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aspas needs a rocket as he is a bit lightweight im afraid
19th Sep 2013 9:57
19th Sep 2013 10:01
"Sounds like a good lad and scored a few pre-season. Very disappointed to see so called fans writing him off after Swansea. How easy is it to come on as a sub in a gam where the opposition are dominating possession. He would have had a great opportunity if Sturridge had played him in. Anyway, we should all support the lad and give him chance to settle in. Cont"
19th Sep 2013 10:04
"Cont: no doubt those ging Aspas off did the same to Lucas, Hendo etc. Anyway wonder how BR will line us up on Sat with Couts injured. Any thoughts anyone?? Is Allen fit again?"
19th Sep 2013 10:15
"Needs a Prem goal to relax him I feel.His performances in pre-season were pretty decent and I don't think he's done an awful lot wrong in the games he's played. Might take him a little time to adjust to the speed and physicality of the Prem though."
19th Sep 2013 10:34
"He needs a bit of time to gain his confidence then I believe he will be an asset. All the supporters who are slating him should get behind him as is the LFC way. Lucas was a slow starter and look what we have now. YNWA"
19th Sep 2013 10:34
"BR go back to 4-3-3 nd play aspas as a wide striker, at no10 role he is playing off position "
19th Sep 2013 10:36
"More than a little unfair Sikred. He is a 'smart' footballer and works his socks off. He just needs time to settle and will be a useful part of the squad."
19th Sep 2013 10:36
"I beleive in this lad, he runs awkardly and isnt attrctive on the eye but he reads the game very well nad its just the passes he gets are off or his timing is a bit off apaprt from that the lad is only settling in, give him time he will come good!"
19th Sep 2013 10:39
"He was fine in pre-season, just needs to get used to the PL that's all - it's not like he's a bad player. More importantly, we need to learn how to keep control of the ball and not lose our heads in the 2nd half. Still top though ;)"
19th Sep 2013 10:54
"Really & truly, these negative comments about Aspas is annoying me. The guy has been here for 5 minutes & your instantly on his back. Where are the true LFC fans here who stay supporting thru thick & thin. We are NOT chelsea or Man City, who demands things in one second. We are process being the worlds best in a stable growth processing manner. "
19th Sep 2013 11:00
"Rather he did it not just talk about it"
19th Sep 2013 11:02
"allanjuno he need some more protein shakes bit lightweight "
19th Sep 2013 11:05
"can be great for lfc, he is still adjusting, he will be the find of the season, be patient people, look at lucas and now jordo, it can happen if we believe. Brendan knows."
19th Sep 2013 11:08
"It's not fair on the lad playing him wide, he hasn't the attributes of a winger or attacking mid he is a centre forward. The criticism of him is harsh because he is out of position, it shows us just how thin we are in the wide areas, give sterling a start."
19th Sep 2013 11:28
"He's Sturridge back-up, nothing more, nothing less. We need proper wide players and a proper AM."
19th Sep 2013 11:47
"OK, to all the rose tinted die hard fans, this is a very real comment from a fan for 20 years. Aspas at present is a poor footballer, against man u he was a liability and further subsute appearances have shown me nothing to suggest more than a poor mans Borini. "
19th Sep 2013 11:52
"Also, this whole "look at hendo" is stupid. Jordan was always going to come good, he had already played for England before we signed him, again Lucas was captain off brazil underage...Aspas is a Championship player. Saying that, he must have a great week at training to get the nod over other players."
19th Sep 2013 11:59
"Cannot believe the negative comments here? No plastic scouser's here please YNWA Reds "
19th Sep 2013 12:13
"bigbird- i reckon hel throw hendo in the centre with sturridge, moses and i reckon hel give sterling a run. gerrard and lucas holding. enrique, agger, skrtle im hoping wisdom doesnt start, hes too nervous against swansea."
19th Sep 2013 12:38
"You are not good enough to play for Liverpool from what we seen so far."
19th Sep 2013 12:59
"Thank you Aspas for being part of a team that hasn't let anyone down and is perfroming well above the expectations of opposing fans, teams and the media. Everybody had us written off even before the pre-season. Your team contribution is appreciated. Continue working hard - the goals will come. YNWA "
19th Sep 2013 13:02
"Total faith in Aspas he has done well enough so far. He's still settling in & will only get better. "
19th Sep 2013 13:41
"I think aspas will do well for us just needs time to adapt, he's an intelligent footballer makes good runs off the ball, yes he is quite lightweight but so is messi and he copes just fine, ppl seem to think every player has to be built like a rugby player? We aren't stoke! Those slating him should show a little bit more patience and support. A bit early to write him off imo"
19th Sep 2013 13:41
"Hope Aspas doesn't visit this forum. Some really dispiriting comments here. I don't wear rose-tinted glasses nor am I defending Aspas but it's too premature to write him off. He has 1 assist to his name and think would've scored against Aston Villa had Sturridge played in the ball to him. He needs time, will be a good, reliable back-up striker"
19th Sep 2013 13:43
"Aspas will have a larger role with Coutinho out and it should do him a world of good. Playing alongside Moses, Suarez and Sturridge will give him a good number of opportunities to open his tally."
19th Sep 2013 13:46
"LFCliam7 I admire your decent comment, ASPAS WILL BE GREAT PLAYER FOR LFC."
19th Sep 2013 13:47
"Just keep working hard Iago, just push for it and it will come.. IT WILL.. it takes time to adapt to so many changes and the game is quite physical here."
19th Sep 2013 13:49
"TOALUAE 11:52, do you need anything that provides mental stimulus for thinking? heâ"
19th Sep 2013 13:51
"cont.. heâ"
19th Sep 2013 13:54
"cont... Been played out of position, let him settle in for god sake. He single handedly demolished R/Madrid and help Celta to remain in premier liga. Even sergio Ramos will admit heâ"
19th Sep 2013 14:00
"I dont know why people are bagging aspas so much he has been alright since signing! and he still needs more time to adapt."
Red David
19th Sep 2013 14:05
"If you think Aspas is "leightweight" then what is Sterling then? Remember Jan Molby, he was playing with a "beer-belly" not that much pace, but man could he pass a ball. It's NOT about the weight, like boxing. Can anyone tell me how many assists have been given to Aspas? YNWA"
19th Sep 2013 14:08
"Borini mark two , shows nothing ,adds nothing , except bookings and is a huge disapointment so far. Also ,like Borini there is plenty of talk but until I see something on the pitch , which so far has been lacking, then Aspas will have been yet another waste of money. Get the finger out lad this is LFC,we expert more."
19th Sep 2013 14:15
"Hopefully Aspas bulks up in the gym and learns how to keep hold of the ball. And hopefully give-the-ball-away Allen doesn't replace Coutinho on sat."
19th Sep 2013 14:32
"I can see him as a bit like Dirk, making good runs, chasing the game. Brendan has faith in him, otherwise he would not play (Borini on loan). How else will he get experience. Interesting to see how he fits in when Luis is back and taking Phil's roll for a while...he'll get some goals for sure!! "
19th Sep 2013 16:30
"Stop talking, stop playing like a sh*t and improve ur game "
19th Sep 2013 20:12
19th Sep 2013 21:15
"Wait til end of season, look back judge aspa's then, top of the league and possible 7 straight victories ahead now. 3-1 demolition of the saints coming up. Nice! "
19th Sep 2013 21:45
"I really like Aspas - I'm impressed with his work off the ball and he was superb in pre-season. Just needs to calm the frustration and compose himself a bit more-give the guy a chance.On a constructive note like last season and the season before we don't make enough of the counter attack. We have pace in abundance (cont)"
19th Sep 2013 21:48
" yet seem sluggish. Hendo always manages to be the 1st player in the box (although is rarely passed to) and being as he's normally 20 yards further back than the forwards there should be no excuses. (cont)"
19th Sep 2013 21:50
"Players need to stop the fancy nutmegs and play a simple ball - and Stevie needs to stop with his heroics - wasting good opportunities and losing possession by smashing it high and wide from 40yds. Yes we know he occasionally scores a blinder but if I keep putting money on a number on roulette I may win but I'm likely to lose a lot of money trying:) "
19th Sep 2013 21:52
"having said that though we are top of the league and haven't really played very good football. Sound familiar? "
Dede 7
20th Sep 2013 21:08
"IAGO ASPAS. i know this Lad will excite us soon. he has the potential. i personally think we shall see the best of him whe Suarez returns. coz he is one of the best at counter attacking football. YNWA."
Dede 7
20th Sep 2013 21:26
"Remember he was our top scorer in pre-season. on his first game everyone was amazed by his wonderful goal. its surprising and laughable that some fans are writting him off. "
21st Sep 2013 13:08
"Well said big bird ynwa"