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definitely need new rb but prefer van rhijn
20th Sep 2013 14:16
20th Sep 2013 15:16
" All the bull---- is starting again already with people actually believing it and stating who they prefer you should no by now we will rarely get who we would like otherwise we would of signed Erickson and Toby. "
LFC since 1975
20th Sep 2013 16:56
"Bondy9, who is 'we'? as far as I'm aware LFC never put in a bid for Erickson and Toby was a last minute bid that was always going to fail and we did much better in getting Sakho"
20th Sep 2013 23:39
"Bondy9, Liverpool never wanted Erikson. It appeared in transfer rumours that we where watching him but clearly BR never felt he needed him or we would have made an offer."
25th Sep 2013 0:03
"We couldn't sign a letter with these lot Ayre, FSG, BR>>>>>>>>"