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Wish you the best Dani! I know you will prove your worth and meeting you on Barca I can say you are a TOP lad!
16th Sep 2013 8:43
16th Sep 2013 8:50
"I have a lot of respect for you and wish you the best of luck while aiming high. YNWA Danny Pacheco"
16th Sep 2013 9:03
"Good luck Daniel. Hope you make it and come back."
Coutinho 2020
16th Sep 2013 9:05
"Respect and good luck Daniel. Admiration for your footballing skills and wish that you had more chances with the reds. Long career our friend."
16th Sep 2013 9:08
"Always had high thoughts about this lad...Wishing him all the best for the future"
Lucky Number 13
16th Sep 2013 9:20
"Nice kid, good luck"
16th Sep 2013 9:46
"Just a fantastic lad and shame it never worked out, prime example of what happens when you're stuck playing u21 football"
16th Sep 2013 9:50
"Best of luck Danny! YNWA"
16th Sep 2013 10:04
"i drop my tears reading this. shame he doesnt make it here"
16th Sep 2013 10:16
"I still miss you Dani! I wish you all the best in your new team and who knows perhaps one day you will be back at Liverpool again! Stranger things have happened...I will be waiting for that day! YNWA Daniel!Nunca caminarás solo!"
16th Sep 2013 10:20
"helo sexy veronika ola"
16th Sep 2013 10:40
"Good Luck Daniel.."
16th Sep 2013 10:46
"Good luck daniel lad all the best"
16th Sep 2013 10:57
"Good luck, Dani. You always have time for the fans, and that shows what a great lad you are. Work hard and reach the top. "
16th Sep 2013 11:52
" are the man! wish you all the best.YNWA!! [from THAILAND]"
16th Sep 2013 11:59
"Our loss is Alcorcon's gain. Really hoped that you would be able to make the leap to the first team. You will always be remembered as a Liverpool Player. YNWA Danny"
16th Sep 2013 12:01
"Always felt that Dani would never become a regular, you get that feeling about some players no matter how much you may like them. All the Best Dani YNWA"
16th Sep 2013 12:06
"All the best Dani, pity it did not work out for you at Liverpool, thank you for your efforts. YNWA"
16th Sep 2013 12:17
"Get to the top Dani, you can do it, you have frightening talent!!"
16th Sep 2013 13:12
"You will not forget LFC and LFC and us fans will not forget you either,thank you for your hard work,and fo9r keeping the respect of us all,we really do wish you all the best luck in the world,,YNWA"
Liverpool NY
16th Sep 2013 13:34
"top lad, a person and a player, wish him all the best and I am sure he will play top division football"
16th Sep 2013 14:03
"She is much better looking than the other Carra!"
16th Sep 2013 14:26
"Remember talking to a norwich fan after Dan's loan with them - he said he was their best player during the loan spell and thought he had a very bright future ahead of him. Sad that it didn't work out - wish the lad all the best with his future! YNWA"
16th Sep 2013 14:30
"Loved watching him in the reserves.Really thought he would make the first team and sad he didn't make it. Very exciting player and one of the best free kick specialists I have seen."
16th Sep 2013 15:26
"Good luck Dani-"
16th Sep 2013 15:37
"Best of luck. Will always support Dani wherever he goes, maybe he'll be back one day..."
16th Sep 2013 16:37
"Just hope that a buy-back-clause is inserted into his contract. ALAYBIR - YNWA"
16th Sep 2013 16:43
"Hope to see you playing for Rafa again. Good luck Daniel. YNWA"
16th Sep 2013 16:44
"Only hope the best to him, felt bad he could never really break into the first team."
16th Sep 2013 17:09
"Oh la la hello veronica"
16th Sep 2013 17:59
"We wish you every success ,Dani. So sorry it didn't work out for you at LFC. Will watch your career from now on. Good luck in every thing you do. -and don't forget YWNA"
16th Sep 2013 18:39
"sad to see him go, I felt he was not treated the best TBH...Others got much more time, He was the stand out at U21. Glad to see he has started well at ADA, great debut, hit the crossbar from a great freekick, and scored in his next game, hopefully he'll make it to a top club in the next few years YNWA Dani"
16th Sep 2013 19:11
"It's a shame I always thought he had tremendous potential, but credit to him he never moaned about being reserves, i wish him the world of luck in his new challenge "