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Please come when we next play the Mancs and beat them. That would be the best feeling you will ever experience.YNWA King Kenny.
20th Sep 2013 14:44
20th Sep 2013 14:50
"where a wig "
20th Sep 2013 15:11
"Kenny don't talk about it do it and make someones day sitting next to you, it may cause a bit of a stir at first but you will experience what you want. no need to go anonymously you couldn't anyway but as one who has stood and sat on the kop I guarantee the experience is well worth it. "
Thisis d1
20th Sep 2013 19:10
"The Man is a Living LEGEND! Ever the Gentleman and always The KING! Thanks for Everything King Kenny. Y.N.W.A"
20th Sep 2013 19:51
"Gey yerself a Now Then Now Then wig tache and take a mate Ken, noone will know who you are, Just dont speak! "
20th Sep 2013 22:30
"I thought his one LFC regret was buying Andy Carroll. (And maybe Downing)"
20th Sep 2013 23:08
"Legend of a man ynwa"
20th Sep 2013 23:35
"It would be great if you could but sit in the Kop but think you would get bothered all game long for signatures. Still a Legend"
21st Sep 2013 10:34
"Borrow Lawro's tache and no one will recognize him-for the first 10 seconds or so."
21st Sep 2013 11:46
"Pure class you are King Kenny. Surely this can be arranged! : )"
21st Sep 2013 13:47
"Yes,this must be done. The King Kenny must enjoy a match on The Kop one day.....definitely! King Kenny Dalglish - You'll Never Walk Alone"
21st Sep 2013 14:42
"biggest regret should be wasting all that money, when we could have signed the likes of mata etc with that kind of funds"
21st Sep 2013 14:57
"Sadly the young generation will only remember him for his second spell as manager and his poor signings,he has done a lot for this club as a player and in his first spell as manager and that must never be forgotten.He will always be a legend regardless of what happened the second time around."
22nd Sep 2013 16:10
"I am so pleased I beat you to it! Yes, one over on King Kenny! I travel 5oo miles return to experience that and wouldnt have it any other way. Why anonymously? Sure you can do that any time, I guess it would be fun - but why not get a regular space and give the fans some of the great moments you gave to us?ooheaven"
23rd Sep 2013 2:46
"For those who criticized his 2nd spell as manager, I would take it any time over another minute of us under Woy."
24th Sep 2013 23:55
"Get in there KK. Any chance you can come and help out BR for the future?? We need you!!"
24th Sep 2013 23:58
"Anyone seen the King??? It could be a feature in the programme where's the King. Can you spot him in the KOP?"