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only against soton jan, only against soton because don't forget we still have the best player in the league to come back
20th Sep 2013 13:48
20th Sep 2013 14:12
"It will be a tough game alright but if we give it 100% effort and commitment I think we'll have ever so slightly too much for them."
Red heat
20th Sep 2013 14:18
"Damn we found a way to cope without Suarez, also without Stevie when he got injured last time around, I think we'll find a way to cope without couts, though its gonna be tough. I would love it very much if Alberto could take his place but something's telling me he'll take time to adjust, not everyone fits in seamlessly. "
20th Sep 2013 18:07
"I want to see a second half performance, thats the one thing we haven't seen this season so far. We folded to Swansea when Coutinho came off and I'm getting tired of watching second half performances that lack control. I guess its fine when you're leading, but when you need a goal its hard to step up when you've been sitting back and defending for so long,"
20th Sep 2013 19:55
"Its not a goal Aspas needs, it's a few games where he can hold up the ball. When Philippe went off no-one offered an outlet and Swansea just kept coming back again and again credit to the defence and holding midfield who earned us a point."
20th Sep 2013 19:58
"good point redbart. I'd like to see Aspas have more opportunities and time to adapt. He works hard, and has talent. I'd also like to see him played out wide"
20th Sep 2013 20:00
"For me Alberto has the creativity to slide in the hole behind Sturridge while PC is out. This weekend should be DS at the point, Moses on the left, Alberto in the hole, Henderson on the right. Gerrard and Lucas holding, Enrique LB, Sahko while Agger recovers, Skirtel, and Kelly. Or if Kellys not ready, Toure"
20th Sep 2013 21:29
"Yes he will be a big miss but if we want 2 get into the top 4 we have 2 cope when we lose our bet player so all i can say is get on with it and make us proud 2 be LFC fans "
20th Sep 2013 23:13
"Great to see positive LFC support for aspas ,some disgusting comments during the week after Swansea , treating him like they did with borini last year .don't deserve to support LFC 3points tommorow please ynwa "
21st Sep 2013 11:29
"livefree - Toure at RB, you must be joking, never again! we did better with Wisdom than with Kolo there. Man's a CB through and through. Aspas needs to be in a game we truly dominate, not just win. he will come good, he's just a bit frantic at the moment.YNWA "
21st Sep 2013 19:54
"This is the pits, to lose Suarez for so long and now Coutinho, that's not good and surely we should know to aquire players of the same standard who are as good if not better than these two to compete for their places in the team or to alternate with them or simply replace them if injury strikes, or suspensions. "
22nd Sep 2013 4:02
"my arse "