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if liverpool get the 1st goal then I predict a thrashing
15th Sep 2013 9:22
15th Sep 2013 9:29
"0-3 toure, sturridge and gerrard......."
15th Sep 2013 9:30
"0-3 toure, sturridge and gerrard....."
15th Sep 2013 9:34
"Gerrard 1-0 !"
15th Sep 2013 9:35
"I think this game will be a better measuring stick than united, these are the types of games we should win but always lose or draw"
15th Sep 2013 9:52
"will be a tough game, Swansea are desperate for points - can't afford to continue their poor start. We need to avoid complacency, because they have the talent to turn us over if we underperform. No doubt Michael Laudrup is a great manager, and has Swansea playing attractive football. A draw would not be a bad result, but we should be winning in all fairness."
15th Sep 2013 10:08
"I predicted 0-2 goals in both half. Iago Aspas on the scoresheet"
Norfolk in Chance
15th Sep 2013 10:40
"Can't see a thrashing on the cards although I'd love one. Three points is what we need and I hope the players can deliver. A win puts pressure back on our rivals and takes it off us. Time to earn those salaries gentlemen... "
15th Sep 2013 10:41
"Come on redmen we gotta win these games dont do what we did against Notts County I reckon 2-1 & jonjo gonna be so fired up hes gonna get sent off & please take allen there & leave him there ??"
15th Sep 2013 10:45
"Mignolet Enrique,Toure,Sakho,Johnson Sterling,Gerrard,Coutinho,Henderson , Moses Sturridge = 3 points against Swansea = TOP OF TABLE =YNWA "
15th Sep 2013 10:52
"1-3.... agger,toure,skrtel,michu"
15th Sep 2013 10:55
"scouse612 15th Sep 2013 10:45 - Johnson's injured fella"
15th Sep 2013 11:16
"Gonna be tough :| Lets keep the focus !!"
15th Sep 2013 11:27
"1-2 agger and aspas, "
15th Sep 2013 11:40
"This article is written so strangely"
15th Sep 2013 13:33
"----------Miglonet--------- -Kelly-Toure-Sahko-Enrique- -----------Agger----------- Moses---Gerrard---Ibe/Raheem --------Coutihno---------- ---------Daniel---------- Agger as DM"
15th Sep 2013 14:03
"Stoke are still playing pulis hoofball so thats a load of tosh. The minute the start trying to play football will be the start of there relegation and mark hughes sacking... Putting free kicks from the half way line into the box isnt playing football"
15th Sep 2013 15:14
"I believe we'll win this match if we bury our early chances, cos I know we always get early chances.. #YNWA"
15th Sep 2013 15:34
"i think it will be 2-0 for us (sturridge and moses)"
15th Sep 2013 17:45
"I dont think the swans will be a push over. I dont mind the score as long as we win.YNWA"
15th Sep 2013 17:47
"A goal for the reds with another clean sheet will do. Aim for the Premier League tle and that way we will ensure Champins League football. Please none of this 'aim for top four' mentality."
15th Sep 2013 17:51
"A goal for the reds with another clean sheet will do. Aim for the 'Premier League' le and that way we will ensure 'Champions League' football next season. Please none of this 'aim for top four' mentality." We are Liverpool Football Club. YNWA. "
15th Sep 2013 19:52
"Good but we are goin to come out victorious come tomorrows match"
15th Sep 2013 23:38
"This is the biggest test of the season so far I'd say. Win this and were dictating to everyone else how it's gonna be done. A loss would be a real mare for moral, everyone's on such a high at the moment, long may that continue. "
16th Sep 2013 4:43
"1-1 lol u still thinking Reina was holding the poles right! No way, honestly i don't know anything about swansea if not for the PL 2 yr ago! "
16th Sep 2013 7:34
"I'll go out on a limb and say 0-4 to the Reds. Gerrard 2, DS 1 & Agger 1 :-)"
16th Sep 2013 8:27
"Very articulate Swan rep there. We must remain humble, hardworking, not show panic above the waterline and stay focussed, and aim to win"
16th Sep 2013 10:04
"Wishing you all the best of luck as it's going to be really hard. In who even is given the chance to play today, we trust in you all as YNWA"