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That would be a first,two Uruguay,ns leading the line.
21st Sep 2013 9:47
21st Sep 2013 11:43
"Depends on the money I guess. Need some help in the middle and on the left. Would love Mata............seems he's on the way out at Chelski. "
21st Sep 2013 12:23
"Hmmm? Play alongside Luis or to replace him? I can't help to be sceptical of Luis' new found happy state? I think he's been promised something...."
21st Sep 2013 14:33
"Very Risky, don't think we need another issues."
21st Sep 2013 20:00
"Might encourage Suarez to stay on for a long time, sign new longer contract if he has a Uruguayan partner up front alongside him. Also why the heck did we not get Gaston Ramirez to strengthen the midfield? Missing out on Eriksen was sheer stupidity."
22nd Sep 2013 5:21
"we need playmaker not forward..."
22nd Sep 2013 15:02
"Will admit missing out on Eriksson is shocking very classy player and we need to replace stevey g he looked tired yesterday "