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We cannot rest on our laurels - we have not been brilliant yet, as we can be. We showed a lot more threat against Stoke than against Villa or Man U, so need to return to playing slick, incisive football, create chances and the goals will come.
15th Sep 2013 18:50
15th Sep 2013 19:07
"Liverpool need more players who can take the game from 50 minutes to 95 minutes. you can't rely on early goal and then try to defend. Champions play the same from the first minute to last, and that will happen when you invest quite more!"
15th Sep 2013 19:12
"We need a solid 2nd half for a change or we'll start losing points quickly"
15th Sep 2013 19:30
"We need 2 start aiming 4 goals instead of defending in second half."
15th Sep 2013 19:42
"To dominate a game, we need to control the midfield in order to control the game. We need brilliant midfield players. "
15th Sep 2013 19:47
"We need not to be selfish; we lost many chances to score because of that. Securing a win for the team is more important than any player own glory. "
15th Sep 2013 20:24
"We must as Brendon says attack with controlled pass and move as we owe Swansea one from last years Capital One cup at Anfield, just hope Danny Sturridge is fit and Toure as well and believe in ourselves without arrogance kicking in"
15th Sep 2013 20:25
"A flying start and a first half goal is great,but why do we sit back in the second half with such a slender lead?!It makes for very uneasy watching for the fans-we need to push on for a second goal and try to put the game to bed.Having said that,well done the lads and keep on keeping on!YNWA"
15th Sep 2013 20:47
"When you consider that BR was still trying to strengthen our squad and we have been playing without our star striker to win 3 out of 3 including Man U. is way beyond what anyone should realistically expect. He has to play it cautiously until the new players are bedded in and Suarez returns. In BR I trust. "
15th Sep 2013 21:11
"Good luck tomorrow night lads! Ill be cheering on from my local pub, give us something to get us though this week with a smile on our face! YNWA"
15th Sep 2013 21:22
"As long as we get 3pts I'm not really worried how, even a og will do remember Suarez is back soon so he won't settle for defending 2nd half he's all action,the good times are on way back,YNWA."
15th Sep 2013 21:41
"I am nervous about tomorrow as I really belive we have a great run of games to make a huge impact. We have the imminent arrival of Suarez who will be like a £100m signing. BR army is on the march and you heard it here first. "
15th Sep 2013 22:10
"Our start to the league should give the players an extra push to protect that lead and see us once more at the top of the table. May its last..."
15th Sep 2013 22:55
"Buddha, I am also nervous for the same reasons. I was also nervous about the Southampton game, as they have spent well. However that quickly faded away after their bore draw today. Tbh, if we win tomorrow plus the run of winnable games we have until Nov. 2nd, then we could be laughing come May. COYR!!"
15th Sep 2013 23:49
"lets just make sure we come away with the 3 points!"
16th Sep 2013 1:40
"Be Confident on & off the ball and keep passing it around to try & find a way to goal. No team will ever win us if we keep the ball. Quick swift decisive & 1 - 2 passing will be key."
16th Sep 2013 2:14
"Tomorrow will be about scoring first and defending. If we can do that against a very versatile Swansea team, we'll win the game. But it's going to be as difficult, if not more than the ManU game. So don't expect anything fancy."
16th Sep 2013 3:42
"I don't care if we win all 38 games by a scoreline of 1 - 0 You can't be beat if you don't concede. Simple as that"
16th Sep 2013 4:35
"All champion must has that little luck factor plus the ability to win ugly! "
16th Sep 2013 6:39
"for 1 am very confident we will win tonight and restore ourself as leader of the BPL. YNWA"
16th Sep 2013 8:06
"I'll take a 1-0 win anyday who cares! 35 more one-zeros n we're champs! Besides manure,chelski n city aren't doing better at the moment. "
16th Sep 2013 8:24
"I now know what soldiers feel before going into battle!! The mind is all over the place - erratic. I feel like we're playing the CL final tonight. My nerves are shot!! Deep breath, exhale..inhale.. "
16th Sep 2013 9:02
"I think Br's atude is right, lets not get carried away, for years now we have been beaten by 'lesser' teams particularly after beating the bigger teams... this has been a great start but FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS. i would even go so far as saying that if we beat the swans tonight we will be there or there abouts in May!! "
16th Sep 2013 9:12
"i live near swansea and where i drink there are loads of swans fans.make the fans proud and get 3 points.YNWA"
16th Sep 2013 9:14
"I hear what some of you guys say about 1-0 victories but my nerves can't stand them!! Several goals without conceding please against Swansea or I won't sleep tonight. Thank you."
16th Sep 2013 9:25
"I will always beg to differ about the statement that "football is very much about opinion". Modern football is far from that. Other than the basics, to have an edge it is more about tactics, scenarios, strategies, capacity to improvise, creativity among other things. Then, I do think that resilience is not the right key to win games ..."
16th Sep 2013 9:37
"Resilience can win a few games, but not most of them in order to get on top. Over the last three games, the resilience has been decreasing to the point of just kicking the ball away. This is NOT the right think to do to build a great team capable of winning honours. For now, what is badly missing is the SETUP to relaunch attack once the ball is won by LFC back lines ..."
16th Sep 2013 9:59
"It is about organisation. LFC has to learn to defend with only two lines of 4 and with two attacking players in standby mode at predetermined areas to receive the ball and to relaunch LFC attack. Same on adverse set piece like corners. Football is about systems to go forward with the ball to score and back to neutralise the opponents actions and get the ball again to move forward."
Dede 7
16th Sep 2013 15:10
"Lets get 3 points. the mentality of the players is good so far. YNWA."