIBLE TERRIBLE PERFORMANCE TODAY... How i cried out LOUD for a CREATIVE MIDFIELDER BESIDES COUTINHO. Okay i accept we are going to conceed goals. Rodgers not buying a Creative Midfielder was a big gamble.. Any player can get Injured but We are Missing COUTINHO already. ALLTOGETHER.. I still believe MARTIN KELLY could've done better if given a chance."
21st Sep 2013 18:31
"It was the same as last season ie no plan b,gerrard is starting to look his age and Lucas offers nothing.Look at the bench full of kids who won't change a game,poor transfer policy this summer which will cost us in the long run.aspas and Alberto look out of their depth!im sorry but its true."
21st Sep 2013 18:31
"Below par performance that's a under statement boss but it started with u picking 4 centre backs and Aspas but i still believe u r the right man 4 the job in Brendan I trust"
21st Sep 2013 18:32
"Dissapointment...Display was bad today.B.R.,when you started with 4 CB's,we have this result.You tried to find right LB,Cisokho is injured,BUT Sakho IS NOT LB.Do not make experiments on game!And RB-GJ is injured,we've got Wisdom and Kelly,you put Toure...Incredible.Cntd..."
21st Sep 2013 18:32
"We are in need of creative midfielders for god's sake. Why we did not bid for Eriksen i don't really know. And oh, Suso just scored a scorcher for Almeria."
21st Sep 2013 18:32
"Why play with three back midfielders in a home game?"
21st Sep 2013 18:33
"SAKHO does not deserve a starting place as yet.. Let Agger and Toure continue what they started at the start of the season. Why trying to fix it when it's not broken???? BRENDAN RODGERS you've let us down with your tactics today"
21st Sep 2013 18:33
"We were so poor today that it`s a shame. There was nothing. Why did not Sturridge pass the ball? What the hell happened to Skretl, Toure and Agger before Saints` goal? Why to play Sterling at all? Gerrard? "
21st Sep 2013 18:34
"This is the lowest of the low, you can't get worse or more awful than this, every player wearing a Liverpool shirt today MUST hang his head in shame, this sort of performance and result is by Liverpool standards simply intolerable and heads must roll now to set an example. Anymore like this and some need to go down to the Job Centre."
21st Sep 2013 18:34
"At least he admitted we were poor. Now if he has some balls he'll drop those players who were poor and show them that nobody is guaranteed a starting spot. Do it Rodgers."
21st Sep 2013 18:35
"My advice to BR is to go out and but himself a pair of cojonas because he is nor good to motivate players. We have a great squad, strong squad but they are not giving 100% out there. BR must be tougher with players and i said this also in previous games not only when we lose. This defeta was hanging in the air for a while. "
21st Sep 2013 18:35
21st Sep 2013 18:35
"we already lost coutinho, then u play 4 cb = make things worst. if u wan 2 take care of enrique, take him off after 60min or so. u keep saying kelly is not fit enough, i dun see u giving him run outs in games 2 help him recover his fitness. aspas again had a horrid game. gerrard is starting 2 show his age, made many mistakes,looked tired. all in all, we were not gd TECHNICALLY & TACTICALLY."
21st Sep 2013 18:35
"Johnson,PC,Luis Suarez will be back soon and we must resolve and sort out LB issue-Cissokho or Jose!?You cannot change positions every week and expect top 4.Fullstop."
21st Sep 2013 18:36
"i am always left in a situation where by i have to hope other teams drop points so we remain at top. its frustrating.can we fans be assured by our own teams good performance ?"
21st Sep 2013 18:37
"This was the managers fault, why play 4 CB. This just shows that rogers does not have the tactics and skills to take us to the next level. "
21st Sep 2013 18:37
"We shud take this as a wake up call... Dont look to far ahead... Just conc on the next game... Small small goals leads up to a big one... They say drop drop makes an ocean... We lost to saints last n then we unbeaten... Do it again boys... Com on... Put it at the back of ur mind..."
21st Sep 2013 18:37
"This was a must win game and we lose because of the manager and the team. The manager needs to hold up his hand and tell the truth that he messed up with the formation, and the team needs to hold up its hands and agree that they played crap. "
21st Sep 2013 18:38
"We we're, but any side would struggle without there best players.It's gone now, we move on. Best not to dwell on it."
21st Sep 2013 18:39
"I do not care about the amount of time we have the ball, the idea is to win games. Liverpool can play crap football for all 90 mins of a game as long as we win and get the points that is all that we need to do. "
21st Sep 2013 18:39
"I'm so gutted by this performance but that's past now. Unless BR find a fix to that No 10 position, we're in for a hard time. BR should also start subbing SG or introduce him in the 2nd half as a game changer."
21st Sep 2013 18:39
"Why Suso is on loan? We have too large staff I think!"
21st Sep 2013 18:40
"What is the point playing possession football if the other team scores one goal and wins the game. We need to score goals not keep passing the ball between players. If we are not in the top four by the end of the season then Rogers needs to be removed and the board need to bring in a manager that has won trophies. "
21st Sep 2013 18:41
"LFCMANAGER Did you at all read the article?? Enrique is injured."
21st Sep 2013 18:41
"I can't blame the Manager he just fielded what he's got. The players are to blame for their lacklustre performance... Also those Referees are waywards..."
21st Sep 2013 18:42
"I still do not understand why we spent 25 million pounds on DEFENDERS instead of going for ATTACKING MIDFIELDERS which we really needed..."
21st Sep 2013 18:43
"Mediocre coach with rubbish selection and pattern. Coach not suitable for LFC"
21st Sep 2013 18:43
"You got it wrong big time today Brendan! I think we have been brought back down to earth with a massive bang. All credit to Southampton they thoroughly deserved what they got today and we got what we deserved. They were much better all around the park and their players wanted it more than ours, we need players who are prepared to roll up their sleeves and dig in when needs be. "
21st Sep 2013 18:43
"Hope today is a massive learning curve for BR and the players and we realise how much of a long way we still have to go. "
21st Sep 2013 18:44
"Thank God Suárez is coming back!! We need him badly!! "
21st Sep 2013 18:45
"I agree we were poor today, but honestly berating players such as Aspas, Sakho and Alberto, is stupid at this stage there has been 5 games! back em not sack em! Roll on the return of Luis Suarez!"
21st Sep 2013 18:45
"Our inability to find another player to cover the area where Coutinho plays have finally come to bite us back! I always said that we needed a player like Eriksen to help in the attacking midfield area! Without Coutinho we were lacking in attacking imagination! Very poor game indeed!"
21st Sep 2013 18:45
"BR started with the back four that were available, the team that played today was good enough to beat Southampton. Some poor decision making let us down, Rodgers will fix it in house. It would be good to see Alberto and Ibe get more playing time. Come on you reds, heads up and keep going! YNWA "
21st Sep 2013 18:46
"Why change a winning team? Replace a player out with a player on the same position first, left back and right back were too slow because they are centre back. Should have hold onto a fit player like Shelvey than injury prone Allen, we need strong players, we were played off the park by strong and aggressive Southampton players, what's the point of winning against MU and losing this?"
21st Sep 2013 18:46
"RECALL SUSO!!!!!!!"
21st Sep 2013 18:46
"Sakho does not deserve to be in there.He's great physically but awfull mentaly.And these players won't do for a great team like Liverpool."
21st Sep 2013 18:47
"This is all down to our summer transfer,what is the logic of bringing in 4 cbs and one is considered a marque signing.We were crying out for a quality goal scoring mid but noo we wanted to to be shrewd and intelligent by bringing in unknown players at a cheap price and hope they are quality (count)"
21st Sep 2013 18:48
"Egbon - get a grip lad!! Get behind the manager and the team, it was poor today but sometimes in football that just happens. The process is going to take time, BR and the players will learn from today (well hopefully). Overall Southampton were much better all round and wanted it much more than us. We need players who want it and are prepared to fight."
21st Sep 2013 18:48
"Come on, 1st loss. So many injuries. Kelly is not game ready. 4 game fit cbs is out of necessity. Midfield is sriously lacking depth. Team will bounce back. Soton played press all game long. Not enough movement up tront. Sakho Aspas played ok imo. Referee was blind as a bat. No call on multiple challenges. 10 out of 15 points still acceptable in my book."
21st Sep 2013 18:48
"Dismal.....BR, I think you still need to bring in a creative midfielder for the middle and Stevie G has not had a good game yet, today he was poor, as was Sturridge and Aspas. Sterling looks out of sorts too. Toure was looking like the only outfield player with intensity, the rest were just pouting (Sturridge)"
21st Sep 2013 18:49
"bull!!! if Enrique was injured then why was he on the bench his just covering up his mistake and not addmiting he made an error . i hate when managers don't take blame"
21st Sep 2013 18:54
"I too still think BR is the right man for the job, long-term. We need to get in the right players more often than the wrong ones though. Aspas looks so out of his depth, sad. Time to dust ourselves off and get back up on the horse now boys!!! YNWA"
21st Sep 2013 18:54
"This is when sending youngsters out on loan bites you. Robinson could have played left back, Suso in the Coutinho role. As for RB, Flanagan or even McLaughlin would have offered more going forward"
21st Sep 2013 18:56
"BR really cost us this game, we had 3 clean sheets with Agger Kolo and Enrigue at the back that's what we should have had out there with either wisdom or Kelly on the right we would have played much better bcos all 3 full backs are attacking players"
21st Sep 2013 18:56
"Gerrard has been really poor ... Really poor work rate dosent defend well press well nor support the attack!! I love gerrard but love liverpool more> Gerrard needs to be dropped. He has been the weak link God please open the supporters eyes and make them see what I see"
21st Sep 2013 18:57
"Now Kesuika Honda will be free in Jan you would think he would be our first target but knowing Br and Ayre we are probably going to overspend on unproven potential players e.g Will Hughes in a position. Were we are stacked"
21st Sep 2013 18:58
21st Sep 2013 19:00
"This guy allways says the obvious,I'm beginning to think his totally out of his depth.We need a real manager not an apprentice."
21st Sep 2013 19:01
"Non sens, instead u should buy classic players but nooo u decided 2 buy cheap and god foresaking players who cnt cope without each other."
21st Sep 2013 19:04
"Gutted but we need to move on to next game and learn from today. YNWA"
21st Sep 2013 19:05
"Liverpool has only one attacking midfielder, because Alberto is still far behind. And when Coutinho is injured, and Mchytarian and Eriksen didn't arrive, and Liverpool play with three defensive midfielders, the strikers don't get balls. It's no wonder that Liverpool stopped playing for one and a half games from the minute Coutinho was injured."
Norfolk in Chance
21st Sep 2013 19:05
"The comments on this are hilarious. Go back and see what you have written in a few days and some of you will be embarassed.. Saints were better than us today, so man up. We've been pinching games 1 nil, but that couldn't last forever. Suarez is back next game. We move on.."
21st Sep 2013 19:07
"It seems to be the same old story. I have a lot of time for Brendan and what he's doing, but I feel we are no better off than this time last year. I have watched every game and apart from a few little spells in each game, I feel we have been poor and very lucky to be where we are. Stoke could of drawn, villa deserved at least a draw, Man U we hardly had a kick and Swansea was diabolical"
21st Sep 2013 19:09
"It looked like I was watching LFC from 2011, no creativity. Aspas, Alberto, and Sterling are poor subs. Henderson basically another Kuyt. I would've moved Gerrard foward, and kept Hendo, Lucas back. LFC could drop a lot in the table, unfortunately."
21st Sep 2013 19:13
"What a whole lot of bull$$,I don't believe you when u say its [Enrique's knee],he is either not fit to play and u don't put him on the bench or he is fit, why wisdom didn't play on the right is it his elbow or his neck that you have to manage,also I have to admit our captain has been below par since the start of the season"
21st Sep 2013 19:14
"bad day at the office, still positive about the season though. coming into the start of the season 10 points from first 5 games without Suarez I'd have taken and been happy with. Bummer to go down to Saints but that's life."
21st Sep 2013 19:14
"Unbelievable...these are the games that we need to win to stay in the race! It was so poor that we never really got going! "
Vosta Lee
21st Sep 2013 19:18
"Some people don't even bother to read the article once they have made up their minds "Brendan Out". The reason he started with four central defenders is because of injuries. Read the article, it has good information."
21st Sep 2013 19:19
"Well what can we say about today game. Boss you have the tools to do the job ,what happened . Let hope this isn't a start of BAD thing . "
21st Sep 2013 19:19
"BR cost us this defeat, 4 center backs 2 defensive midfielders we had no momentum going forward, and we were at home! Pathetic"
21st Sep 2013 19:19
"First loss all year so let the fest commence lol. Thanks for some truly hilarious comments girls."
21st Sep 2013 19:19
"BR shd carry the responsibility for this loss...wrong line up! "
21st Sep 2013 19:20
"this is a bad birthday gift for me overall performance was really poor and shiï¼"
21st Sep 2013 19:20
"I agree with you LFCMANAGER, BR cost us that game how on earth will he play Henderson on the left And Aspas on central strike role? Sahko on left back Henderson would have pair with Lucas , play Steven Gerard behind Sturidge, sterling and Moses on the wing. Pair Sahko with skrtel , Enrique on left back BR is on cheap drugs, the earlier he stop sniffing those the better for the team."
21st Sep 2013 19:22
"And I thought BR was the one who'll only talk about player available not player not in the team. That's what he always answered when reporters asked him about Suarez absence, now he's using the absence of the sale suarez, coutinho & Glen, and saying Enrique wasn't fit enough while he played him when we South got their goal. Haha stupiiid BR just accept that u got it wrong & shut up!"
21st Sep 2013 19:23
"what the f++k was that? dont you got plan b at all? Even with 4 cb you shud hv plan b or something what was you expecting? a draw?"
21st Sep 2013 19:24
"Do people even read the article before posting dumb comments. So many asking why he fielded that team, read the article first! Poor performance, deserved that result on the way we played, but move on to next game. All top6 teams have lost in their first 4 games, its a 38 game season, lots of incidents to come yet. This is our first loss since March, support the team or ship out!"
21st Sep 2013 19:25
"Lucas is terrible,the amount of times he is turned and is caught chasing back is shocking atleast he didn't get booked again for the 5th time in 5 games,I don't get why Gerrard is getting so much stick he had a good 1st half intercepting and passing wise its not his fault there were to many passengers.Hendo. Just runs no goals no defense splitting passes "
Gerrard o ya beauty
21st Sep 2013 19:26
"Absolute rubbish! Gerrard was terrible and when he plays bad you think who's going to get us going cos there was nothing all game. Aspas is dire! It's quite obvious he's going to be a flop. Wish I'd of sold my ticket today it was such a poor game to watch. YNWA "
21st Sep 2013 19:29
"I'm surprised he's so frustrated... and I'm not even a football manager. We do not look good this season, FROM THE START OF IT, especially in midfield. Even before the window transfer was close I couldn't miss the fact that while a certain football club in London bought "half a continent" we were content with 1-2 relatively anonymous midfielders. "
21st Sep 2013 19:29
"B.R. said last week" Suarez wouldn't just walk into the team.. lets see who stops him now"
21st Sep 2013 19:31
"Please stop blame the manager; we have highly paid and professional players/strikers their job is to score goals. If they do not, we lose. It is as simple as that. Sterling, England and Liverpool striker, could have tied the game in injury time if knows how to control the ball. "
21st Sep 2013 19:32
"It showed today our 'lack' of attacking options! No striker on the bench to bring on, another goalscoring winger is needed. Another class striker is needed as well a winger who can score goals. We need attacking options!! Also playing far to deep at home!"
21st Sep 2013 19:35
"You can't compete for top 4 when you spend 17M pounds NET on transfers and you don't even buy a marquee signing. "
21st Sep 2013 19:35
"bad weeks for the supporters as well time to watch just for laughs gags"
21st Sep 2013 19:39
"rodger you didnt make surprised buy ! all what you brought are poor. mig, stur,tro are superstar in bpl . coutinho ? sr peop i also see lega kakio and i have senn coutinho with benitez for inter and when i fristly hape senn him , i have opinion he is good player . and when he come to lfc , iam sooooo hapy because i know he is good. what scare me is he cat play in bpl. sorry rodger . "
21st Sep 2013 19:40
"Your player selection and tactics is poor. "
21st Sep 2013 19:40
"you make me laugh br luis will be fine not 100 percent hes been scoring for fun on international duty we was poor second half Monday wen we should have put the game to bed first half we need to learn to kill teams off which we don't do"
21st Sep 2013 19:43
"This is one of the few losses that kept us 7th last year. Too much unnecessary talking over last week about finishing up the league .... It was just after 4 games not 4 games to go ..... Stop talking and concentrate on business. Relegate Aspas to u21 until he is ready, 26 you would expect everyone be ready to play at any excuse "
21st Sep 2013 19:43
"rubbish performance ,shocking result"
21st Sep 2013 19:45
"Alberto is too slow and soft. Nothing special. What a waste."
21st Sep 2013 19:46
"Defeat. So what. It's a nasty day. Heads up, boys. You can not win every match. It will be better. You have to fight and victory will come. Win, draw or lose, whatever the outcome, I will always support Liverpool. LFC - YNWA!!!!!!! From Belgrade, Serbia!!!!!"
21st Sep 2013 19:48
"FSG if you have honour sell the club for somebody with money. Thanks."
21st Sep 2013 19:49
"Thank God Gnasher's back as we were certainly toothless up front today. 9 points out of 9, followed by 1 point out of the next 6 ... against 'LESSER' opposition. Normal service resumed! Come on, Luis, tear into them but keep your bottle."
21st Sep 2013 19:50
"One poor result/performance and it's all doom and gloom. Get a grip you bl**dy numptees. We've been really good for months if you think about it from the end of last season, and now you're all moaning again. You sound like Arsenal fans and should be ashamed"
21st Sep 2013 19:50
"its to be expected, we have a very average squad, no fullbacks no wingera very one dimensional and predictable. we will have more games like this for definite"
Afrika Kop
21st Sep 2013 19:53
"Well, it was my borthday today. I told my family not to take me out as I had a game to watch which I thought was going to be a perfect birthday present. Thank you very much LFC players and the Manager. I hope we address teh shicking dispaly for next game. "
21st Sep 2013 19:54
"We have to admit we were bad today but you cant throw the season down the toilet after one defeat. Utd City spurs chelsea and arsenal wont so why should we? Well here is one reason the above mentioned have way better squads than us, two to three injuries have proved that. We have spent money to stand still , we all know the players who cant cut it. tbc"
Ol' Roy
21st Sep 2013 19:54
"The problem wasn't about 4 CB's. To me, Henderson was a total waste of space right from the day he first joined LFC. Would Sunderland want him back - even if he becomes a free agent. You know the answer!"
21st Sep 2013 19:56
"Afrika Kop, just wait, you will have plently more like today. Sadly. Nothing to do with your Bithday!!! ;)"
21st Sep 2013 19:56
21st Sep 2013 19:56
"do any of you actually read??? Glen is injured as ya know and Jose has a knock, thats is why we played those 4 at the back. Those calling for BR head are ridiculous we have lost a game, a bad result and a bad day but every team has had, and will have a few of these results. don't be so fickle. Reflect team and get back to winning ways next game YNWA"
21st Sep 2013 19:56
"If arsenal ,spurs , utd or city all win tomorrow we will be down to fifth after one defeat , many more games like to day and sixth or seventh is were we will end up. We need more world class and a lot less potential but what can you do when your not in the champs league and aspas is as good as it gets ?"
21st Sep 2013 19:57
"R-E-D-A-H-E- N-D-O ,What?Henderson captain for LP? He will not be given even if it is handed in turn.Take my word that we will not see him at LFC next season.Any body can do what he does.He simply makes ordinary passes ..what is hard work?Running up & down cobtributing nothing?"
21st Sep 2013 19:58
""lethargic" - Top 4 teams can have an off-day and still win matches, why not us? "short technically" - now that really worries me. Means we do not have the technical quality !!! No European distractions, only one focus needed and we collapse once again to a team we should beat every day. BR, you need to kick ass very quickly "
21st Sep 2013 19:59
"Brendan the first three wins are also not convincing you could have sense it this could come at some point. Sturridge is average and can't be relied, his poor 1st touch let us miss lots of opportunities. Aspas can never been a player Liverpool needs."
21st Sep 2013 20:00
"40m on sakho ilori aspas and alberto.....40m. forty million pounds. city got navas and negredo for that but we get unknown crap"
21st Sep 2013 20:04
"It's like some of you muppets couldn't wait for a defeat to get stuck in. Across all of them negative comments, you've taken our whole team apart. Defeats like this will happen, we're not league contenders. Do me a favour armchairs, get behind the team. Ripping into Gerrard? He had a bad game today but if you cant remember the last time he played like that I'd be very surprised. "
21st Sep 2013 20:05
"It's not the defeats that get me down, it's reading the defeatist drivel on these forums. My mum tells me of a Liverpudlian teacher at my school in Bristol who told her that he knew i was a scouse lad by birth because I had a cheerful optimism (which I still do, I think). Shall we all get the razors out after one 1-0 !? Where's that cup half full mentality gone guys? "
21st Sep 2013 20:07
"Well said Marfling"
21st Sep 2013 20:09
"Terrible!Terrible!Terrible!Terrible!Terrible!Horrendous...what a sad weekend up ahead!!! :-("
21st Sep 2013 20:09
"Hang on a minute was it not this time last year that we had 2 points from 5 games! A few of you need to read the article before commenting. Enrique was carrying a knock and the 4 CB was not BRs first choice. Be supporters not neigh sayers!!!"
21st Sep 2013 20:12
"Here we go.thats more like.when it was the last time liverpool won a game with two or three goals margin.the same problem come every season."
21st Sep 2013 20:13
"We are not even playing champions league and we look so fatigued..its like we have alraedy played 70 games this season...Sorry but something wrong with our training techniques...we are struggling to adapt to the training model..."
21st Sep 2013 20:13
"Norfolk for once i agree- some comments on here are horrendous- one defeat since march and a realy good run comes to an end-and the knives are out for evry player at our club and the manager!!! Jeeeez come on lads HAVE SOME FAITH in our players"
21st Sep 2013 20:15
21st Sep 2013 20:16
"felt sorry for sturridge...not a single spark of creativity until alberto came on..and alberto and sturridge just didnt click..Aspas-sturridge also didnt link..Aspas made some gud runs but he is not the player i saw in la liga last year...he seems to be afraid...just let go..and play...."
21st Sep 2013 20:18
"Time for Stevie G to stop taking free kicks. He misplaces passes, he can't mark same to Lucas.Skrtel is back with his slow thinking BR. when did Enrique got enjured? I Cant sleep tonight."
21st Sep 2013 20:18
"afrika kop happy bretdey mate ! i think you still have time for a lunch . i think we can get top 6 and if no i think rodger hass togo. and we should be happy for that . you should happy 2X for top 5 and for le BPL that is a miracle. people who say we are ready for bpl chelenge , you joke me good night people YNWA"
Bajan Billy
21st Sep 2013 20:21
"2nd game in a row where we played with not 4 but 6 CBs. can you tell me if Gerrard is hurt? How many times has he pushed forward in attack and gotten into the box or top of the box. gerrard,lucas and Hendo are not playing well and imagine our first sub was Aspas..why? He was hustling and besides DS was only other player who looked comfortable on the ball. "
21st Sep 2013 20:24
"imagine playing barca in the CL with this team today, just not good enough,thank god for suarez,"
Bajan Billy
21st Sep 2013 20:25
"Our midfield is weak and we need to replace players who are not playing well. I will be first to say i am no fan of Sir Alex but if gerrard was playing for him he would have put in Alberto much sooner....we dont get any creativity from Hedno, Gerrard and Lucas"
21st Sep 2013 20:26
21st Sep 2013 20:28
"The game was terrible too watch. Absolutely no flair, without Coutinho..."
Bajan Billy
21st Sep 2013 20:28
"Suarez unfortunately has to play now till he drops every game.....try a different midfield combination please BR........its not working. We won games playing ugly football and we were very lucky to have been top...back to reality. Your current midfield 3 are not comfortable playing tiki taka"
21st Sep 2013 20:28
"YNWA3333Liverpool I'm sorry did you just write our captains name is Gerald? Have you ever actually watched Liverpool? And there was absolutely nothing wrong with GERRARD's free-kicks, their keeper made fantastic saves. That being said, four centre backs made no sense and neither did taking Skrtel off. Aspas should not have started, and Sterling should have had that chance at the end."
21st Sep 2013 20:29
"The fact that Southampton have beaten us again says to me that BR has met his Kryptonite in Pochettino. Southampton played a very tactical game today, making sure Gerrard had little time on the ball and the front players were seemingly forced into selfish play due to good marking. Also Aspas needs to realise he has more time on the ball."
Bajan Billy
21st Sep 2013 20:31
"To be fair to BR the 4 defenders weren't the real footballing issue. Our inability to receive the ball in midfield and lose our man marker or just receive and move into a space is poor. We also play the ball wide to layers in space and there are no mids making leads or runs so the game is short passes but wayyyy to slow"
21st Sep 2013 20:32
"The fact that Southampton have beaten us again says to me that BR has met his Kryptonite in Pochettino. Southampton played a very tactical game today, making sure Gerrard had little time on the ball and the front players were seemingly forced into selfish play due to good marking. Also Aspas needs to realise he has more time on the ball."
21st Sep 2013 20:33
"This is what happens when we adopt a "Top 4" mentality. Anyone who says we need to get top 4 makes me sick. How about "Let's win the league" mentality. "
21st Sep 2013 20:33
"Dont wamt to state the obvious ( performance wise ect ) but lets not be too harsh on the players/ manager, cos it possibly a one off-just thought the whole team lacked a bit of energy- also the ref early on in the game gave us nothing- obviously we are all hacked off but other results tmrw might go are way( hopefully )"
21st Sep 2013 20:41
"Lfc thk n thn- some FANS dont even bother to read the main article- some just come on to slate the team ect but theres lots of fans frustrated tonight"
21st Sep 2013 20:41
"The points and position in the table is excellent so we have to give credit where it's due, but todays performance was just horrible. If Johnson is injured then put Wisdom at RB, he has shown he's capable and he goes forward. Enrique should of started at LB, this four CB looked bad on paper and looked even worse in reality. Team selection cost us today."
21st Sep 2013 20:43
"I love lfc but if everybody couldn't see this coming, then they are blinkered by their love of the club the poor second halves are now the full 90.BR is out of his debt and the players are carrying him. they looked tired and unmotivated today. "
21st Sep 2013 20:43
"Yes we were crap today but let's not forget we have lost a number of players 2 injury and once Luis is back this week he will make use tick again like PC does and we can put this down 2 a bad day at the office on a side note Rodgers please don't pick 4 centre backs again "
21st Sep 2013 20:45
"Normal service has been resumed. Rubbish. PS Where the hell are our forums?"
21st Sep 2013 20:45
"Yes Matt 210-there were reasons for the strange looking back 4. This WILL change on Wed. when I've booked no work all afternoon to watch us squash the Manure. YNWA! "
the reality
21st Sep 2013 20:50
21st Sep 2013 20:50
"How many Liverpool players that played today can get bench let alone first elven from Manchester clubs, Spurs, Arsenal and chelsea, probably none! no creativity, Rodgers west a lot of money on average players, Borini, Starling, Luis Alberto, Asbas. Those guys aren't helping Liverpool. "
21st Sep 2013 20:52
"I wonder we have true Kopites on here or just fan-atics who just blow hot air without really thinking about their comments. As one of the posts said earlier last season 2 POINTS from 5 GAMES. This season 10 POINTS from 5. Poor performance but why panic and talk down the Manager and the whole team. KOPITES FOREVER. "
Dede 7
21st Sep 2013 20:53
"Are subsutions pre-planned? honestly Aspas was better than Sturridge today. suprisingly he was taken off at half time. Pliz even Gerrald is subsutable. "
21st Sep 2013 20:57
"ritud 21st Sep 2013 20:45 i hope u r right about use crushing them on Wednesday night. I really hope Rodgers has learnt from today "
21st Sep 2013 21:02
"Today was shocking but the bigger picture prevails. Tied points with Chelsea is a good thing right? YES! We are mixing about the top 6 contenders for top 4/le. Just have patience. With Luis back we will kill teams."
21st Sep 2013 21:06
"worst part was doing nothing when we went 1 down, winning mentality my arse"
Dede 7
21st Sep 2013 21:12
"I remenber saying i would be surprised if we dint buy midfielders. indeed i am. Liverpool needs to strengthen its midfield. its the heart of a football. this is a link.we had no shot on target in the second half. when the midfield is good the front three become more productive plus u wont consider fielding 4 centre backs."
21st Sep 2013 21:13
"read what rodgers says agger carrying injury/enrique bad knee/kelly not ready/his hand was forced.awful performance today but some of the crap on here is embarrasing 1st defeat in 13 games wake up were not ready to challenge for le but we are in the mix for 4th"
21st Sep 2013 21:13
"Just as well the forums are still down today."
21st Sep 2013 21:14
"what a load of rubbish over paid and same as last year if brendon is at lfc next year I will be amazed it was as if all they wanted is there wages even gerrard was very poor too hopes of winning anything this year bob hope no hope DISGRACEFUL"
21st Sep 2013 21:14
"other top teams started to get their momentum including everton "
21st Sep 2013 21:16
"we must win the next cup match and the league match in brendan im still trust"
21st Sep 2013 21:17
"We miss Cautinho. In need for another offensive midfielder. That make me wonder why RB loss interest in Eriksen or Markariyan?"
21st Sep 2013 21:18
"Binomial 21st Sep 2013 21:06 yes we did nowt when we went 1-0 down but due 2 players being injured or banned we could not turn the game around but once Luis and the injured players r back we will be far better off "
21st Sep 2013 21:21
"Its amazing how happy every1 was with rodgers when we were top of the table. wen last have you see liverpool there? Give the man and team credit they had a bad game they will fix it up with man u and get back to winning again have faith and support! YNWA in BR i trust! "
21st Sep 2013 21:24
"Seirin 21st Sep 2013 21:14 Everton r not a top team they have been very lucky this season and they will been found out soon "
21st Sep 2013 21:27
"I just want to hear about "the group", "tiki taka" and "philosophy"......there's nothing like b0ll0cks to cheer one up after a "bad day at the office".....where's john Henry and his Missis? "
jONNO 46
21st Sep 2013 21:32
"Awful! just ensure its a blip and were not our usual 15 points behind the leaders by xmas. KOP 75"
21st Sep 2013 21:34
"mushroomscouser288GTO 21st Sep 2013 21:27 the answer is they r at home in the USA counting the bucks we r making 4 them and laughing at use as they spend the money we r making 4 them on the Boston red socks "
21st Sep 2013 21:36
"Would prefer to win the league last day of the season rather than by easter anyway! Come on you reds!"
21st Sep 2013 21:37
"Welcome back Suarez!!!!"
21st Sep 2013 21:38
"lfc4ever76 21st Sep 2013 21:34...not even a tweet from Linda and John? I cherish our owners tweets.....all three of them."
21st Sep 2013 21:40
"what was the wisdom behind buying alberto and aspas and illori around 25mil no return. we needed an offensive world class creative midfielder and a brave strong holding midfielder and its the same story we are stuck with headless chicken lucas, weak allen and aging gerrard well done BR"
21st Sep 2013 21:41
"I think some posts are drunk tonight, go to bed cos your showing yourself up lad"
21st Sep 2013 21:48
"mushroomscouser288GTO 21st Sep 2013 21:38 as I said before they r laughing at use if they cared about use we would have a new stadium by now and as 4 a tweet of them how long r u prepared 2 wait 4 as it will never happen "
21st Sep 2013 21:52
"I think some posters are trying to lighten up on what was utterly abysmal in every way today. Utterly embarrassing to be frank. That today is but one culmination of what has been happening for two seasons was apparent to anyone with a brain. Drunk or not. But it is best left at that...Lad."
21st Sep 2013 21:54
"I would love to sit with these players and ask what audacity they have to allow themselves to play like this in front of their fans. They have no heart, no spirit and no knowledge of what Liverpool FC is all about. As a fan since 1978, I am bewildered."
21st Sep 2013 21:56
"Awful team selection BR. Your subsutions got the 11 closer to what should have started. Too negative with centre backs as full backs, Aspas in Coutinho role a joke when low on confidence. Should have started with Kelly and Enrique as full backs. Alberto or Gerrard in Coutinho role. Hopefully BR will learn from this big mistake and be more attacking at home."
21st Sep 2013 21:57
"Not that too impressed with todays performance but that was our first loss since march in the le, Having Johnson, Coutinho, Suarez, out and Sturridge, Agger and Enrique not 100% fit, thats 6/11 of our 1st 11 out or not 100% fit, every top 4 team has lost 1, just need to find our feet for the next game. YNWA"
21st Sep 2013 21:57
"Now that Suarez will start, Coutinho is injured...really bad. Playing together can make the difference, almost the only top combination. Sorry but Sturridge too selfish..."
21st Sep 2013 21:58
"lfc4ever76 21st Sep 2013 21:48....The sooner FSG sell the better mate. The day they bought this club was a sad day indeed. The "project" of turning us into the biggest mid table club in the world is coming to fruition. Look at the bench today and look at the bottom line come the end of the season. "
21st Sep 2013 22:01
"...k you Rodgers, what confidence are you talking about. And , no the players were not outstanding, they were lucky the first 4 games, stop using this word, look how they just defended all second halves. Don't you Paisley's, God rest his soul, and Liverpool's way is: ATTACK IS THE BEST DEFENCE. This was everyone was scared of LFC. You twit."
21st Sep 2013 22:03
"Here we go again fans trying to PROVE there are right- come on mushroom you are a liverpool fan, so chin up its one defeat since march, you cant knock that- so do what i said lad go to bed cos your embarrasing your self- you have been on the pop all day - see you tmrw lol"
21st Sep 2013 22:05
"Corrections: The word know before Paisley's. And when before everyone."
21st Sep 2013 22:08
"Who put you in charge of the forum? "
21st Sep 2013 22:10
"The saddest thing was, Pochettino said on his news conference yesterday what his game plan was; the key for their winning at Enfield was to frustrate G8 and Danny, we know JUST HORRENDOUS is always minus one, so BR what was your game plan?"
21st Sep 2013 22:10
"I'm surprised by you so called fans. You're welcome to voice your opinion in a professional manner with logic and reasoning. Some people still question why Suarez didn't play today! Seriously? BR led us to our best start of the season for a while, so inject that in your head and support your club you adore the most. We have a United game coming up. YNWA!"
21st Sep 2013 22:10
"We needed an attacking midfielder signing. Without Coutinho we have NO creativity! "
21st Sep 2013 22:13
"I keep thinking I'm gonna wake up from that nightmare I just watched!!! "
21st Sep 2013 22:15
"This started IMMEDIATELY after Coutinho went off!!!"
21st Sep 2013 22:17
"we need creative IBE..the problem is we are lack of creativity..age is degrading gerrard..rodgers are you blind, you doesn't see that henderson isn't progressing at all as he coudn't produce any creative chances ..we badly need skilled players such as yarmalenko and maybe hughes in the midfield...for now better you improve the players mentally until next transfer.."
21st Sep 2013 22:21
"So much spent on defenders,no single real attacking threat broke my heart we lost eriksen...nw philipe is out....unacceptable selection 2day frm brendan..manup n say u messdup,aspas my ass!"
21st Sep 2013 22:30
"fair does to saints they were by far better side and were rightfully applauded off the pitch the fools paradise has come to an end and reality kicks in .don't mind losing but the effort and passion were minimal only kolo and simon mignoletwere acceptable ynwa"
21st Sep 2013 22:30
"Lack of new Defensive Midfielders is killing us. There is no competition for Lucas! Why did you you seen a cover......"
21st Sep 2013 22:32
"I mean to say "BUY""
21st Sep 2013 22:32
"mushroomscouser288GTO 21st Sep 2013 21:58 u r right they r leading everyone up the garden path which i do not like if they don't want 2 spend money on use then they should f## k off. Why should we make money 4 them 2 spend money on the Boston red socks "
21st Sep 2013 22:39
"Keep it real lfc fans, we'll turn it around. Not good result today, but the best of us have of days. 10 points 5 games not bad for a side that took nearly ten games for same points last year. we'll never walk alone!!! "
21st Sep 2013 22:46
"N**V is the 2nd highext xpending club in BASEBALL"
21st Sep 2013 22:54
"I think we are all living on the old days, we are a midtable team who do not even deserve topclass players, while watching the game the only thing on my mind was haw bad i felt for suaraz for not leaving he deserves better than that"
21st Sep 2013 22:55
"owners in the BASEBALL LEAGUE"
21st Sep 2013 22:58
"That was the worst performance i've seen at Anfield, i hope them players are going to give this weeks wages to charity cos they don't deserve them. Perhaps F.S.G should refund us fans who watched that pile of sh+e"
21st Sep 2013 23:08
"...and that's why we should never get ahead of ourselves. Picked off a couple of 1 goal wins, lucky to grab a point at Swansea and as we've seen so many times, lost at Southampton. Once Arsenal, Spurs, ManC and ManU pick up their game we'll be sitting in a near familiar 6th spot. How spooky will it be if Stoke win by 2...we'd be in 'our' regular place at 7th! Pathetic!"
21st Sep 2013 23:17
"i can't believe Rodgers had made this selection, anywhre the balance ofthe team is no good enough, too much defense. i'de always thought we were better last year with downings carrol and jonjo. all new signings are not gud enough for me, Sakho was an unessessary buy."
21st Sep 2013 23:21
"tiki taki yeah saints and Swansea, I think our midfield has gone stale especially lucas and gerrard,diame and eriksen for 15m ?????????????"
21st Sep 2013 23:23
"I accept defeat BUT it was our manager who made some blunders in his selection, and there is something about our players: they looked so tired. Seems like training is killing our boys off. So now it is more pressure to beat Manure at old toilet. Luis: if ya playing prepare for a major wind up session from the Utd fans"
21st Sep 2013 23:24
"Brendan your midfield lacks creativity when without Coutinho, why you didn't tried Eriksen is beyond me.Big question about your scouting when we look the likes of Allen, Borini now Aspas. Quality matters than quany specially with no European football this season."
21st Sep 2013 23:24
"Made me remember last week's commenters who said that we're not true LFC fans for criticizing the Swansea draw performance. Well tell you what guys, this is what the "plastic" fans are afraid of. THIS! But then again, this is all the Liverpool that we're familiar with. Hey there, old LFC!!! Welcome back!"
21st Sep 2013 23:32
"1st defeat of many, no vision and if it was not for mignolet it would have been 4, and against Southampton only a mid table side.dreading the next match "
21st Sep 2013 23:36
"Let us go back to reality. Whenever a team presses us high we have no ideas. Poor, poor and poor performance. No spirit, slow movements....realy worrying."
21st Sep 2013 23:46
"It was a game where i didnt see any positive in our players even their faces..they were so sold out..where was the energy..where was the passion to play..they were workers..but they didnt love and enjoy what they were doing.."
21st Sep 2013 23:52
"an apology would've been nice Brendan. You spend your week grafting anticipating a good performance and what should have been 3 points. Just feel so gutted."
21st Sep 2013 23:52
"Sometimes our performance is heartbreaking! We just played die hard against the champions 3 week on we were a toothless lion! very terrible!!"
21st Sep 2013 23:54
"Lets be honest we have ridden out luck this season and with 10 pts after 5 games we should be happy. It could easily have been 5 points. Biggest disappointment today was the lack of any pressure being applied high up the field like Southampton did to us. Where has the pressing game gone BR?? Team selection poor also. BR needs to ensure this is only a blip. Onwards and upwards hopefully"
22nd Sep 2013 0:00
"Okay, I took several hours to digest what I saw today.t seems we've been exposed! We have nothing coming through the middle anymore. I hate to say it, cause I LOVE the guy, but our captain hasn't played for this season.I've been hesitant to slate Aspas but, WOW, that dude was awful. If not for simon today, it could have been 3 or 4. Right the ship BR, or it's going to get ugly(uglier)."
22nd Sep 2013 0:01
"..whats happened to Sterling, since his massive pay rise he has been poor. In saying that hes only a kid and needs more time in the u21s etc"
22nd Sep 2013 0:02
" Jerty. Like your enthusiasm lad. We were missing one player from our team today, Lady Luck. We were awful. We took our recent second half displays and turned it into a 90 minute display thanks to poor team selection I might add."
22nd Sep 2013 0:06
"WhelanR what was the point of the comment then? Seems like you answered your own question?"
22nd Sep 2013 0:11
"a slave to a system wont win games. cowardly load of rubbish brendan very disappointing "
22nd Sep 2013 0:14
"How about the Middle?who can replace for Lucas?Very unbalance in your team."
22nd Sep 2013 0:24
"Worse than the lack of offensive threat from the FBs, which is to be expected with players playing out of position, was the lack of creativity up front. Aspas tried to be too cute with little back heels and such, Moses tried to beat 2 men on the dribble. There was no connection across the front 3 and Henderson might as well have been playing on a different team. Really, really poor."
22nd Sep 2013 0:26
"I feel sick. Someone tell me it's gonna be alright. 3 points against Soton would have been magic. Leading is better than chasing. Have we got what it takes to get back there? I hope so. Its just so natural to be there. Lifes good again."
22nd Sep 2013 0:36
"I agree with LusettiGerrard, 1 poor game and everyone has gone suicidal. If this is all it takes for our so called supporters to turn on BR and team, then that is a bigger problem. I would like to see Joe Allen in an attacking midfield role, which is what he was brought in for before Lucas was injured. Unfortunately, I think our so called supporters have had a hand in denting his confidence. "
22nd Sep 2013 0:40
"21 years of ty teams In this club, most of you were not even born we we last won it , or had a teAm actually feared across europe cntd"
22nd Sep 2013 0:41
"we are the club not rodgers not fsg not the players we back them when we feel theyr dowen a good job, maybe if we were in anyother league then what they are dowen might be enough but in this league with this competition this is not enough so they dont deserve backing, YNWA is not enough"
22nd Sep 2013 0:45
"Rawad, your an idiot!!!"
22nd Sep 2013 0:48
"Was stood in a bar in Liverpool City Centre tonight ( crocodile bar), and who was stood next to us???,Mr Ian Ayre himself laughing and joking (without a care in the world).It Took all my will power not to av a go at him and ask how we let Tottenham sign a ideal replacement for Coutinho ie Eriksen.Will deffo cost us any chance of champs league footy (in Joke) "
22nd Sep 2013 0:49
"BR it was your fault today for playing with 4 central defenders. What were you thinking wake up man. Aspas and Alberto are just no good and we missed Coutinho. Would have been ok if you had signed Erikssen"
22nd Sep 2013 0:55
"The defence was solid with Agger and Toure why change something that was not broken. Sakho looks a good central defender but has been brought in to soon and what was Skirtel doing prior to their goal. Very disappointed"
22nd Sep 2013 1:05
"7th place guaranteed."
22nd Sep 2013 1:08
"I really dont understand how you defend with your back(DA) to the ball. To give a player a free header because you dont really know where the ball are! So so dissapointed!! BR we win as a team and we loose as a team but your team selection was "Very Bad"!! What happend with the depth of the squad,Coutinho & Johnson out and we cant compete! YNWA"
22nd Sep 2013 1:19
"What bothers me is not that we lost but the manner in which we lost. How can a team top of the table slump to such a spineless performance? No point blaming one or two players, the whole team played poorly. There was no flow to our game from the kick off. "
22nd Sep 2013 1:22
"The 2 DM were very poor. Lucas was very slow in tracking back. Gerrard was awful. Starting to miss macherano. "
22nd Sep 2013 1:24
"I never got carried away us being top of the league, i knew the boys will get a nose bleed being there, anyways the problem is we did not buy well got too many CB short on flair and strikers, we will be lucky if we can finish 5th"
22nd Sep 2013 1:24
"Sturridge, please learn to the pass the ball. Your selfishness bugs us fans at times. Learn from Suarez - whatever he is, he is not selfish on the field. "
22nd Sep 2013 1:33
"Very sad lfc loss to lower club at anfield did liverpool are low than. "
22nd Sep 2013 1:40
"4 CB?? Aspas and Alberto suks. DS is the most selfish player I see, he's not Suarez. wake up Kop, until Suarez and Coutinio play tougeather LFC dont play well."
Liverpool NY
22nd Sep 2013 1:54
"it was very poor game but we can hter everyone after one game, I thought Kolo was good, Lucas was very good, Sahko got better with time when moved to CB position, Alberto showed confidence and some good move and probably show start before Aspas who need more time, no creativety what so ever "
22nd Sep 2013 1:56
"well said (Dougy100) So Many Negative so called supporters here- only positive when the Team is winning! We 8points better off than this stage last year- first defeat is not the end of the league le!!! back them or support Everton!"
22nd Sep 2013 1:58
"Ok. Appantely they don't just give you three points in the premier league. Ok, forget about this one quickly because I have big expectations this year! Win! "
22nd Sep 2013 2:06
"Defence been great all season. Rodgers goes out spends a lot of money on Sacho (who?) - and then forces him into the team at all cost - result defence falls apart and rest of team lose confidence. Why do managers always feel they have to play players they spend most money on?"
22nd Sep 2013 2:13
"Guys, our team need our support now.. Lets give BR a chance. Anyway we still at top table. YNWA"
22nd Sep 2013 2:16
"All going suarez"s way ,and the place we were would of made him more humble than he now will have to be"
22nd Sep 2013 2:20
"..less people want..more they get..more they want..less they get.."
22nd Sep 2013 2:38
"Not good. Feared it when the line up was announced, but still expected more from most players. "
22nd Sep 2013 2:51
"LFCMANAGER, I think I speak for everyone when I say u need to grow up and learn the definition of the word supporter because u clearly aren't a liverpool supporter with those comments."
22nd Sep 2013 2:53
"When Rodgers first came in everyone called for patience and said it was needed, it's been one season and now we lose a game and everyone is on his back, don't u idiots realise the premier eagle ain't like it was 5 years ago when the smaller teams were sure wins, Anyone can beat anyone, just look at man city and then look at our situation, would u rather be in their position?"
22nd Sep 2013 2:58
"we needplay maker like mata, 1 prolific striker even have to splash 35 m do it rodgers frm 1st to second frm second we will go back to 7 postion no marquee signing mkitaryan, jovetic, negredo ,eriksen.martinez, higain,ozil"
22nd Sep 2013 2:59
"Thing is we have been poor all season! We just got sum results. After we won against Manu we thought we would win the league. Sakho needs to learn and shud be in the reserves. Aspas is appalling. Toure is class but too old. Alberto we haven't seen yet properly. Lucas and SG seem out of place/position and our front line is one dimentional!!!!!"
22nd Sep 2013 3:00
"When we lose all you Facebook foreigners appear to abuse the team and manager, u expect liverpool to win the league, well I'm sorry but were have u been the last 5 years, have u seen more than 5 games a season to justify your expectations. We lost our first game, doesn't matter who beat us. If we won today and lost to Man U would it make u all feel better? "
22nd Sep 2013 3:00
"Very poor performance. Definitely wrong back line. I would expect BR to do better then that. We looked dead out there, never first to the ball, no creativity going forward just bad. To much like last years results and not what I wanted going to Man Utd. Get it together and fast."
22nd Sep 2013 3:01
"Why BR sold Carrol and put Borini out on loan I will never know. We need another dimension to our attack. Fast technically gifted players are great, but we cant fill our whole squad with them!!!"
22nd Sep 2013 3:16
"Bad day at the office. The team as a whole was poor with the exception of Mignolet. I never thought we'd go the entire season unbeaten but thought we had a good chance until at least the Arsenal match. Well we'll just have to put this one behind us and focus on Wednesday."
22nd Sep 2013 3:17
"it looked like we ran with bags of sand on the shoulders. Didnt see any desire to win.."
22nd Sep 2013 3:38
"there could be a better selection. i dont think we had poor player just poor team . we lost suarez and continho both creative output in our team.we need a better midfielder.that for sure."
22nd Sep 2013 3:39
"Not sure since start of last season BR and his coaching team could get us any where around top4 nor any cup. Still thinking that way and looking like we r going any where this season. "
22nd Sep 2013 3:44
"We never look good in 2nd half of any game so far this season. We are just fortunate to take the lead by solo performance player who is now be more like another selfish striker. What a training they got."
22nd Sep 2013 3:56
"look at all you so call supporters you guys think we are invincible we are going to loose some like it or not "
22nd Sep 2013 4:01
"Rodger you lost the game for us. Come On! you mean you can't see what went wrong and make the changes by half time? This is really disappointing! You really have to take a major if not all the share of the blame. You "Rodger!" loss this! I have been a Rodger support since your day 1 but yesterday naming of your first 11 is totally unlike your style. REALLY DISAPPOINTED! "
22nd Sep 2013 4:06
"Just when I thought we were moving on from 2010/11, 2011/12, 2012/13 we go an put in an atrocious performance like that and not to mention the swans game was poor as well "
22nd Sep 2013 4:07
"Rodger you lost the game for us. Come On! you mean you can't see what went wrong and make the changes by half time? This is really disappointing! You really have to take a major if not all the share of the blame. You "Rodger!" loss this! I have been a Rodger support since your day 1 but yesterday naming of your first 11 is totally unlike your style. REALLY DISAPPOINTED! "
22nd Sep 2013 4:10
"put it down to wat ye like (brendan)you can talk the talk but ye cannot walk the walk.full of you are.all those big words last year like(transition) and technicion and all that bull . wel for me im fed up of your bul "
22nd Sep 2013 4:16
"I would love to know why Alberto, after his performance in the reserves, was not a direct swap for Coutinho."
22nd Sep 2013 4:17
"Rodgers has to accept his share of the blame. I watched him completely without emotion while we ;ost. No shouting no geeing anybody up. Stood there with his hands in his pockets looking to be honest as if he didn't know what to do. Lets hope they fare better in the next game"
Asri Baha
22nd Sep 2013 4:17
"I was surprised with team selection esp the back 4,if BR to accommodate the CB , why not playing 3-5-2 formation.. "
22nd Sep 2013 4:18
"I am honestly ashamed to say that these are my fellow Liverpool supporters. For fok sake, the team has not lost since March. They were top of the table and we are missing Johnson, Coutinho and of course Suarez. Perspective is the name. Perspective and people should stop being STUPID. Support the team and lets go on another run. "
22nd Sep 2013 4:19
"Poor performance. However, we know our weakness. We need to buy a MF and striker like Benteke. Dont always blame BR. He is a human and he will make mistake. YNWA. Just go and invest in Winter again."
22nd Sep 2013 4:25
"Yes, the team selection was hardly ideal... and yes, the players under-performed. However, that doesn't mean that you suddenly start turning on your manager, when you were totally happy with him last week. Fickle fans. Wins and losses come and go, real fans support the club through both. Criticise the team selection or the underperforming players, not just BR. "
22nd Sep 2013 4:29
"I said after the first 3 games, do not get carried away. So we won the games, so what? We won by scraping unconvincing wins (1-0). Hardly brilliant is it, we can just about muster 1 goal a game, our goal difference is crap and it will get worse as the season progresses, gerrard is showing his age, majority of the team are thoughtless."
22nd Sep 2013 4:47
"Understanding BR's injury comments but he didn't mention how poor SG, Hendo and Aspas were. Also never mentioned the big chance Sterling missed due to poor first touch. Saints weren't brilliant, we were clueless to their defensive close downs with our gameplan. Familiar pattern."
22nd Sep 2013 4:50
"Sunday morning coming down. Yesterdayâ"
22nd Sep 2013 4:51
"Fact, we will slip further down the table and everyone will be talking of how great we were at the start of the season when in reality we really werent. i predicted the draw at swansea and also the loss to southamptom, its what liverpool do, and will continue to do, we will probably finish about 10th and suarez will go in the january ."
22nd Sep 2013 4:52
"Sunday morning coming down. Yesterdayâ"
22nd Sep 2013 4:58
"Most people seem to forget that we have an important away game on the 25th. Be realistic. Our cup games are just as important as our league. If we dont win any silverware fans will jump on the hate wagon. BR had to rest Enrique for Manure game. We got to lose somewhere and in all honesty id rather lose these soton game den losing out early against manure in the cup game."
22nd Sep 2013 5:07
"I try my best to trust BR but this guy just give us false hope... the fact is we haven't progressed much under BR, seems this year will be the same as previous."
22nd Sep 2013 5:09
"Real Face to BR! I think fr begining up to now LIV play not so good but we were lucky.Please rewatch all matchs,you can your team there are 2 weak positions:First is center mid that belong to Lucas and G8.Who is the replacement for them?Second is 2wings not slow speed and poor attach.I hope you read mes from real LIV Fan."
22nd Sep 2013 5:16
"well it's always bitter to lose at home to a bottom team. it's seems we are getting back to our last season's level. hope that it's not the beginning of a crisis."
22nd Sep 2013 5:18
"BR please get team to listen to this video with Roy Evans and Ray Hougton. No one changing gameplan, no spark no invention. Stop expecting SG to be match winner. When Hendo ran in for Sterling cut back he was with a defender! Would Robbie Fowler have done that? No! Get these players to wake up! I'm tired of watching this, I have been watching reds for nearly 40yrs"
22nd Sep 2013 5:21
"Toure always seems to play well. Sometimes he literally and figuratively seems to stand head and shoulders above the other players. He is a boss. Why not stick him alongside Lucas, Brendan? So he can boss the midfield and Stevie can play where he's most comfortable (where he's most likely to score goals)?"
22nd Sep 2013 5:27
"By the way SG said at start of season he was fit and raring to go after such a great pre season which was much better than others he said. SG looked tired and uninterested yesterday. Ummm "
22nd Sep 2013 5:36
"I thought we had a very obvious penalty turned down by the referee..not many people are talking about that. With Ashley Young treating the pitch like his swimming pool and still getting free kicks for his actions,the referees set a very bad example yesterday when Dan Sturridge was fouled but was honest enough to try and stay on his feet."
22nd Sep 2013 5:37
"It makes you think does a player not get a penalty in the EPL unless he dives and acts like a total drama queen?.. I think if Sturridge had gone to ground immediately after impact he would have got that penalty.He wanted to stay on his feet and that cost him.Yesterdays was a very bad perfomance by LFC but it was nowhere as bad as the refereeing."
22nd Sep 2013 6:04
"A defeat is a defeat, surely there will be more to come. And not just for us - such is the nature of the EPL. However the manner by which we went down is disheartening: jaded, uninterested players utterly abysmal performance. Had it not been for the superb Mignolet and the solo performance of Stu in the first 3 games, we would be looking at the table from the bottom up. That's the real worry. "
22nd Sep 2013 6:24
"We are more frustrated. This cant be the performance of ta team that has spent substantially. so no excuses for injury replacements. Honestly I think Rogers know very well the project Liverpool has to come back to its level but I am not sure if he is the manager to deliver it specially after more than 1 year in-charge... 6th 7th positions is awaiting us again.A good case with a bad lawyer"
22nd Sep 2013 6:42
"Agger seemed to go down heavily when marking Lovren for their goal. It seems he wasn't fully fit, in which case risking him seemed to contribute to Southampton scoring. The skipper hardly covered himself in glory on this occasion. It looked like he was heading behind the line when he made contact with the ball. "
22nd Sep 2013 6:56
"Brendan, you should not have let go of Shelvey instead Yesil should go, Sterling is still immature and you should have got Christian Eriksen a long time ago, Lucas and Gerrard were terrible and you have tactically got it all wrong!!!"
22nd Sep 2013 7:18
"toure hold ya head high son ya played well today mate sturridge think mate you should refund all us who payed for you walking round the pitch"
22nd Sep 2013 7:24
"Poor back four starting selection. Hoping last seasons ugly inconsistency does not rear its head again. One shining light is the return of LS. Hoping that MS is not sacrificed as all four were not on par yesterday. Forever Red."
22nd Sep 2013 7:32
"Come on guys and girls either you are a true supporter who understands that we are building a side and will suffer losses in the process or a fair-weather,fickle, closet manure fan.Some comments are constructive but some just sound like sore losers.YNWA"
22nd Sep 2013 7:34
"We have to admit though that Saints played very very well. We played bad but i think we did so, cus the Saints had a better gameplan on the day then we had."
22nd Sep 2013 7:50
"Why change a winning team BR??? Agger and Toure were both playing so well at centre back so why change??? Also we were completely dominated in midfield and could not even pass the ball properly, why not put Allen?? What could a kid like Alberto do to change the game??? We so badly needed a creative attacking midfielder and we brought in 4 defenders!!!"
22nd Sep 2013 7:58
"all the plastic fans are back giving out, ye only happy when we lose. Ok it was a very bad display but LS is back now and we still have 9 points in the bag. YNWA"
22nd Sep 2013 8:09
"Think we need a box to box midfielder in january like moussa sissokho.... Come on you reds!!!!"
22nd Sep 2013 8:16
"Weecked my Birthday weekend lads!!! Not one realistic chance from open play & to be honest, looked like the lads had all been out on the Beers Friday night & couldn;t get out of bed. It's games like this that cost us the league year in & year out. Really thought we had turned a corner this year but just have to hope it was just an off day & not yet another false dawn."
22nd Sep 2013 8:21
"the problem we had was that we have 2 brilliant wing backs out injured and also both their decent replacements not fit either. Full backs are critical in the way we play, bombing forward and taking the ball out of the defense as well as making space for the midfielders. walk on lads, its 1 game"
22nd Sep 2013 8:22
" I just blame it on the boogie. "
22nd Sep 2013 8:42
"It was a bad game from us yesterday. We are back were we begun last season, loose against teams were supposed to take points against. I agree that we were fenomenal when Coutinho was on the pitch, and when he got hurt we lost our midfield totally. The only player that got a + from me is Mignolet."
22nd Sep 2013 8:45
"Can they all become technically better overnight?"
22nd Sep 2013 8:47
"We must put this bad game to the side and hopefully the guys start to think about to get serious about the CL place they want. Come on you Reds and welcome back Luis Suarez."
22nd Sep 2013 8:48
"Frustrated and worrisome of such displayed. Brandon Rogers must admit his mistakes of poor tactics despite being frustrated and facing lots of injuries. Hope we can recover fast. Enough of poor performance like last season. If our target is top 4, then we should be playing brilliantly and not giving the ball easily. "
Ammar dent
22nd Sep 2013 9:26
"It so simple,THE MIDFILDER,we need someone like coutinho,we lost 5 points since coutinho s been injured,we need someone like mata or ozil who can deliver lethal passes to our striker,we have not got that,and Gerard seems that his shine time is ended,Henderson is a championship player,Lucas is not like Alonso nor mascherano,"
22nd Sep 2013 10:15
"People are blind or ignorant. 4cbs cause Enrique is injured, and Kelly has played reserve games for fitness. If we didn't buy three cbs in the window we'd be screwed. Why no am? We tried for munian, Costa, HM, willian, and looked at eriksen, who by is not a goal scoring am. So why pay money to get less quality, esp when thfc are paying 30m for lamela! "
22nd Sep 2013 10:18
"Anyone who thought this would be our year is deluded. This is a well a wake up call that we're still missing 3top drawer players. If we have a Jan window like last year and an improved summer window we'll be there, but it's a long process, no gonna happen in 1season after the mess br took over and trying to implement a completely different playing style. "
22nd Sep 2013 10:35
"We need technical Midfielders it is that simple ! I cannot understand why these boofheads can get this simple fact through their Skulls . Leva allen henderson are rubbish they can't keep the ball they can't create. Stevie can't do it all. It's in the midfield where teams are dominating us. I am, stupefied that this is so difficult to understand !!!!"
22nd Sep 2013 10:35
"We need technical Midfielders it is that simple ! I cannot understand why these boofheads can get this simple fact through their Skulls . Leva allen henderson are rubbish they can't keep the ball they can't create. Stevie can't do it all. It's in the midfield where teams are dominating us. I am, stupefied that this is so difficult to understand !!!!"
Gerrard o ya beauty
22nd Sep 2013 10:41
"I'll be surprised if aspas gets past 10 goals this season, he really is a poor player, that's what u get for trying to buy cheap players, you can't always get a Coutinho on the cheap, it was a one off. I really don't think this league suits aspas, plus he can't play with sturridge and don't think sturridge likes playing with him."
22nd Sep 2013 10:55
"So what you are saying is that your squad, that you supposedly strengthened in the summer, is incapable of covering for injuries and beat a side such as Southampton at Anfield. In others words, we really have no hope unless we have extraordinary luck and are able to go through the season without injuries. Looking forward to the season even more now!"
22nd Sep 2013 11:14
"What was the point in selling Shelvey, loaning Borini/Suso and buy Aspas/Alberto? Based on yesterday's performance even Downing was missed, he could have played left back better than the static Sakho. LFC should break the bank to get Mata in january. He would fancy a move to a club where he will play til he drops in a WC year"
22nd Sep 2013 12:03
"We need to learn how to keep our team in a Winng routine. Also, when we win, why not to keep our form of team? BR "
22nd Sep 2013 12:04
"the ugly match i ever seen liverpool played .i donot know what BR. can do .we forgive the mondays match then saints cost us BR you need to work hard "
22nd Sep 2013 13:41
"Realised why I stopped reading the comments section, so many ignorant fans that don't seem to have a clue of where we were 3/4 seasons ago and are berating a manager and team the lost its first game since March. Since January created more chances than by team in 4 leagues and condems progression. You may have to formula on fm guys but this is reality, and hindsight is 20/20."
22nd Sep 2013 14:58
"Just when you feel Rogers may be learning how to manage a big club he does something stupid what is it all about four centre backs and no recognised fullback Wisdom is solid and does get foreward but Enrique is a nuisance to any team if you don't know what to do with all the centre halfs we have Brendan you shouldn't of bought them. "
22nd Sep 2013 16:55
"what i fail to understand is these players, knowing that any win will put them on top of table, still did not garner enough conviction and fight to push themselves...shocking"
22nd Sep 2013 17:21
"Some 'supporters' make me laugh. EVERY team has bad days. They also forget 4 world class players are out injured or suspended. As some say, we dust uurselves down and stad up ad go again. Even the best most experianced managers make errors in hindsite. I think BR made a call on what he had match fit, and in hindsite, may hae got it wrong, however, hindsite is a wonderful thing"
22nd Sep 2013 17:23
"Had we won, all these BR and team knockers would have hidden in their little minds. GET BEHIND THE TEAM good bad or ugly. Hence the song YNWA. "
22nd Sep 2013 17:47
"Stop using brilliant and outstanding, until the players are really this. May be your tactics will be great for Swansea, their manager said he will be leaving this year, I am sure you will feel at home there."
22nd Sep 2013 18:15
"I will say this and stop posting, too depressed, the current manager and team are not going to achieve anything. The American owners, and the LFC management seem not bright enough to realize that in this day and age if you do not have top quality players, you end up nowhere, these mediocre signings ARE SIMPLY NOT GOOD ENOUGH. The top four have been decided today. Just watch how they played BR."
22nd Sep 2013 19:07
"I've been shouting the prvious week end that playing Henderson on the right is a damage to our football and also moses can't play on the left. if you watch his game he has always been caught by defenders because he is a right footed player.."
22nd Sep 2013 19:13
"I don't know why Henderson started all games even a simple free kick he has not been able to do it. I Don't care about his workrate but he is no use in our system. He is not the type of lad who can play 30 over 38 excellent match. He can do I Think 5 Over 38 match. No cross, no dribbling maybe some passes but not that much"
22nd Sep 2013 19:35
"Its a pity that such high paid footballers cant even pass the ball properly. Scotland Yard please investigate. Its not about losing, but the manner in which you lost! No one in the team except Simon, deserves to wear the jersey."
22nd Sep 2013 19:59
"Gutted. These things happen. First league defeat since March. Early days. Let's get behind the team. Soton fans sang, "is this a library?" Why were we all so quiet from the off? Let's sing up as we did during the Man U game. Every game should matter as much as that one!!"
22nd Sep 2013 22:55
"IForeverRed: The problem is, if Rodgers drops all the players who were poor against Southampton, who are we going to replace them with?"
23rd Sep 2013 2:01
"It is all easily solved, when we get a midfield that can hold onto and be comfortable on the ball when under pressure. Allen, Alberto, Gerrard and Coutinho. But alas, we will have to wait. Passing out from the back only will work when the midfielders can hold onto possession. "
23rd Sep 2013 4:44
"True that losing one game is not the end of the world. What concerned me mostly is the fitness of the players shown in the last 2 games. The season has just begun. There is no way that they have been waned.ã"
23rd Sep 2013 8:29
"Brendan, Why are you telling Man U and everyone else that Enrique has a knee problem and so we are weak in defence? This info. is for your eyes only, please stop talking so much (until you have won something with us) and giving so much info away (ever!). Kenny would never have given away important info like this, it's giving Fergie/Moyes a pre-match battle plan."
Mr. B.
23rd Sep 2013 12:12
"Very disappointed. Liv. players' performance on Sat. was a nightmare to me. Players as usual seemed to be suffering "alertness problem" in the pitch. How long will Fans wait for EPL glory. Disappointment... But what actually made "visually un-alert" Skrtel to allow unchallenged pass into throw-in. From throw-in to corner kick & to goal. Liv. Enough is Enough! "
23rd Sep 2013 14:24
23rd Sep 2013 14:31