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Saints match is good one to evaluate BR's tactics.. Coz saints don't rely on bullies and play with the ball..
21st Sep 2013 10:15
21st Sep 2013 10:20
"At the end of September 2012/13, Liverpool were 14th in the league and had 5 points from 6 games. Much better this season so far! Keep it up lads. YNWA."
21st Sep 2013 10:22
"Have to beat them, they outplayed us last time.. The revenge has to be there... All the best... We will win... N even the league..."
21st Sep 2013 10:25
"Early days Jose but I think I speak for all Liverpool fans when I say " long may we stay there" !! LiverpolFC forever"
21st Sep 2013 10:26
"Early days Jose but I think I speak for all Liverpool fans when I say " long may we stay there" !! LiverpolFC forever"
21st Sep 2013 10:35
"it wasnt a smash and grab when we last played them,they beat us at our own game and out passed us,100% concentration needed,early 2 goals should dampen there spirits,"
21st Sep 2013 10:37
"Maybe we ain't got enough bullies in the team to see off games we've got to be beating teams like Swansea and Southampton !! Squad ok but not great but early days !! Ynwa"
21st Sep 2013 10:46
"Let the confidence be high not over confident pls.. No place for complacency... We havent achieved anything yet.."
21st Sep 2013 10:49
"I hate tactics those players should be good and old enough now to go out there and give there all for that red shirt as long as they do that win or lose I'm happy !! YNWA"
21st Sep 2013 10:54
"Nothing but 3 points will do today..."
21st Sep 2013 11:31
"Should win today, if we can't beat the saints at home we may as well forget about top4, when we win today we will be top when super Luis returns imagine the excitement top of the table and Suarez back."
21st Sep 2013 11:51
"Ok time to shine now. They're a lesser opposition so make them look like it! I'm not talking about a 1-0 win, I'm talking a ruthless and embarrassing thrashing! Go all out Reds! ;)"
21st Sep 2013 12:04
"salad chicken they are not easy opponent well we don´t want to remember last season draw with all lower clubs so just go out there play good game no unwanted cards YNWA."
Red David
21st Sep 2013 12:32
"'the city is different but the weather is the same' Maybe he should talk to Fowler (God) about changing the weather. It's going to be a bit tricky to only let the sunshine reach Anfield and avoid Notgoodenoughs Park. YNWA Jose, hola compadre!"
21st Sep 2013 13:43
"Enrique just gets better and better- like henderson.... Don't suppose Kenny will ever get credit for his positive signings by some of his critics. Anyway, BR has continued the good work admirably.... 3-5-2...... "
21st Sep 2013 13:44
"Southampton are a good side so people expecting us to win like 5-0 are gonna be disappointed unless we have a brilliant day and they sit off us the whole game. No game now in the prem is a sure win and people should realise that, just look at man city's start to the season."
21st Sep 2013 13:49
21st Sep 2013 14:01
"Keep up the hard work JE. Good to see u working so hard. Hope to see a different style in the second half to wot we hav grown to expect under BR. The supporters need to see the team turn up for 93mins today!!!!!"
21st Sep 2013 14:07
"errrr 3-5-2?????? . We play 4-2-3-1!!! The best I have seen us play is when we played 4-4-2 With DS and LS upfront. Hope wen Luis the shark returns we go back to that and not 4-3-3 with DS out wide."
21st Sep 2013 14:11
"Liverpool playmaker Philippe Coutinho requires surgery on an injured shoulder and is expected to be out until the end of October, his club have announced. Although we shudnt be basing everthing around this young lad fact is we do!!! Wot a bummer!! Matbe SG can return to his earlier role in the centre behind the front man?? "
21st Sep 2013 14:30
"4-2-3-1. Relative to 2...Lucas & Henderson. Relative to 3..Moses, Gerrard and Aspas. Hope to rely on the tried and tested, albeit 'aged' creativity of Mr Gerrard. Methinks Henderson & Lucas can create a formidable pair of midfield destroyers - at the same time affording Henderson the opportunity to groom, with efficency, his long range passing ability ..Just a thought though..."
21st Sep 2013 16:55
"Go screw yourself, you could not pass the ball today you twit"
21st Sep 2013 17:45
"And they played with you too. You were as shaky as the rest of the team. Hendo was amazingly bad! No brains no intelligence in the team. Southampton were all over you. In the last 10 mins I counted a max of four passes before we lost the ball again to them. Hopeless.."