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Top lad and future captain and LFC legend.
18th Sep 2013 8:54
18th Sep 2013 9:05
"work hard on ur dribbling especially coz BR plays u on the right nd try to work on ur long range shots, if u can improve those u can bcm a more complete player"
18th Sep 2013 9:06
"Great Lad, Hendo! YNWA! As soon as you keep improving, I think you are shutting your critics mouth!"
18th Sep 2013 9:06
"Hendo has a capabilities of becoming the boss in Midfield"
18th Sep 2013 9:36
"Hendo's atude and work ethics are 2nd to none,but i don't think he has football brain needed to start each game for the attacking roles that he is sometimes demployed to.I would rather have him partnering Stevie or Lucas in centre-mid and have someone more attacking minded in the wings.Lets use proper wingers in the Soton game"
18th Sep 2013 9:54
"Feel sorry for him because only way he can get into side is by playing wide right to hide the fact we got no senior wingers here"
18th Sep 2013 10:01
"Keep working hard Hendo, it doesn't go unnoticed.. I agree future captain.. YNWA"
18th Sep 2013 10:02
"hard earned DRAW AT SWANSEA they are a good footballing side and will be nearer the top than the bottom this year we only lost the two goals because sacko needs time to adjust to the pace off the prem but i have a felling he will be one for the future i se lots off emails stiLl knocking us but i cant, remember sutch a positive felling for the start off the prem for a long time"
18th Sep 2013 10:11
18th Sep 2013 10:21
"Onwards and upwards Hendo, cant doubt your workrate, looked good last season and so far this season... keep it up YNWA ..."
18th Sep 2013 10:21
"I hate to be down on the lad as he has improved a lot, but I am praying for the return of Suarez and he will be demoted to the bench and be a player to add energy as a sub. He is not 1st 11 material and if we had bought the marque player we craved his opportunities would have dwindled further. I like his efforts, though"
18th Sep 2013 10:23
"Binomial, br could have played moses or sterling on the right. He could have played coutinho there or ibe. In fact he could have played any number of others there as hendo is not a winger so why not play any of our other players there? The simple answer is that hendo has the quality to adjust his game and the workrate to cover midfield and an in expierenced andre wisdom, top player!"
18th Sep 2013 10:30
"I agree he brings energy and and effort, but we need more from a player in advanced position. He has to compete with SG for the deep roll position and if he can't dislodge him we can't just put a square peg in a round hole. This is why Jonjo left and he showed against us that he is far better than Hendo. "
18th Sep 2013 10:51
"Comon Hendo you got 1 more game left to prove yourself, show Suarez that he will have to fight to get in the team, Because Hendo it will be only you Suarez will replace, Get 2 goals next game and you will be putting Suarez on the Bench."
18th Sep 2013 11:00
"Think he do needs to play in the midfield not the right wings."
18th Sep 2013 11:06
"I love this guy and I don't want to see him demoted to the bench even when Suarez comes back. Stevie at time does look tired I mean who wouldn't at his age to play 2 full 90mins international matches in a holding midfield. I feel that hendo could play in Stevie's position at times just to give him a break. I don't know I could be wrong to suggest that"
18th Sep 2013 11:24
"Boss!!Lvpl MOM alongside skrtel..Manned the entire right side coz wisdom was basically sleeping through it..we would have easily won with johnson in the team..Hendo hvng to play so deep left a huge gap in the attacking half."
18th Sep 2013 11:27
"I disagree that suarez shd replace hendo..against bottom half teams hendo should play instead of lucas..Infact given our current setup with gerard playing so deep, i dnt understand lucas role."
18th Sep 2013 11:32
"Its wishful thinking from some who feel Hendo could deputise for SG - its impossible. He has neither the guile or the whereabouts to take his place. He won't be replacing Lucas who is a specialist at snuffing out attacks. Jonjo found it daunting replacing SG and he is better than Hendo. Hendo is good sub at best. "
18th Sep 2013 11:43
"We just need everyone in the squad contributing to the effort to remain in the top 4 positions. Not gonna make any big statements about Hendo but evy'1 has to improve individually & collective to achieve our goal. "
18th Sep 2013 11:46
"The result is more important than the performance at this stage of the season. Get the wins however u can get it. "
18th Sep 2013 11:55
"Fans shouldn't ask him to work on his dribbling. English players are not good driibblers. He's a hard working player like Kuyt who has more energy than skill. So he must concentrate on playing dynamically, improve his defending, playing long balls, set pieces.."
Ammar dent
18th Sep 2013 11:56
"What r u talking about,Henderson is an average player,he is working hard but does not add anything to the squad,we want to get top 4 and play in the cl,look at the teams that plays in the cl who always reach the quarter final,definitely we can't cope if we have average players,we need someone like also so and continuo add to the squad to get more strength "
18th Sep 2013 12:03
"nice to see some good constructive comments on here and no ridiculous moaning and ging off . I like hendo, he would play in goal if BR asked him. he knows he is better in the middle but BR wanted his engine on the right to protect Wisdom. Undoubtedly this limited us going forward but a tough point secured. Did we lose there last year?"
18th Sep 2013 12:13
"Top player for the team that is top of the best league in the world..."
18th Sep 2013 12:14
"Players like Henderson is the reason why we don't keep possession, zero confidence to hold the ball or beat his opponent"
18th Sep 2013 12:54
"I share your sentiments bhudha3333"
18th Sep 2013 13:20
"buddha3333 11:32. youre probably right there. I mean you won't get 50 completely wasteful Hollywood balls every match that only amount to a loss in possession. "
18th Sep 2013 13:21
"oh well, BR knows what he's doing. if he kept hendo instead of shelvey than he must have a good reason. although i would have preferred shelvs went on loan to swans. imagine that, he wouldnt have played against us on monday the result would have been a whole lot different."
18th Sep 2013 13:47
"Personally I think when Suarez comes back Hendo should partner Gerrard and Lucas should drop to the Bench. I think Hendo offers that bit more all round than Lucas."
18th Sep 2013 13:53
"Good to see all the fans getting behind Hendo.... Morons. What games do you watch that some of you have the audacity to slate the lad. Hendo is a good footballer and seem as some of you say Shelvey is better... Really did you watch the match at all. And I'm not a stat fan but seems as so many of you can only judge a "
18th Sep 2013 13:58
"Player on stats, you need to read Hendos. For instance compare him to Wilshere one of England's most thought of. In 2013 Wilshere has 21 starts no goals and 4 assists. Hendo has 14 starts 5 goals and 4 assist. So looking at that he isn't that bad then is he really. Sick of ppl on here slating him, and he can replace Lucas because as good as Lucas is as DM he offers very little else"
18th Sep 2013 14:41
"With PC out for 6 weeks due to Swansea 'Thug', there is a role for JH in the midfield, freeing SG up a bit. That is my opinion but I am an engineer and not a football manager. YNWA"
18th Sep 2013 15:09
"L4Pak..I agree with your opinion that SG should be freed. I also agree that I too am not a football manager, but a financial analyst. "
18th Sep 2013 15:11
"with coutinho injured hendo will be able to play in the midfield now, instead of people slating him when hes getting played as a winger"
18th Sep 2013 15:17
"What make's some ppl think that suarez a forward will replace hendo a midfielder. We have seen with our own eyes jonjo try and fail to keep hendo out of the team. We have seen sahin try suso try in fact some ppl will always find something negative to say even when we are top hendo having played every minute of every league game. Naysayers when will they get support the team."
18th Sep 2013 16:03
"Hey man what were you trying to do on the RIGHT of our midfield. You didn't even give us a gud cross or even beat a player on one to one. Please tell Brendan that you are a central midfielder. That where you need play in order to get the best of you"
18th Sep 2013 16:38
"Lmao when I read someone called you LFC future captain and legend. This is Liverpool and not Sunderland! "
18th Sep 2013 16:42
"So many fans dreaming of being a manager . I rather BR manage the team than a bunch of fools telling who should play and who shouldn't. 10 points in 4 games and yet people moan . WTH is wrong with ya. Just stick to being a fan and support the team. "
18th Sep 2013 16:49
"jonjo was playing gd that one mistake he made nobody is perfect if Hendo could show more power in the next game Lukas will be on the bench."
18th Sep 2013 17:09
"Ignore the doubters Hendo, some of us have and will always believe in you. Completely faultless determination to succeed. Shame that U have to be moved about as others aren't up to speed at their specific job."
Gerrard o ya beauty
18th Sep 2013 17:28
"I think Hendo has improved considerably this season, he seems to be all over the pitch, I think he's been one of our best players in every game he's played. I can't praise him enough, the amount of grafting he does, defending and attacking. Obviously couldn't handle the pressure at first but proved himself by hard training and game time. YNWA"
Gerrard o ya beauty
18th Sep 2013 17:33
"Hendo bring exactly the right balance to the team with Lucas and Gerrard, plus he can tackle and chase down and has proved he can be a threat around the oposition box. Buddha will never like him for some reason."
18th Sep 2013 17:52
"Buddha get off this site idiot, how can u even say shelvey showed he was better than hendo on Monday when shelvey gifted us two goals, he might have scored one and assisted his own team but players who aren't reliable cant play a top level."
18th Sep 2013 18:09
"Hendo,s shown real character to overcome the difficult cirstances when he joined us,then having to show his quality to a new manager,also carrying a huge transfer fee.Has blossomed into a crackin, box to box player with an awesome workrate."
18th Sep 2013 18:31
"anyone with a football brain can see hendo has been better than gerrard and lucas this season the second half v Swansea a prime example did they both run a marathon before the game or what no drive no energy if your midfield is getting bossed you are in trouble."
18th Sep 2013 18:53
"People complain about Hendo's wing play, BUT he is not played as a winger! Liverpool gets their width through their fullbacks, not wingers! Johnson missed last game so Pool's right side didn't look dangerous, don't forget Wisdom is not a natural fullback either. On top of that Henderson had a lot more defensive duties than Moses, because he needed to cover the less experienced Wisdom in the back."
18th Sep 2013 18:54
"I think Henderson is doing a great job IN THE ROLE he is ASKED to play. People criticize him based on what THEY would want him to play! Be fair to the lad. Keep up the good work Jordan!"
Norfolk in Chance
18th Sep 2013 19:09
"It made me laugh when that troll fella came out with 'Shelvey is better than Henderson' Hilarious! He's got a proper grudge against the lad, all because he staked his reputation on it with one of his pointless 'mark my words'. Sad really, it's a shame people can't admit they're wrong and would rather look foolish than apologise. "
Assassins Creed YNWA
18th Sep 2013 19:43
"Binomial = Spurs fan"
18th Sep 2013 19:46
"N-I-C 19:09 Buddha's reputation? He's already got a reputation anyway for being a Chelsea Rent boy. It would be hard for anyone to to darken it further but he's an expert at these things:)"
18th Sep 2013 19:50
"Now that Couthinho is out our team is like creativity and we are left with the zero talent Henderson ."
18th Sep 2013 19:59
"HabeshaKock - Do you just copy and paste the same drivel? PC is a loss, but we can pull together and work around it. Show a bit of respect for someone who has held us together."
18th Sep 2013 20:12
"hatesakop "
18th Sep 2013 20:28
"Wisdom for me was more of a reason why things broke on the right attacking side he's bit young will get better some ppl on here just want fancy names in positions and would not care about balance of squads hendo has been good improving and young and on Lucas wen he's not in the squad we always have worse results ? "
18th Sep 2013 20:31
"An I used to be his biggest critic any way every top team has the so called average players som ppl just think if players carnt do a 50 step over or 50 yard forced passes every time there rubbish I can not believe how many a licence coaches on here there is no wonder England r the strongest football nation "
18th Sep 2013 21:02
"his hardwork has helped the team produce results, pressing opposition into mistake. would like 2 see him play more offensive football, plays too safe sometimes. would benefit 2 stick him in am, behind ds."
18th Sep 2013 21:08
"He's in the team and where top of the league ? :-)"
18th Sep 2013 21:23
18th Sep 2013 21:57
18th Sep 2013 22:01
18th Sep 2013 22:35
"LFC THRU - Just the usual! Someone thinking they're Jose Mourhinio having a swipe at the remaining 'misfit':) "
Buckie LFC Supporter
19th Sep 2013 0:04
"1 of our most inform players. Hasn't been blessed with natural talent, but makes up for it with desire to improve. Will no doubt move towards SG role in 2 seasons time, has ability to try & play with both feet & is a team player, contd"
Buckie LFC Supporter
19th Sep 2013 0:09
"he doesn't play as a winger, he adapts to being a right sided midfielder when we switch to 4-4-2 when taking a lot of pressure. As for Jonjo, thanks for assists we would never have scored without you. Question why has SG not had any flack for not tracking Jonjo midfield run? MS, Sahko, & wisdom all made small mistakes & have been criticised but not SG?"
19th Sep 2013 1:47
"If BR hasn't thought about it yet, he'd beta start, by thinking about life without Gerrard! Play Hendo in Stevie's role. Time for the Legend that is SG to become a fringe player / game changer!! YNWA!! "
19th Sep 2013 2:40
"hendo, we believe. so work hard and earn your spot. ynwa. "
19th Sep 2013 3:34
"Good player Henderson, but future legend seems a bit far fetched!"
19th Sep 2013 7:33
"The reason sg doesn't get criticised is because he has earned unconditional respect and rightly so. No one will be more critical of any mistakes he makes than himself and we all know that ultimately he will make up for it 100 times over when you add up everything he contributes to the bigger picture....."
19th Sep 2013 8:46
"dont stop till you get enough"