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Cant stress how happy all us fans should be! going back 2-3 yrs was as low as ever had been seen, now with suarez back in a few games and the prospect of a good season ahead, Come on you reds
16th Sep 2013 9:24
16th Sep 2013 9:30
"If you were van percie or even benteke any top striker Infact, and you had skrtle, sakho and especially kolo steaming in toward you for the ball I think you would relinquish it to them imetiately, say how sorry are for the misunderstanding and ask them not hurt you. Absolute monsters back there!! "
16th Sep 2013 10:04
"Scouting Ilori for 12 months. That's perfect, exactly the way it has to be done. Not just buy someone for 20m and then realize, he's not even worth a quarter of that. Great business! Hoping to see Sakho play tonight"
16th Sep 2013 10:09
"Some phenomenal additions to the squad especially in the defence. Excellent work by Brendan, Ian and the back room staff. We really do seem to look better, show more hunger and desire to win with each week that passes. Our confidence and team spirit is sky high! Keep up the good work guys! #YNWA"
16th Sep 2013 10:14
"Thank you Rodgers for making the hours seems like days in the day of Liverpool's match . Cant wait to see us back on top of the league again yes again !!! COME ON YOU REDS"
16th Sep 2013 10:18
"kevkc - great comment - totally agree. I felt like there was no where for us to go under Woy and then we sqandered millions thanks to Comoli. We are light years from that situation. Toure is a beast, sakho will be great and we have Cisokho to come much much to be excited about. Come on Redmen !!!"
16th Sep 2013 10:27
"I HAVE A FELLING...just watched some Y, N,W, A, in melbourne again and the pictures from the pre season tour wev,e never had followings like this and with the new signings and good felling in the squad i predict top four and possibly a trophy AS well.....WELL done BR"
16th Sep 2013 10:37
"Rodgers has been a breath of fresh air.. We needed fresh eyes on our club, we have it now and happy with all business done this and last transfer window.. Long may it continue. YNWA"
16th Sep 2013 10:52
"Opinionator - v good point. a re-brand was necessary to stay relevant. The perception from outside has changed and more importantly the ethos that brought us success has remained but in fresh new way. Lasting success is just as important. Find a way to win tonite & i'm happy. "
16th Sep 2013 10:59
"LFC are playing as a team again under BR's management. The size and strength of the backs will have forwards thinking twice about taking the backs on physically. I look forward to seeing the 'Monsters' in action against Swansea."
16th Sep 2013 11:06
"Brendan Rodgers has been a revelation so far. We've been marred by bad decisions in the past - This man brought us back even whilst reducing our operating expenditures. Hoping for a victory tonight, I think we should experiment with kolo and Sakho as CB pair, Agger as LB and shift enrique to a less favourable RB(or use Kelly/Wisdom)... YNWA"
16th Sep 2013 11:50
"When all our defenders are fit, BR now has some really hard decisions to make come match day, and that only bodes well for this season and the future of our all mighty Redmen. Great business Brendan. YNWA"
16th Sep 2013 11:58
"Not only are the backs looking menacing in defense, but they are going to provide a real attacking threat from corners too.............Happy days. Rock on Brendan, YNWA"
16th Sep 2013 11:59
"This Munster will Zap Van Persie and swat Rooney like a fly. This guy reminds me of Borus Karlof 'The Mummy' or even as Dr Frankenstien's 'Munster' he is a scary guy!!!!! Looks like a magnificent Zulu warrior, just imagine him at 'Rourke's Drift' with his spear & shield, he's our warrior YNWA Sako!!"
16th Sep 2013 12:28
"When will the forums be back up and working? Can we at least have a update of what is going on?"
16th Sep 2013 12:29
"hahaha loz99, I think he looks like Balotelli's older, meaner, alot harder, older brother lol But does not matter - all that matters is that our defensive should now be the strongest in the league."
16th Sep 2013 12:34
"everybodys hard work is paying off! :D "
16th Sep 2013 12:58
"Here we see BR proclaiming Sakho as monster, and then we have one clueless fan claiming he won't make our team..jeez. This lad will be our CB for years to come and is ready now to dislodge our first two of Skrtel or Agger - he is that good. "
poolman 96
16th Sep 2013 13:24
"monsters inc. "
16th Sep 2013 13:31
"If looks could kill......., wouldn't like meeting this guy up a dark lane after midnight, he looks mean, real mean, like he could rip your head clean off."
16th Sep 2013 13:33
"As BR says we now have strength and depth in all departments. Could have done with one more playmaker in Midfield but that can come in January. Have a good feeling about tonights game. Would keep Skrtel on and bring on Tuore only if necessary. Both have abilities to score as well from set pieces.YNWA"
16th Sep 2013 13:36
"Is Brendan actually recruiting footballers for our defence or hired assasins?? What kind of mindset does a manager have to have to sign scary guys like this? Brendan? Are you a sadist? Are you trying to scare the living daylights out of opposing forwards?"
16th Sep 2013 13:39
"sakho must be sully and coutinho mike wishowski"
16th Sep 2013 13:48
"according to yesterday Sunday Times Tiago Ilori fee could rise to 10 millions , initial £6.3 millions+ £ 1.25 millions dependent on appareances+a quarter -share of the profit on any transfer fee + £1million that LFC have to drop from Insua sale to Atletico Madrid well a lot of money for Ilori . Dalglish did let Insua leave now he is headind to Atletico from Benfica anyone remember Emiliano."
16th Sep 2013 13:58
"sakho is one scary looking character!!!!! i wouldn't go no where near on the pitch!!!"
16th Sep 2013 14:02
"I'll back up kevkc's point."
16th Sep 2013 14:04
"Brendan is the man to take this club back to where it belongs, he just needs a better CEO/Director of Football to support his business in the transfer market like Spurs have with Franco Baldini."
16th Sep 2013 14:06
"Great to see deals getting done but did we need 3 defenders.why we didn't try get Eriksen at 11 million is a joke class player and would have brought the club forward to top four Finnish end off. "
16th Sep 2013 14:15
"Sakho looks like the kinda guy you dont wanna see when your coming back drunk for the pub I wouldnt mess with him !"
16th Sep 2013 14:16
"so important to strengthen our backline! Just look at one weak link (Reina) can caused instability at the back! "
16th Sep 2013 14:17
"God help me if I meet this guy in the Garland alley, I will probably 2hit myself.. this guy is a monster.. look at the size of that man... he's like two Kolo's!!"
16th Sep 2013 14:25
"3-5-2 - sakho, agger, Skrtel - enrique, hendo, gerrard, lucas, toure - coutinho, sturridge"
16th Sep 2013 14:38
"lol hahaha now agger has become the better looking CB...who remember that CB bulgaria had when they went unto the semi finals in the world cup...with letchkov scoring against that's how defenders should look"
16th Sep 2013 14:59
"Sakho the beast from the east!!"
Dede 7
16th Sep 2013 15:04
"YNWA Sakho."
16th Sep 2013 15:29
"It is intresting that br has said skertel took his chance and was fantastic v manu. The other point is that he has emphasised the importance of mental strength and physical work rate, this and not tiki taka is what br is determined to instill into his liverpool. This is a change of emphysis that says br is comfortable to mix his game, shows proper managment quality"
16th Sep 2013 15:30
"BR is doing something here, I can feel it. The way he speaks now is so assuring. IBWT"
16th Sep 2013 15:33
"He looks a Munster because he IS a Munster, Brendan is building one really effective defensive shield around Mingo, during the Shankly days we always talked about 'Fortess Anfield' and it was amazing how many matches we won 1-0. We will get better in 2nd half of the season, same as last year! Like It! YNWA Need 2 more mean Strikers now and another creative midfielder. "
16th Sep 2013 15:33
"I must admit I had reservations when Kolo was signed but he has proven himself very quickly and has integrated into the team as if he had been on the team for years. I would like to see Sakho play tonight."
16th Sep 2013 15:44
"It's that Look!!"
16th Sep 2013 16:15
"I know I'll get roasted for this but I think it'll be A HUGE mistake to play Sakho ahead of Skirtel. "
16th Sep 2013 16:28
"Come on Sakho, show us what you are made of tonight against Swansea! YNWA"
16th Sep 2013 16:32
"He looks like a right hard lad. I love him !"
16th Sep 2013 16:50
" Red-coutinho, here we go again, Eriksson, can only one player take us to top 4, we don't have Eriksson and yet we got 3 wins in 3 games, please can you get a life and move on, Erikssson is a Spur player, we have players better than him."
16th Sep 2013 16:50
" Red-coutinho, here we go again, Eriksson, can only one player take us to top 4, we don't have Eriksson and yet we got 3 wins in 3 games, please can you get a life and move on, Erikssson is a Spur player, we have players better than him."
16th Sep 2013 17:29
"'Bagheera' The Panther from 'The Jungle Book' that's Sakho."
16th Sep 2013 17:50
"The two new Three Headed Monster at Liverpool FC Toure-Sakho-Skrtl at defense and Sturridge-Suarez-Coutinho at the front while Captain Fantastic in the middle. Very scarey future for the rest of the league "
16th Sep 2013 17:52
"'nkem03' couldn't agree with you any more mate. I hate the fans that keep banging on about erikssen. First of all he said he dosent wanna come to a club that isn't in the cl and second how do you even know if hes any good??? He was good in the dutch leagur now to all the fans who keep saying we need erikssen then name me just five players from the dutch league... Say nothing! "
16th Sep 2013 17:55
"I would`nt want to mess up with Sakhos sister bringing her back late from a date"
16th Sep 2013 18:24
"Can't wait to see Sakho go 'Eyeball to Eyeball' with Van Persie or Ferdinand, now that would be worth waiting for lol!"
16th Sep 2013 18:30
"He isn't good looking but then Munsters are not mean't to be good looking lol! All good clean fun Sakho! YNWA"
16th Sep 2013 18:36
"i'd stick with agger and skrtel bring toure in for Johnson maybe bring sakho on near end give him 15mins or so.cmon redmen 3pts please YNWA."
16th Sep 2013 18:36
"My Sakho song: Sakho Sakho - He's F-*-ing Scary, Makes our rivals feel oh so wary. BR got him for a considerable fee - He came with a haircut like Mr T!"
16th Sep 2013 18:37
"Make or break in BR i trust,he will get us ther ynwa"
16th Sep 2013 19:10
"We yearned for scary Papadopoluos, Brenda went a bit further and got us Skharyodopoulous! Way to go Brendan, way to go. Van Persie, Torres, other strikers, cross our back line at your own risk! I love it."