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Looking forward to yet another entertaining match. These young lads have a brilliant atude and work commitment unlike some of the overpaid first teamers who so badly let us down at Swansea and yesterday to Southampton. Quite a few of them need to take a long hard look at themselves. These live U21 and U18 games are the best value the club offers unlike my Season Ticket!
22nd Sep 2013 10:30
Buckie LFC Supporter
22nd Sep 2013 17:24
"It might be an interesting team selection. With MU on Wed, whoever plays in this game i.e. Kelly, Wisdom, Alberto, probably won't play on wed"
22nd Sep 2013 19:43
"ward mclaughlin kelly sama flanagan rossiter lussey brannagan peterson morgan dunn"
23rd Sep 2013 18:36
"why aint peterson playing"
23rd Sep 2013 19:24
"Holy cow!!! Insane goal by Morgan! WOW!!!!"
23rd Sep 2013 19:25
"Has the goal of the season been scored yet? Nice one from Adam Morgan."
23rd Sep 2013 19:25
"Adam Morgan just scored an AMAZING GOAL for the U21. Goal of the SEASON for sure "
23rd Sep 2013 19:29
"wow what a goal by morgan goal of the season,"
jibbs lfc
23rd Sep 2013 19:36
"What a goal "
23rd Sep 2013 19:47
"great goal"
23rd Sep 2013 20:02
"cant he do that in first team"
23rd Sep 2013 20:30
"Nice work lads, 0-2 up and playing very well. YNWA starlets :-D "
23rd Sep 2013 20:53
"Don't tell me Martin Kelly was in the U21 Match? we need this lad in the first Team because of the injury to Johnson.. "
23rd Sep 2013 20:53
"gREAT Performance by the kids"