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God's gift
18th Sep 2013 12:32
18th Sep 2013 12:33
"Not good news..."
18th Sep 2013 12:33
":( That really sucks.. Get well soon Philippe YNWA!"
18th Sep 2013 12:34
"End of October?? This isn't good news. Ashley Williams should get band for 3 games. Leaving his leg in the air was intentional. All game he was out to get someone and poor Coutinho got it. "
18th Sep 2013 12:34
"Bad news! Can Luis Alberto make the step up?"
18th Sep 2013 12:36
"Just the New's I Feared. lets all make Ashley Williams Feel at home when he turns up at Anfield.!!"
18th Sep 2013 12:36
"We are so screwed right now"
18th Sep 2013 12:37
"Time for Luis Alerto to step up!"
18th Sep 2013 12:38
"Nightmare. He has looked great in pre-season and did well in the league. The best was yet to come. Get well soon. Thankfully Suarez will be back to fill his boots very soon."
18th Sep 2013 12:38
"We will miss his creativity...Here's to a speedy recovery...YNWA."
18th Sep 2013 12:39
"It was obvious Williams was being taken apart,had a go at Gerrard,then Henderson then cut him in two. Should be prosecuted for GBH"
18th Sep 2013 12:39
18th Sep 2013 12:41
"That's what every supporter was afraid would happen. I've always said and repeatedly that a replacement for PC and SG is a must and it should have been done by BR. I'm sorry BR but you messed it up by paying more attention to squad than first team. I am very sad. Very sad. "
18th Sep 2013 12:41
" you william... how dare u injured our little magician..."
18th Sep 2013 12:43
"awful news , get well soon Philip .. on an aside , anyone got any idea when the boards will be back up ?"
18th Sep 2013 12:43
"Very bad news!"
18th Sep 2013 12:43
"awful news , get well soon Philip .. on an aside , anyone got any idea when the boards will be back up ?"
18th Sep 2013 12:44
"sorry "
18th Sep 2013 12:44
"Get well soon. PC is obviously one of our star performers - time to see what we are made of. I suspect the team will step up and keep performing. YNWA"
18th Sep 2013 12:44
"Good luck and hurry back Philippe. Just as well we have Henderson in form and Alberto, Ibe and Sterling seem to be ready to show what they can do. "
Gerrard o ya beauty
18th Sep 2013 12:45
"Absolutely gutted for him and the team, nobody in our squad can replace him, others must step up now and try to create chances. Get well soon Coutinho YNWA"
18th Sep 2013 12:45
"Huge loss. However i think suarez will slot into his role comfortably when he gets back...only have to hold out for 1 more game until he returns. "
18th Sep 2013 12:45
"Good news is Suarez is back soon, but we will certainly miss you Philippe .. Get well soon ! And come back stronger and better, if that's possible ?"
18th Sep 2013 12:46
"In fact, we needed one more play maker to play alongside PC and now we are left with no play makers. I believe, BR is at fault for passing on Eriksen. I also think that Jao Texiera should be brought back. Otherwise!!! 'Very sad day indeed. With no LS and SG tired and unfit DS, I'm nervous for Saturday."
18th Sep 2013 12:46
"my worst fear was this injurt ... its probably the only possition where we hav,nt got a talented replacement my team for southampton game migionet toure agger sakho skirtel hendeson gerrard lucas albierto mosses sturidge"
18th Sep 2013 12:46
"Williams is a thug. He earned them a draw when he took Coutinho out. Loss to the EPL"
18th Sep 2013 12:46
"I expected nothing less of Williams! He gets notoriety for injuring players, hope somebody returns the compliment soon!"
18th Sep 2013 12:48
"ASHLEY WILLIAMS YA FAT ING FOOL, come to anfield next time well see if you do that again. ya bluffer, your sh*t, no one wanted you over the summer. your a poor mans rio ferdinand. who the f**k do you think you are, you rat. get well soon phillipe, stevie make williams the clown pay at anfield."
18th Sep 2013 12:50
"Didn't want to hear that."
18th Sep 2013 12:52
"Ashley Williams should of been sent off. Intentional fowl to stop us dominating the game against Swansea. Why did we not put on Alberto?"
18th Sep 2013 12:52
"Get well soon PC10, we will really miss your services....YNWA"
18th Sep 2013 12:54
"Ashley Williams should be banned for as long as Coutinho is injured. Leaving your leg out at chest height is dangerous and cowardly. Thank god suarez is coming back, we'd be toothless in attack otherwise."
18th Sep 2013 12:54
"This is where the depth of the squad Proves crucial. Step up L. Alberto this is your time to shine. Besides El-pistolero will be back after sitting out this weekend's game. Its not all doom and gloom. We are LFC and no one man is bigger than the LFC family/team. YNWA Coutinho and get well soon"
18th Sep 2013 12:54
"STIL FIND IT ANNOYING THAT A DELIBERATE TAKLE( only a yellow card ) by williams putting out a player for over a month find only a yellow when a bite that didn,t have the player in question side lined gets a 10 match ban stil wil argue with F,A, over there priorities"
18th Sep 2013 12:55
"Thats some bad news. Thanks to Fat C*nt Williams. Maybe Suarez can fullfil Phil's place?"
18th Sep 2013 12:55
"Luis Alberto needs to step up for Coutinho, plus we now need to bring back Suso as cover. Would prefer Suso anyway..."
18th Sep 2013 12:55
"We are so reliant on him so much that we went to sleep immediately he got injured, hope he finds us still on top and having stopped the habit of playing 1st half only, what a loss. Get well soon Philippe, fortunately LUIS is only a game away."
18th Sep 2013 12:56
"nicebutfunky - Williams did not leave his leg out (which I could accept) he moved it towards Coutinho in a second movement. Its a disgrace. Absolutely gutted about this news. He has been our most important/influencial player"
18th Sep 2013 12:57
"Hoping for a speedy recovery!! YNWA "
18th Sep 2013 12:58
"Get well soon little wiazard, you'll come back stronger! One man misfortune another man luck - Luis Alberto should prove himself and get some time on the pitch ;)"
18th Sep 2013 12:59
"Bad news and Luis Alberto is not yet good enough but Luis comes back after Southampton's game so this is very good !"
18th Sep 2013 13:00
"Bad news indeed, hope you come back sooner than they say. YNWA PC. All the comments about AW are quite right, total thug, should have been sent off, just typical that the ref bottled it. Just hope someone gets him back the coward!!"
18th Sep 2013 13:00
"Get well soon, Number 10. So, Southampton line up: Mignolet, Kelly, Toure, Skrte, Enrique, Lucas, Alberto, Gerrard, Henderson, Moses, Struridge. With Sterling and Ibe to come on if needed more creativity late on..."
18th Sep 2013 13:01
"At least that solves who is going to make way for Suarez"
18th Sep 2013 13:01
"so he's out for 6 weeks? wow we're so screwed "
18th Sep 2013 13:01
"Get well soon Philippe. Would like to see Alberto given a go at the weekend in the no.10 role. Had a good game for the U21's yesterday. I am more worried about our RB situation, Wisdom is great but not ready yet - Swansea targeted him on Monday, Saints will do the same."
18th Sep 2013 13:02
"Was Luis Alberto on the bench Monday? Why wasn't he put on for Coutinho? He scored a HATRICK last night for the u21's. Hope he's playing this weekend! Now need to bring back Suso to cover!"
18th Sep 2013 13:02
"Big loss but...this is the part where Luis Alberto steps up"
18th Sep 2013 13:03
"guys you cannot compare Alberto to Coutinho. I perdonally would move stevie into the 'no10' role vs southampton. Lucas-Alberto Henderson-Gerrard-Moses Sturridge Basically let stevie off the leash"
18th Sep 2013 13:03
"Where going to need an extra attacking pitch against Southampton. "
18th Sep 2013 13:04
"poor coutinho. i hope he comes back stronger. we will miss his servieces. i'm really worried now. who will we play as no.10? i hope alberto can make it there. he does look promising after yesterday's game. but it's still a big step up to the prem. if williams had done that in the cl he would have got a straight red. he had bitter n jealousy written all over his face"
18th Sep 2013 13:05
"williams you mug, so much for buying eriksen "
18th Sep 2013 13:05
"Southampton line up: Mignolet, Toure, Skrte, Agger, Sakho, Lucas, Alberto, Gerrard, Henderson, Moses, Sturidge."
18th Sep 2013 13:05
"This means Sterling to come in. Moses and Sterling interchanging on the wings. "
18th Sep 2013 13:06
"This injury actually could have been worse. could have been 3 months. time for others to step up. Alberto. "
18th Sep 2013 13:08
"obviously when suarez returns it should be normal service and a straght swap"
18th Sep 2013 13:08
"Huge loss!! We should win the next 5 league games without him and Suarez will be back for 4 of those. Liverpool V Southampton Sunderland V Liverpool Liverpool V Crystal Palace Newcastle V Liverpool Liverpool V West Brom "
18th Sep 2013 13:11
"Nightmare :-( need Alberto and allen back in with a chance....And Suarez back soon too."
18th Sep 2013 13:11
"Bad news. Whats up with this Williams guy he seems to have a personal issue with our best players. First he wanted to punch Suarez, squares up to Gerrard and now injures Coutinho with a really bad challenge."
18th Sep 2013 13:13
"I hope he gets well soon, he is such a fabulous player to watch and crucial for our team if we want success this season. However it does add to the baffling decision why we never made a move for Eriksen! "
18th Sep 2013 13:15
"Oh dear, i really hate ashley williams, not his complete fault but he is a k£b tbh"
18th Sep 2013 13:17
"Now this is what I would call a crisis! Just as I was waiting for the mouthwatering prospects of Suarez joining the fray, we get this news. We need to recall Suso a player who can provide Coutinho guile. I am so shocked. That is 2 pivotal players who are now crocked. "
18th Sep 2013 13:17
"This is a huge loss for us but thankfully its at a time when we dont have to play any of the top teams. Still you need your strongest squad available to win anything in this league or be placed high up the table.Come back stronger Couts."
18th Sep 2013 13:17
"I am not Erricsen biggest fan ,but now we will be sorry for missing him ..."
18th Sep 2013 13:18
"really bad news... IMO, hendo can play in the middle and stevie will be play behind the striker. Sterling could play in right wing."
18th Sep 2013 13:21
"did anyone see Alberto last night?he ain't good enough yet.Firsr half he was awful,suso is miles better and should be recalled.I still don't understand why we never went for Ericksen,Alberto and aspas cost 15 mil and at the moment look like poor buys.Scouting team messed up IMO"
18th Sep 2013 13:22
"Nooooooo....!!!!! God this isn't fair...Lets hope we give that piece of s#it assley williams trouble on the day he comes to Anfield."
18th Sep 2013 13:22
"People moaning about our not getting Eriksen. BR didn't want him, and he didn't want to come to LFC. What's the big mystery. Cou is out for at least a month and we'll have to make do. We've got some depth now, we can make tactical adjustments, we'll be OK. Whinging about players not gotten is completely pointless."
18th Sep 2013 13:23
"I cried out LOUD all SUMMER LONG that we needed Another Creative Midfielder,, Now here we are NOW :-( Get well soon Phillippe, Im one of your biggest Fans. WE NEED ANOTHER CREATIVE MIDFIELDER ASAP. LFC TILL I DIE."
18th Sep 2013 13:23
"We should have got Eriksen as he would have slotted right in. But we do have the magical Suarez back which is massive. Now we have to see if Sterling, Ibe or Alberto can step. Its devastating that we lose our best creator. This lad is why I am down on Hendo, because I should be saying Hendo is the answer, but he is not. "
18th Sep 2013 13:25
"Eriksen emergency loan signing from Spurs!"
18th Sep 2013 13:27
"We're so phuqed. Currently he is irreplaceable. Neither Moses nor Alberto is up to it yet. That's how it is, there will be no pretty victories only ground out results. Gonna be exciting this season. Already is. "
18th Sep 2013 13:28
"Forget Eriksen, many said we shouldve got Sneijder instead of Coutinho...Rodgers brought in Luis Alberto for times like these"
18th Sep 2013 13:28
"Buddha - How would you know? BR has only played him in the same position as guess who? Yes KD who got absolutely slated for it! Hendo is no tricky player we know but he could play extremely well in the hole.With a simple 1 touch pass through to Suarez or DS. Get well soon PC."
18th Sep 2013 13:30
"Alberto took about 30 minutes to get into the U21 match last night but then showed terrific composure, excellent vision, deft touches, calm finishing (hat trick!), and outstanding passing. Don't see Southampton being much better than Sunderland's U21's, tbh, so he could do well. Another chance to blood a youngster. Worked pretty well for us lately."
18th Sep 2013 13:30
18th Sep 2013 13:32
"this is all the owners fault. BR constantly said during the summer he wanted to add one more attacking midf but what did the owners do? they gave him a deaf ear, brought in 2 CBS and left us short in midfield. i agree bring in suso back from almeria if that's even possible. our good start to the season will slowly fade if we dont have that extra creativity."
18th Sep 2013 13:34
"Williams should have been carded it was intentional and dangerous leaving his foot up. Guy is garbage! Get better soon Philippe. Might be a good position for Moses to take up."
18th Sep 2013 13:35
"Nightmare... Would be more inclined to play SG in the hole and play Hendo and Lucas together behind him. Sterling and Moses on the wings. Big loss for us."
18th Sep 2013 13:35
"Shouldnt something be done to players who deliberately injur another like Williams did? Get well soon son, You're badly needed."
18th Sep 2013 13:39
"Since we seldom play with a #10, figuring out who will do it is wrong. We play a different shape. However, Alberto's hattrick yesterday should serve as ample confidence boost for him to step in and play well. I am confident our Captain can lead us against Southhampton without PC available."
18th Sep 2013 13:39
"we are liverpool. we will win all of these following games. i believe in our squad. they dont want to be losing matches and so they wont lose any "
18th Sep 2013 13:40
"LUIS ALBERTO, its time to step up. I have faith in you. I just don't want Allen on that field. Not also sure about Aspas, BR should have played Luis instead when Coutinho got injured. Best of luck this weekend."
18th Sep 2013 13:40
"burn in hell williams"
18th Sep 2013 13:41
"A pity we don't have a Souness or a Tommy Smith anymore who would take care of Williams and others who commit such cynical tackles on those whose football skills are hem."
18th Sep 2013 13:46
"Realists who warned of no injury cover pre season were slated as not being "true fans" by the super fans from miles away all telling us how to support... But now look at the comments of these bipolar sheep. All despondency over one injury. Thank god FSG have provided us with so much proven injury cover and options. YNWA! "
18th Sep 2013 13:46
"Really bad news but the good news is Suarez will be back, Cout influenced the game play very much in the final third."
18th Sep 2013 13:48
"We are going to miss your genius touches on the field. Get well soon."
18th Sep 2013 13:48
"Terrible news, but at least we have Suarez to come back in after Sunderland. We shouldn't need Coutinho to beat Sunderland, we're not a one man team anymore. "
18th Sep 2013 13:51
"redahendo - agree a bit with your idea... I often thought that when hendo finds himself in a more forward part of the pitch and has less time to think on the ball, he has the attributes of a forward...."
18th Sep 2013 13:54
"You have to laugh at some peoples comments regarding Rodgers not getting Erikson, lets be honest do you really think he has a choice??? it comes down the owners to spend the money, secondly how long do you think Erikson would be happy to sit on the bench for hoping for an injury to occur so he can get his chance? come on guys think about it before you start having a whinge."
poolman 96
18th Sep 2013 13:54
"give the free role to stevie g and suarez will back after the next game. we can manage without philly for a while "
18th Sep 2013 13:56
"CRISIS CRISIS CRISIS!! Oh wait, look at the league table. You negative fans on here make me sick. Is the owners/managers fault? What is? That we are top of the league after 4 difficult games? Get a grip. In Brendan we trust!"
18th Sep 2013 13:56
"What has happened to Coutinho is unfortunate, however it is a cirstance that will occur in football and to have a player on the bench as good as the player on the pitch is not feasible, especially for LFC. Everyone keeps mentioning Alberto but have forgot about Allen who had a poor end to last season but has looked very good during pre-season and did before he got injured against Notts in cup. "
18th Sep 2013 13:56
"We have back up, might be nice to see Toure sitting in Gerard's position as he has the discipline and footballing brain to do it and see what damage Gerard can still cause going forward again, I for one miss the Gerard who used to crop up 30 yards out with a screamer!!!"
18th Sep 2013 13:57
"Some are slating FSG??? Eight new players and one costing 16-18 million. Doesn't sound as though the Owners told BR and IA not to buy or who to buy. Some folks just like to complain. If we can't beat Southhampton with our healthy squad, we have much bigger issues than missing Coutinho."
18th Sep 2013 13:58
"This Williams sucks. When Ferguson said he nearly killed vanpersie, I thought it was a joke, he is really a thug. Maybe he is disappointed for not moving to a big team? this is u are a burstard Williams.Get well soon PC."
18th Sep 2013 13:58
"we should have signed Erikson, we messed up big time signing inept Sakho for 18 mil. Depressing."
18th Sep 2013 13:58
" We will miss the little magician but we will be fine. I watched the u21 game last night and the Men of Match were ALBERTO and RAHEEM STERLING .We can put Alberto in front of Gerrard and Leiva with Raheem in a front 3 with Moses and Sturridge. Gerrard or Henderson could also play advanced . No Aspas for me"
18th Sep 2013 13:59
"let's look at the positives of losing coutinho.... he does lose the ball quite a bit and gives a chance for others to step up. mignolet toure skrtel agger enrique lucas gerrard allen hendo moses sturridge"
18th Sep 2013 14:00
"wishing you a speedy recovery phil'"
18th Sep 2013 14:02
"Williams & Shelvey should have been sent off.Get well soon Philippe. "
18th Sep 2013 14:03
"wish a quick recovery to Coutinho. Luis Alberto, going by U21 game, could step up to plate."
18th Sep 2013 14:05
"Thats really sad, and not fair at all...this is wast williams the wan..r wanted, PC to get off and he got it...should get a ban and fine...biting is not the only bad thing in football...this guy took him out for over 6 weeks and only gets a card...DISGUSTED... Get well soon Coutinho..youre gone be missed..hopefully alberto can do the job on Sat"
18th Sep 2013 14:08
"3-5-2 - skrtel, agger, sakho - toure, gerrard, lucas, hendo, enrique - moses, sturridge "
18th Sep 2013 14:09
"Get well soon Philippe, we need you !!!! Time for everyone else to step up, and make sure we can compete without our little wizard!!!"
18th Sep 2013 14:10
"Really hope Ashley Williams will be suspended... he was very well aware of what he was doing, no accident. Hope you recover quickly Phillipe, YNWA!"
18th Sep 2013 14:11
"bit of a blow that... but it ll give someone else to stand up to the plate and shine! "
18th Sep 2013 14:12
"Calm down, bad that it is, have faith in BR. Luis S to come back, and Luis A to step up, Raheem to prove what he can do. Just a re-jig. That' what a squad is for. Get well soon PC mate, your deputy's will do a good job pal!"
18th Sep 2013 14:14
"Chillout lads- suarez will play his role and studge can still play upfront- also we only play soton-sudland-c.palace, then its the international break again(5th oct-19th)before nawcatle away(which he maybe back for)"
18th Sep 2013 14:15
18th Sep 2013 14:17
"BR have now chanche to fix his error at Swansea.Replace Gerrard for Coutinho and Hendo for was a mistake in monday to take Aspas for Coutinho.It cost two points for the team.Reaction is the key from coach. "
18th Sep 2013 14:26
"Idiots who warned us of doom n gloom, now we sit proudly at the top of the league- the one from down the road still spouting his bile"
18th Sep 2013 14:29
"A big blow and that Ashley Williams of a guy is a devil"
18th Sep 2013 14:32
"Massive shame but good luck with the surgery and get well soon. "
18th Sep 2013 14:33
"Get well soon Philippe, Good job Suarez is back game after next.. YNWA"
Red Rum
18th Sep 2013 14:33
"Ashley Williams is a w#~k#r. What a thug. As for all the comments ref Jon joe yesterday. We were right to sell him. Did everybody forget the penalty he gave away for Swansea against spurs cost them a point there too. Too rash charging around the place. He could also have been sent off against us if he had been booked for a late tackle on coutino. "
18th Sep 2013 14:36
"When is the FA going to act on these matters. Because he was booked there can be no investigation. It is time for a 'report' system as in rugby league, all evidence examined then retribution for a dangerous act. If a mimicked bite is 10 game ban then wilful / intended injury should be a heavier penalty. Oh wait a moment, it is only lFC that are at the brunt of harsh FA decisions!!!! YNWA"
18th Sep 2013 14:37
"Guys: We are not a one man Team and others will have to step up.We need to utilise all the squad. I am as gutted that we have lost our current best player but these things happen. By the way Ashley Williams should get a retrospective ban after a review of the dangerous kick!! "
18th Sep 2013 14:40
"Stevie to play at 10 behind sturridge, Hendo, Lucas, Moses and sterling in the middle and, Agger, toure, Enrique and skrtel at the back. (Toure as a 'stay at home' left back) Wisdom not ready yet"
18th Sep 2013 14:43
"We are ruined, there goes the le, thought it was going to be our year!"
18th Sep 2013 14:45
"Can we get Carragher AND Skrtel man-marking that moron Ashley Williams at Anfield?"
18th Sep 2013 14:46
"Huge setback right now. Get well soon Phil!"
18th Sep 2013 14:47
"Get well soon Philipe. I would move Hendo to the middle and play Sterling right side until LS7 returns."
18th Sep 2013 14:49
"Quick recovery and all the best Coutinho. I am glad we didnt buy Williams, ok CB but what a fouler."
18th Sep 2013 14:49
"real horrible news but good news that Suarez will back after the Southamtons match so we can beat all the rivalies"
18th Sep 2013 14:50
"sakho ilori aspas alberto = 40m...... eriksen chadli paulinho and chiriches = 42m. just shows how badly we suck in window"
18th Sep 2013 14:54
"Not sure re our options? Push Hendo up? Alberto is more like a left side winger?? I wouldnt be surprised if Kolo gets pushed up in front of the back line and Gerrard or Hendo pushed up?"
18th Sep 2013 14:56
"Gutted! Get better as soon as possible Philippe. Time for others to step up. YNWA!"
18th Sep 2013 15:01
"Why the Hell did we not get Eriksen when we had te chance and at such a low price, him and Couthinho could have been alternated and played together when needed, now we are sunk, that animal Williams shouldn't have got away with that."
18th Sep 2013 15:04
"This will show us how good a squad we have. He did well last season but has not produced the same form this season so far. Lets hope who ever Brendan puts in his place does a good job, I would hate to think injuries will derail our good start to the season. Here's to a swift recovery and a return to last seasons outstanding form."
18th Sep 2013 15:04
"just means hendo can play in midfield now instead of the wing! sterling and moses on the wings"
ecstatic Kop
18th Sep 2013 15:08
"Reds are on the verge of completing £100m signing of uruguayan striker luis suarez early next week "
18th Sep 2013 15:09
"OOh get well soon,thats really harsh,,it seems to me football players are made of glass these days,,ynwa"
Ammar dent
18th Sep 2013 15:10
"That means its difficult to create chances as there is no body would replace him at the moment"
18th Sep 2013 15:13
"total bummer - that foul by williams was a disgrace. if he'd done that in 5 a side i'd have decked him, no words."
18th Sep 2013 15:15
"Very bad news... he's our playmaker! Someone needs to step up! YNWA and get well soon kid! "
18th Sep 2013 15:16
"PC hope u hav a speedy recovery n for all those hu r posting negative thoughts we will hav saurez bk next week, as for this weekend the anfield kop will push that ball into the southhampton goal 3 points all the way until PC comes bk at end of october n begin of nov wn we entain gunners walk in the park bring it on"
18th Sep 2013 15:16
"If Coutinho had been a manu player, Williams would have got a six match ban. If Williams had been a manu player he wouldn't even have got a yellow card. There simply is no fairness towards Liverpool players pure bias. Then already the manu bias continues with Ashley Young and his Oscar winning performances in the penalty box, getting players sent off, they cheated those 3 points as usual. "
18th Sep 2013 15:19
"red neve- couldnt agree more, stevie in there over hendo. as much as i love hendo, as my friend said hes got the creativity of a coffee cable, great worker though."
18th Sep 2013 15:21
"It could have been worse fellas, let's be glad Glen and Coutinho will be back to full fitness before the big run of games in the winter. Alberto just had a hat trick for the u21's, he could step up in that position and surprise a few. Start Skrtel at right back, Agger/Sakho if fit, Toure for Agger otherwise. We will win on Saturday."
18th Sep 2013 15:22
"Ashley Williams is a ...."
18th Sep 2013 15:22
"A big kick in the teeth but we have Suárez back soon"
18th Sep 2013 15:22
"Suarez coming back will add creativity, but we will still notice the absence of Philipe. "
18th Sep 2013 15:27
"If we had Eriksen it wouldn't have been so bad..."
18th Sep 2013 15:40
"Let's see how "our" almighty Henderson and ever creative Lucas fair in the midfield."
18th Sep 2013 15:45
"Everybody needs to jus shut up abut Erickson bcuz he didn't want to be here... Suso would hav been our best fit to replace PC but hes not here so lets jus alter the tactics a bit and get on with it... Get well soon our little Wizard... YNWA!"
18th Sep 2013 15:47
"what a sad news"
18th Sep 2013 15:48
"This is a blow but I reckon, and I take this from what I saw in pre-season, that wee Joe Allen can maybe go in the hole. He is really good on the ball and we need someone with this natural control to hold any pass and make it stick. Suarez comes back soon anyway. The lads need to just keep going, this is apart of the sport."
18th Sep 2013 15:48
"Spuddy1892, You're right mate, Hendo isn't the most creative player but, he's one of the most committed young midfielders out there. I'd pick him on nuisance value alone. I'm sure stevie's legs can manage at 10 until coutinho comes back. Don't need him breaking the sound barrier anymore just keeping everything flowing. And just think, one more game and we can set luis on them! God help em!"
18th Sep 2013 15:50
"good job we have Suárez back soon"
18th Sep 2013 15:52
"If hendo,lucas and gerard play their pressing game properly i dnt see any problems playing luis alberto..Sterling/Aspas to start on one of the flanks. "
18th Sep 2013 15:55
"Looking at Aspas as well, he needs to hold it up better. It's all good working hard and working the channels, but if you don't hold it up when were under pressure; it results in constant bombardment we seen the other night. He has the frame as well so there is no excuses. That is the most basic element of forward play for me, they should ALL be able to hold the ball up at LFC."
18th Sep 2013 15:55
"When we chased Eriksen he was fluttering his eyelashes at Dortmund. They turned him down then his agent said he's only considering CL clubs. So he ends up at spurs (go figure). The eriksen ppl on this site are talkin about ducked LFC. "
18th Sep 2013 15:56
"Think knowing BR the team will be: Mignolet,Toure Skrtel Agger Enrique, Gerrard Lucas Allen, Henderson Sturridge Moses. With Allen the most advanced. Did this a pre season so seems quite an obvious choice really. Maybe we will see the real Joe Allen turn up again "
18th Sep 2013 15:57
"Ashley Williams must have been really upset he did not get a transfer to us...Not only him, but most Swansea players were out there to get someone. *****"
18th Sep 2013 16:03
"I hope you are well soon. God Bless. YNWA!"
18th Sep 2013 16:07
"Id like to see allen play number 10 role tbh. Mignolet toure skrtel agger enrique lucas gerrard hendo allen moses sturridge. We need to keep hold of the ball more 2nd half and think we need allens pressing to retain/regain possession"
18th Sep 2013 16:08
"It`s a loss but we are Liverpool FC and we dont sissy off, coz one or two player is injured. Other teams also get players injured thats the game. Lets get Alberto into our team and move on. When Luis got suspended everybody thought it`s the end of the world, but it was`nt, we are LFC and we have a heart and pride. Fast recovery for Coutinho. "
18th Sep 2013 16:15
"I really think Eriksen will 'come and go' We've sold better players than him! Moses will make us better, sterling has matured as a player and Ibe will blossom too. I think we already have the players to fill coutinho's boots for the interim? Although its a blow losing him its far from a catastrophe. YNWA "
18th Sep 2013 16:17
"Oh NO! Not good at all...get well soon philippe...we need u back asap!"
18th Sep 2013 16:18
"now all we need is an injury to lucas or gerrard and we are well f**ked,hope all goes well PC "
18th Sep 2013 16:21
"Bad news! However it allows Joe Allen, Henderson, Alberto to show what they got before he comes back, cause atm no one could take Coutinho place, But also Suarez will be straght in the team and in a position he would like, that solves the Suarez and Sturridge dilemma, it not terrible news guys. But get well soon we will be a better team with you."
18th Sep 2013 16:22
"Well thats just great, just as things were starting to look like they were on an upward curve, a vital & irreplacable player in Countinho is cynically removed by Ashley Williams......cheers mate !!!!!!! "
18th Sep 2013 16:25
"Oh well. It's why we have quality replacements in the squad. You haven't been at you best so far this season and we're still top so hopefully we're not going to miss you much if at all. Get well soon Cout."
18th Sep 2013 16:29
"Can't really believe fans are actually slating Aspas for the Swansea game . He's just came in like 30 mins . He's not even the reason why we conceded the 2nd goal . Blame Wisdom or Sakho for the mistakes . Sakho - Forgivable coz he's new. Wisdom - Need more experience . Toure is much better at RB. "
18th Sep 2013 16:32
"We can kiss 4th good bye now I said Along we needed reinforcements in centre mid as Gerry and Lucas do not have the pace or the legs to boss the midfield as our second half peformances have shown and with cautionio injured we are snookered we should have gone for ericson "
18th Sep 2013 16:34
"horrible news...well hopefully rodgers finally realizes we are lacking midfielders and buys some good ones in transfer window instead of defenders where we have been solid the only good midfielders we have are gerrard and coutinho"
18th Sep 2013 16:35
"Luis Alberto to take up the mantle"
18th Sep 2013 16:37
"luckily we have a easy schedule while he is recovering and suarez back so thats a plus"
18th Sep 2013 16:37
"Those muppets who think we wil stay top of league get real it's good while it lasts but the Swansea game proved we lack in the most important part of the pitch - centre mid poor by Rodgers in not having back up Lucas has lost his zip Gerry is geting on n Hendo not up to scratch "
18th Sep 2013 16:47
"Nice one Ashley Williams you effing clogger. He should now get a retrospective ban. Soooo glad BR never signed him. Hes horrible."
18th Sep 2013 16:49
"this is a big setback for as."
18th Sep 2013 16:49
"Defo a chance for Joe Allen to show why we signed him thats for sure. "
18th Sep 2013 17:01
"improve fast COU"
18th Sep 2013 17:03
"huge blow. "
18th Sep 2013 17:04
"Williams should feel guilty for that tackle. Should has been sent off."
18th Sep 2013 17:04
"Shameful comments on here from the likes of Justred who clearly knows all his football from an armchair. Quite how you can manage to turn an injury into a crisis into BR's fault takes an imagination from another planet, Grow up and get off the managers back."
18th Sep 2013 17:07
"Well said Pitcairn16 by the way, all of you find his comment and take note thats a real fan speaking not a plastic armchair one."
18th Sep 2013 17:07
"Rushjob ref allen: now we will see what hes made of"
18th Sep 2013 17:10
"majongwe that privilig is only for manure players only senserble refs will know that."
18th Sep 2013 17:11
"Like as if league position in September is any metric. People,keep banging on about being top of the league as if we have already won it. As sure as there are dim witted away fans on these comments who need to prove thier support by negating others opinions, there will be injuries and downturns in form. YNWA!"
18th Sep 2013 17:12
"5starkop, Us 'Muppets' as you refer to are season ticket holders? Yes, we haven't got the best midfield but, we've lost once in 17 games so it can't be that bad? And why not get ahead of ourselves at being top? Yes,it's only 4 games in but, isn't that what being a fan is all about,Enjoying the ride? "
18th Sep 2013 17:15
"gutted whats going on with the forums , what joke down for nearly 3 weeks , get your fingers out man"
18th Sep 2013 17:16
"All because of a double action tackle from Williams, first challenge he missed both the ball and Philippe before then chucking his foot out a 2nd time round, shoulda been a red, so glad that flog wasn't signed by Brendan. All the best in the recovery lad. Hopefully we see you back put there sooner than the end of October! "
18th Sep 2013 17:17
"If the 2nd half of the Swansea game in any way reflects how we perform without Coutinho we're in for a bumpy Sept/Oct... But I have faith in our beloved team and hope that there were other factors involved. Keep on showing them that it's our time this sesaon! Get well Coutinho!"
18th Sep 2013 17:20
"get well soon Philippe and come back to your form of last season. Personally this might be an opportunity to get someone to stake a claim in this position, Philippe has not been at his best the last four games. Stevie can be pushed up with Allen doing the defensive job with Lucas. "
18th Sep 2013 17:24
"joke Williams should be dealt with by fa I no he was given a yello but come on sort it out YNWA!!!96"
18th Sep 2013 17:32
"must say alberto looked classy the other night "
18th Sep 2013 17:34
"Our second half performance at Swansea has nothing to do with Coutinho going off. We played the same way against Villa, Man utd and even Notts county with him there. It is the mind-set of our team that is the issue and this has to be addressed by the manager. Gerrard can become our playmaker again. "
18th Sep 2013 17:40
"Are we cursed or something! when things are going so well something had to happen. Fergie used a voodoo doll or something ? arrgh. ah well , suarez soon back"
18th Sep 2013 17:43
"I hate Williams arrrrrgghhhh!!!! Wish young coutinho a good recovery. Unfortunately we lost one of most creative player in the league and fortunately one of best player in the world is coming back. I miss suarez tricks, skills & street fighter atude giving opponents hell of job"
18th Sep 2013 17:44
"Grrrrrrr Williams was out to get a liverpool player that night ..had a go at Stevie ,hendo,and Phillipe... What a tool...if Suarez was on he would have had a dig at him too... That's why you not a liverpool player".. No class mate...."
18th Sep 2013 17:46
"I'll pray for him and he'll be back in less than 4weeks..."
18th Sep 2013 17:48
"At least we have coutinho back for December when we have 3 massive away games.We should have enough in the squad to cope without him til the end of oct.We haven't played well this season yet we are top of the league,ain't that a good sign?plus Suarez is back soon,take v.persie out of utd and they would struggle like mad."
Billy B girl
18th Sep 2013 17:49
"Get well soon Philippe - not good news for us ! Ashley Williams you are a disgrace to football and should have been sent off with a RED card - we will remember you ......"
18th Sep 2013 17:59
"Send the bill to Swansea FC, claim compensation, damages etc, submit formal complaint to the FA about the violent conduct of that thug Williams. Begin legal criminal damage for deliberate and malicious criminal assault by the offender. "
18th Sep 2013 18:00
"Why we need a quality squad to slot in when injuries occur.Be difficult to replace though,so it,s worrying."
18th Sep 2013 18:02
"Next Man Up!"
18th Sep 2013 18:03
"How can a thug like Williams be allowed to do that and get away with it? What damage did Suarez do compared to what Williams did? No Justice for our players from the FA."
18th Sep 2013 18:09
"Gerrard, Borini, Allen and now Coutinho have all had bad shoulders recently. What's going on? Maybe an upper body routine would be a pre-emptive measure for the other players?"
18th Sep 2013 18:12
"So fed up with these so called fouls that all pundits say was not a bad one. The foul was intentional, it stopped an influential player in his tracks and also puts him out for 6 weeks plus.. Now say that was not a bad foul. gET WELL SOON Phillippe. YNWA"
18th Sep 2013 18:12
"Not the news I want to read, but LFC is far from being a one man team. Get well Coutinho..."
18th Sep 2013 18:21
"stop moaning abt not getting ericksen.....he wanted champs lgue football which v cannot provide....he went to spurs because of money and europa league....similar to gylfi and dempsey.....atleast suarez will be back next week...."
18th Sep 2013 18:51
"This could prove to be a good thing, we had changed our shapr to allow pc to play at 10, this made us more defensive and counterattacking but when we play on the front foot with two advanced midfielders we are also very strong. Moses can switch to the right and sterling can play left "
18th Sep 2013 19:00
"Steven Gerrard to move back up , no problem , hendo to drop back with Lucas and an attacking winger on the right ie sterling Ibe to give us what would be perfect balance "
Mr Ostrich
18th Sep 2013 19:05
"Not as bad I initially thought. Taking into account the mid-October internationals, he should only miss about 6 games."
18th Sep 2013 19:07
"Funghi, I have a rope here you can borrow, come and get it. We here nothing from you when we were winning and now you pop up. You are a cretin of the highest order...."
18th Sep 2013 19:08
"This is why going for the top 4 is as much about depth as it is about front line quality. I'll match our starting 11 up with anybody in the Premier League. With Suarez suspended any injury to the front line is going to be a problem. Sterling or Aspas will start this week and against Sunderland. This means Sturridge probably won't get a rest for the league cup tilt with ManU, too..."
18th Sep 2013 19:20
"Horrible news, but as already mentioned it will probably only mean 6-7 games due to internationals. Suarez comeback couldn't come in a better time. Johnson better come back soon because this squad can't deal with any more injuries..."
18th Sep 2013 19:21
"We should definitely rest players for the cup games. We can't afford to slip up in the league. I don't give a hoot if we beat manure in the cup but then lose players to injury. We have to concentrate on what is important. "
18th Sep 2013 19:22
"sad news but with suarez back soon don't think we will miss him that much hope agger fit for wkend as sakho needs time his first touch was poor and his positioning, glen was badly missed also."
18th Sep 2013 19:24
"Massive Lost!!! Williams SHOULD have Been RED CARDED for Such a DANGEROUS Over The TOP Tackle- He NEW what He was Doing! He Wanted To 'TAKE' Him OUT of the GAME!!! I New It Was A BAD One! STEVE G- Could Play In the #10 Role or ALBERTO I want a Baseball score against Southampton on SAT!!! "
Norfolk in Chance
18th Sep 2013 19:24
"Only people with deep seated problems would constantly taunt people about suicide. That's a sign that someone is clearly not well, but for their own sake, they need to stop abusing people on mental health grounds. It seems to be a compulsion or some kind of addiction.. Sad to watch someone unravel like that.. He must have really low self esteem."
18th Sep 2013 19:33
"Southampton are a tough team to play through, we'll miss him there. I'd play a 4-1-4-1/4-3-3 with Lucas-Sterling, Henderson, Gerrard, Moses-Sturridge. We need to get at their young full backs. "
18th Sep 2013 19:33
"ashley williams is a bell end"
Assassins Creed YNWA
18th Sep 2013 19:33
"Binomial, you're a Spurs fan in disguise. You're constant negativity is a tool you use to undermine our great team. We are top of the league so how can you criticise BR, the board or the team. In BR I have ALWAYS trusted. YNWA"
Always A Red
18th Sep 2013 19:36
"Williams knew what he was doing. He was well after someone! Should have got a RED - get better soon PC. Want all red men to keep calm dont be gunning for him at Anfield-all Red Men to stay on the pitch and win our games!"
18th Sep 2013 19:42
"Gutted.... Why did we loan suso out? Hope Luis Alberto can step up."
18th Sep 2013 19:43
"If coutinho hadnt done a stupid, ridiculous over dramatic swallowdive up and down after being tackled he wouldnt have landed so awkwardly. Its as mush his fault as stupid ashley william. Rodgers fault too for not buying an eriksen or what have you."
18th Sep 2013 19:44
"My concern is real. He is tiny player and plays hard every single game. Now, we need to real good backup. See what gut our coaching sta have. YNWA."
18th Sep 2013 19:46
"could have won the other night if he had'nt came off, our performance dropped big time"
18th Sep 2013 19:48
"Not great, will be missed! Hurry up Cou, get better soon!"
18th Sep 2013 19:51
"Get will soon PC. Allan should be playing next to Lucas and SG will be playing behind the striker.We did just fine without Suarez for 10 games and we will be fine without PC for a few weeks."
18th Sep 2013 19:58
"At least his are ok, that was quite a wack Williams gave him."
18th Sep 2013 19:59
Red Yank 1969
18th Sep 2013 20:09
"and this is the reason why BR should have signed Erikson"
18th Sep 2013 20:15
"Gutted but we have the quality to cope plus Luis is back next week This is where a squad needs to step up. We coped without Luis when some were saying it was the end of our season before we started We can cope end of. YNWA"
18th Sep 2013 20:16
"I wonder where did we have a player in that position go? maybe no bulb."
18th Sep 2013 20:27
"Why is everyone having a go at ashley williams ? it was a bad tackle i agree but he didnt do it to injure a pro footballer..what if the shoe was on the other foot and sahko or skrtel took one of their players out for a few weeks would we be typing RED card ? come on guys these things happen in football. Get well phillipe soon & come back when your fully fit. Y.N.W.A."
18th Sep 2013 20:43
"Correction: "foul by" not "challenge with"."
18th Sep 2013 20:44
"Get well soon mate. YNWA"
18th Sep 2013 21:38
"Isnt it amazing how the usual crew come on when bad news its our club- they are having a feeding frenzy- disgrace obsolutly disgracful from so called liverpool fans"
redhead lfc6
18th Sep 2013 21:54
"Not good news the only bright side is suarez being back in 1 game "
18th Sep 2013 21:58
18th Sep 2013 22:23
"This is awful news... the ;ad made us tick from midfield linking up with the attackers. Get well and get back asap - we really need you. Time for the rest to step up and be counted. YNWA"
18th Sep 2013 22:25
"oh no, that's not what we wanted, get well soon, we will miss you, come back even stronger, Alberto can now step up and show us what your made off, philippe ynwa "
18th Sep 2013 22:42
"My last comment on this site was 2/09, and I emphasizes on lack of improvement in our midfield department. If there is a room for thought; BR is guilty of it. The ashes falls the wine spill, (PC-10 will be missed), wish you the best recovery; BACK TO REALITY, just when you want to paying homage, you get overcharged. Same storyâ"
18th Sep 2013 22:52
"So, no punishment for the thug Williams. It was such a blatant act it should be dealt with. Another example of the pathetic manner officials and league officials are ruining the sport. It was simply a straight red. No doubt."
18th Sep 2013 23:04
"thanks god...suarez is coming back...after solid start we picked up many injuries - johnson, sisokho, allen, agger, toure...hopefully they are back soon."
18th Sep 2013 23:06
"Drexler, the striker at Schalke has massive potential. Just thought I'd add that random thought cos the constant drivel of these comments is boring. "
18th Sep 2013 23:20
"Speedy recovery Coutinho, you'll be sorely missed, but we have a team who wins games, not an individual. I do wish people would stop saying we missed out or didn't pursue Eriksen. We can't miss out on a player that didn't want to play for us! He would have been a fine acquisition, but he chose, as is his prerogative, CL football - get over it!"
Buckie LFC Supporter
18th Sep 2013 23:32
"Get the tissues out for the arm chair brigade! PC is a vital member of the squad, but he's not been on form so far this season. No doubt some clown will say we were dominating Swansea until he went off, yer if that's the case how come Swansea had 71% possession in the 10mins BEFORE half time? contd"
18th Sep 2013 23:36
"I don't whinge about crisis or slate players like Hendo or tell the manager what team to play. Or tell other fans what to think. Or moan about signings we didn't make. Or wish us to lose to hasten a managers sacking. I celebrate our victories and accept our defeats. I enjoy others views...unless they come from mancs or chavs..."
Buckie LFC Supporter
18th Sep 2013 23:39
"It gives a good chance for others to get the game time they need to develop i.e. Aspas. I like how fans have extremes. Alberto gets slated after NC, after U21 now the worlds greatest player. Sahko worlds best def, until Swansea. Any chance of just letting the players develop & judging over the season first?"
18th Sep 2013 23:41
"The 1 news we do not want 2 hear. I wonder what's that williams problem? Did we deny opportunity of joining lfc as a youth that he's always out 2 hurt our players? Such a big loss, but i blv we'll be fine. Just get Agger or Toure 2 partner lucas in the cm area n push SG upfront that will be quite effective."
Afrika Kop
18th Sep 2013 23:42
"Solution is to play Stevie upfield and offer the creativity needed upfiled. Others must take teh responsiblity of defending...."
Buckie LFC Supporter
18th Sep 2013 23:46
"For those demanding Williams gets extra treatment, why don't you just stick to basketball if want non-contact sport? The challenge wasn't aggressive & was just intended to stop PC, Hendo tripping 1 of their players they were rightly booked, but they weren't trying to wipe players out"
19th Sep 2013 1:21
"The first thing these overpaid idiots need to learn is how to fall . This clown seem to deliberately fall on his shoulder whilst diving . after a bright start when he first signed , he is going the same way as the rest of the attacking dwarves."
19th Sep 2013 1:49
"Wow the freaks come out when they smell blood. We don't hear or see then during good times but as soon as they sense bad news they pop up like a bad penny. We one of them excusing the action of Williams, I would love to enact the same boot in the chest to said poster and then claim it was not intentional, even though it was. "
19th Sep 2013 2:24
"Williams you mongrel you had problem with Suarez now you make Coutinho injured for 6 weeks what is your problem fkin ttttttttt, no wonder no big team wants to buy you. queeeer"
19th Sep 2013 2:26
"Buckie and Joecos or joackstrap go to your site get lost from ours."
19th Sep 2013 2:35
"hey guys I'm a former pro hockey player that has had 3 ac separations and 3 surgeries they are minor procedures and if he is a tough kid he should be back training within 3 weeksi played us college hockey 3 weeks after my 1st ac separation procedure. good look #10"
19th Sep 2013 2:36
"fa should take retrospective action. use video evidence. it was clear the action was intended to hurt and put out somebody. (thr)ashley must pay for his bad deed. ynwa."
19th Sep 2013 3:32
"time to give alberto some game time.. He has all the skills and technique to be great player. I would like to see alberto and continho playing together.."
19th Sep 2013 3:43
"Gutted for the lad... tho i dont think we will miss him as much as we might have done. Not the worst run of fixtures coming up and Suarez will now play behind Dan. Hendo cant really be dropped the way he is playin and we have moses, Sterling and Alberto who were brilliant for the reserves."
19th Sep 2013 3:48
"Binomial- actually I worked it out you weren't too far off...CE 11.880m,NC 7.172m,Paulinho 17.358m,VC 8.36m=44.77m. MS 16.72m,TI 7.260m,LA 7.040m,IA 7.920m=38.94m. 5.83million pounds difference. The main difference,I feel they signed players who can walk into the starting team."
19th Sep 2013 3:51
"mushroomscouser288GTO get over yourself, you almost seem please to be right now we have some injuries! even tho you are still wrong just because you dont trust in the rest of the squad to cover does not mean BR doesnt. we have lots of versatile players who can come in. Aspas, sterling, allen, Alberto and Surez after 1 more game. could also play another defender and push stevie forward."
19th Sep 2013 3:54
"con't- Traditionally we do sign players then get them used to the LFC way before becoming a regular starter, Ian Rush is a prime example."
19th Sep 2013 3:55
"Binomial- I like your change in mood being positive, starting lineup I'd be ok with. There's so much flexibility in the squad.I like 5-3-2/3-5-2 but to conserve the CB's I'd stick to 4-3-3,4-2-3-1,4-4-2 All the best Phillip Coutinho, YNWA"
19th Sep 2013 4:01
"Should really have bought Eriksen..."
19th Sep 2013 4:03
"Afrika Kop- I agree, if it can be done without the others getting too complacent behind him. (if there was a like button, seriously didn't have to write this comment o_O )"
19th Sep 2013 4:05
"Binomial. totally agree with Allen being put in, hasnt been given real chance and has shown when he played more advanced he can get into the box and cause problems. however not sure what your point is about transfers? Sakho is top class, Ilori looks classy, Aspas is decent and Alberto could become one of the best. seem to leave out toure free, moses and Cissoko too. spurs signings are no better"
19th Sep 2013 5:18
"Will be missed.....not too many people with matching skill and vision to Wish him a speedy recovery, "
19th Sep 2013 6:22
"Hope he's fit soon. Would like to see Alberto get a chance after hat trick for u21's or sterling on right and Hendo moving in. Can't help thinking if he's fit though BR will slot joe Allen back in. Still, only more game then our no7 returns, 3 pts sat then release luis on the mancs. "
19th Sep 2013 7:48
"Eriksen not needed! coutinho is better and we just move up Gerrard now and he is also better than Eriksen. What we need is some steel to compete with Lucas and Gerrard in the holding mid positions, or someone so dominating defensivily that we can play 2 more attacking centremids instead of just one"
19th Sep 2013 8:11
"andyblue25- Good stuff, thanks for the info! I was spinning out thinking it was something like my Arthroscopic shoulder surgery for shoulder dislocation few years ago, that took a while to get back into Rugby league. All the best in the career you took after hockey YNWA"
19th Sep 2013 8:23
"how we win le now?"
19th Sep 2013 8:46
"ah god dammit man"
19th Sep 2013 9:03
"Bring back Suso"
19th Sep 2013 9:14
"Not good news... Get well soon! YNWA"
19th Sep 2013 9:26
"Get well soon Phillippe and thank you Chelsea for giving us the good players like Sturridge and now Moses, while they buy a overpaid £30m for a guy named Willian. Oh by the way Chelsea lost at home against Swiss, Basel last night. And the £30m guy played terrible. So in Brendan I trust in a week Luis is also back for us. "
19th Sep 2013 9:54
"all the best phillipe.. hope the recovery goes well for you... YNWA"
19th Sep 2013 10:26
" almost seem incapable of inference. My inference in all my comments over Couts injury is 1) injuries are inevitable 2) we are left with thin injury cover whilst profitting from the transfer window. I could resort to insult, but will leave that to the pond life. In future, instead of telling people to "get over themselves", try to accept you may have shortcomings..."
19th Sep 2013 10:27
"Ouch, not good, get well soom Philippe. YNWA"
19th Sep 2013 10:35
"I also am not screaming "crisis" or Slating players....Couts injury does not particularly worry me (if he is available for October) as players are returning and we look strong at the front and back and tactical adjustment is easily achievable. We will be close to top 5 this season."
19th Sep 2013 10:35
"buckie 23:39. You took the words out of my mouth. People are so quick to judge, for good and for bad. It is natural for any player, manager, team to have ups and downs for shorter or longer periods. "
19th Sep 2013 10:38
"DAER FELLOW REDS FANS i have just emailed the F,A,asking why williams has not been charged with violent conduct and why a tackle which he new would cause injury because he left his foot high deliberatly has only recieved a yellow card yet suares deliberate bitting recieves a ten match ban the chelsea player never missed a match and yet our player is out for amonth"
19th Sep 2013 10:41
"joecos 1:21 seriously??! The normal thing for a fan to do is wishing an injured player speedy recovery, not slating him for not falling correctly..?"
19th Sep 2013 10:46
"Sad loss to the team, but not the disaster some are saying, we are not a one man team. Plenty of options in terms of personnel or formation. Time for some of the other players to step up"
19th Sep 2013 10:51
"Looking at the bright side, now we can play Borini or Shelvey in his place."
19th Sep 2013 12:07
"Get well soon Philippe, you will be missed and your return eagerly anticipated."
2nd Oct 2013 0:29
"with the sas combo, phillipe's return could see us line up with a 4, 3, 1, 2 formation, phillipe operating as the 1 link between gerrard, lucas and hendo/allen and the sas upfront"