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Agree, any win is welcome. We will start slotting in more goals as the confidence grows. Aspas, just try & enjoy your time on the pitch, relax & believe in your ability, Liverpool spotted it when they signed you. Let Coutinho teach you some samba moves.
21st Sep 2013 9:30
21st Sep 2013 9:51
"1 0 would be nice but i think its time we tonked someone"
21st Sep 2013 9:55
"think Aspas will start today. 1st epl goal "
21st Sep 2013 10:10
"yeh ur right Dynam74 do like that aspas is a team player so keep up good work nd the goals we come think we're playing some good football just got to sort out our 2nd half then we could have good season . get well soon coutinho YNWA "
21st Sep 2013 10:16
"A wins a win. I'd be leaving you on the bench though aspas until your needed to play centre forward, not a winger in my opinion. I do like him though."
Norfolk in Chance
21st Sep 2013 10:52
"Everyone would take 1 nil at the end of the game, but setting out to score then just hang on to a slim lead is not a smart way to play. If the opposition score they then have momentum and are statistically more likely to score next. Hope for 2-1 today, think they'll score as they are no mugs."
21st Sep 2013 10:53
"Aspas is too cautious at times on the ball. need to be more confident! but if he adapts he will be a good squad member"
21st Sep 2013 11:11
"I think we'd all take a 1-0 win in fact every game 1-0 win would be fantastic, be nice for IA to get that 1-0 today,c'mon redmen 3pts please,YNWA"
21st Sep 2013 11:29
"Southampton will park the bus, so 1-0 may be the best we get. I reckon 0-0."
21st Sep 2013 11:49
"I think it's important that Aspas starts, especially against a mid level table at home... this is the only way he is going to grow in confidence and adapt to the prem league. He was great in pre season and showed some real promise. He will come good, I am sure. Keep plugging away son... YNWA. "
21st Sep 2013 11:55
"Hope to see a stronger performance today from everyone. Get on the books Iago, lead us to a win today. YNWA"
21st Sep 2013 11:56
"ure right Norfolk in Chance we need to win 2-0 infact frm the next game onwards we need to score more goals for the goal aggregaet well for today lets wish them the best YNWA."
21st Sep 2013 12:00
"Can see a draw in this. We lacking some firepower without Coutinho and our defense a bit shaky at Swansea, I can see us concede again."
21st Sep 2013 12:13
"Swansea was playing a strong game frm the start till the end our defence was shaky am sure RB have moniture the situation now just give a good performance play as a team communicate and win the game come on the mighty Reds."
21st Sep 2013 12:32
"I personally think that we'll beat Southampton 2 - 0 today with Daniel Sturridge and Victor Moses scoring the goals. YNWA REDS"
21st Sep 2013 12:49
"2-0 today I think hendo and studge. Come on redmen I'm loving being top of the lea.gue too much to give it up just yet :) anfield must be our fortress this season. Max points at home and don't lose on the road! "
21st Sep 2013 13:10
"yes, a win is always a good thing, but our team needs to play well in the 2nd half as well. To win it is absolutely necessary."
21st Sep 2013 13:55
"As many have already said a win is a win and always what we want & aspire to get,however,we must start to deliver more throughout a match now,a more complete performance,if you like, in the first & second halves,if we don't,we will be found out at some point. Let's move up a level. Go On Liverpool Redmen!!! You'll Never Walk Alone"
21st Sep 2013 13:55
"Would sure like to discuss this and other LFC matter in the Forum, which I PAY for."
21st Sep 2013 13:57
" Roshi I think LJOC inadvertantly permabanned the whole LFC fanbase by mistake! :D"
21st Sep 2013 15:59
"This guy is shockingly bad"
21st Sep 2013 16:27
"I'll take a draw presently. We've been awful,no possession,Saints have by far been the better team,we've been countering all game. Simon has just kept us in it,amazing saves! Ref has been embarrassingly awful."
21st Sep 2013 16:32
"At least whu are back in front"
21st Sep 2013 17:15
"Aspas not worth on 9m. Wat the hell is tht prices tag for Aspas. Lfc always like to buy a player which not worth about. Borini worth about 11m but contribute wat. Swansea buy Bony 11m , and he is very good . BR Aspas is just like a ASS ... Why you still can chose him at 1st eleven ?"
21st Sep 2013 17:41
"You're useless!." Sort yourself out and learn how to play EPL or get lost"
21st Sep 2013 22:56
"Would prefer to get Kuyt back than this guy. Or Maxi or Bellamy. Big downgrade."