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HE will grow into becoming Hyypia-esque
19th Sep 2013 9:27
19th Sep 2013 9:49
"30 metres in 3 secs for a CB!!! "
19th Sep 2013 9:57
"Hopefully mitu10. He does sound good."
19th Sep 2013 10:05
"hopefully he will become as great as Hyppiä, but the only thing Hyppiä lacked was pace, this guy has pace so if he can be as good as Hyppiä in other aspects of his game, he will be the best central defender ever!"
19th Sep 2013 10:09
"He is certainly different to Sakho whose game looks to be about physical domination. For a first game Sakho was OK, but did jump in a bit, I think he was a bit to keen to impress, just needs time to settle like all payers (apart from Couts). If Llori really os that quick and comfortable on ball, should be a great player"
19th Sep 2013 10:09
""HE will grow into becoming Hyypia-esque" ..? What a ridiculous comment. Did you even see Hyypia play?"
19th Sep 2013 10:28
"why cant he be tried at right back? he has pace to do well there "
19th Sep 2013 10:37
"Look forward to seeing him in the first team. His pace would alarm the opposition but does he have the physique to cope with some of the 'cloggers' currently in the premiership. YNWA"
19th Sep 2013 10:41
"Hyppia-esque with the pace of cheetah! Ha! Ha!"
19th Sep 2013 10:49
"I really do think Ibe is going to be something special, so more matured than sterling already, doesn't get strengthed off the ball, great end product, can't wait until he gets more chances in the first team."
19th Sep 2013 11:05
"Pace, agility and comfort in possession. Sounds more like Mark Lawrenson and Alan Hansen rolled into one. "
19th Sep 2013 11:09
"Love to see him start v ManU in the cup..."
19th Sep 2013 11:09
"Think we got ourselves a bargain here. Saw him the other night and he's got' the potential to be world class in a couple of years. Needs to bulk up a bit though."
19th Sep 2013 11:47
"He's composed, comfortable with the ball at his feet, can play a pass, has great defensive qualities and is physically excellent. We have a rare player in our ranks. "
19th Sep 2013 12:06
"Didn't he grow up in England?"
19th Sep 2013 12:45
"He was born in England but grew up in Portugal"
19th Sep 2013 14:12
"lived in london,looks good,i would also give him a blast at RB,and i still want johnson on the right wing"
19th Sep 2013 15:29
"BillyBud why do you say mitu10 makes a ridiculous comment? "
19th Sep 2013 15:35
"Welcome to Anfield. Keep fit and ready for the call. I hope that we will win the League together in not too distant future. "
19th Sep 2013 17:29
"Who saw him play I don't know to much "