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So far he's on of the prems best long may it continue
15th Sep 2013 11:26
15th Sep 2013 11:28
"agree jose, but needs to stand injury free to be top goalscorer this season"
15th Sep 2013 11:34
"With Suarez coming back it will take the pressure off him, would love to see him 100% fit if he's scoring when not fit how good will he be when fully fit,"
15th Sep 2013 12:26
"Yes, hat-trick for Sturridge tomorrow!"
American Liverpool Fan
15th Sep 2013 12:39
"can't wait to see what rodgers does when suarez comes back. 3 genuine world class forwards in coutinho sturridge and suarez. "
15th Sep 2013 12:39
"I hope for 3 goals from 3 different players, to take pressure of Studge to score and show we have goals throughout the team."
15th Sep 2013 13:11
"Yes Jose, but needs improvement on your performance.. Aly/Sakho are waiting on the wings for your place.."
15th Sep 2013 13:28
"I say off with d swans."
15th Sep 2013 13:38
"sturridge can do the lot,long may it continue,the sky is the limit if he stays fit,all seem to be niggles so should be ok eventually,also impressed with the way the medical staff are managing players individual needs"
15th Sep 2013 15:14
"I'm just gutted we didn't sign Eriksen. He was brilliant for Spuds against Norwich."
15th Sep 2013 15:22
"You are not to bad youre self Enrique. Keep up the good work and we might keep this streak going."
15th Sep 2013 15:55
"Go Sturridge, go Countinho, welcomr back Suaerez. We leap forward together. UNWA."
15th Sep 2013 17:06
"Why do some people think that Sakho will be pushing fpr a full back starting spot? He is a CB he does not play full back so why consider playing him out of position? You will have DS in goal next. "
15th Sep 2013 17:08
"I think Dan might have been better if he had not, for want of a better word, wasted so much time at Chelsea. A front 3 of Luis, Dan and Victor with wee Coutinho in behind sounds rather tasty."
15th Sep 2013 18:30
"Jose Enrique: "I think we now have one of the best forward lines in the Premier League, for sure." Me: I think we now have one of the best midfields, defences and goalkeepers too. We have been the joke of English football for too long, time to start turning the talent we have into results on the pitch. We've suffered bad luck, but you make your own luck. This year we will provide. YNWA"
15th Sep 2013 18:34
"RiffRaff - very much in agreement with the potential of our "front 4" but you should know I am friends with a PSG fan who tells me Sakho excelled for them when called upon to play full-back as well as centre half. A very versatile player - and I wouldn't be surprised if the lad can play DM too if necessary! "
15th Sep 2013 19:11
"One more against the swannies Danny boy. YNWA"
15th Sep 2013 19:55
"I agree. But not if he plays for England whilst carrying an injury. That is why the medical teams of both LFC and EFA concurred on his international exclusion last week, not because of some selfish whim of Brendan Rodgers.Shut the **** up Laudrup."
16th Sep 2013 8:23
"Well, i guess you gotta sell the papers "