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fantastic stuff....looks like ngoo and coady arnt making it here and suso played for the wrong team. almeria average 34% possession which isnt his game
14th Sep 2013 17:24
14th Sep 2013 17:37
"Not nice to see them go on loan and don't get any minutes."
14th Sep 2013 20:39
"How on earth is Coady not good enough for Sheffield United starting XI?"
15th Sep 2013 4:13
"Yes, Binomial. I think the st aff who made the decision of youth players loan move must be blamed. Sending players to some awlful team is another form of abandon, and that's exactly the way we treat our unused players now. "
15th Sep 2013 8:37
"Jos agree. It's like making thesenior players train with the reserves. Another way of forcing them out to reduce the wage bill. It's a harsh world and that's why I don't blame players for maximising their income when they can. The owners, agents and others do OK considering it's the players we pay to watch not them."
15th Sep 2013 10:09
"King Kenny was sent out on loan while at Celtic. He learnt how to cope with getting kicked by older players and later appreciated the education he got. If they are good enough, they will shine when given the chance. If not, how do they expect to ever get into the first team. Do we really want players who aren't prepared to grasp an opportunity with both hands."
Norfolk in Chance
15th Sep 2013 10:21
"Binomial: Why does this article mean Ngoo and Coady aren't making it? Or that Suso is playing for the wrong team? Personally I think Coady will play for LFC 1st team. He's got the right mentality and skills. And Ngoo should get his chance too. He's a big unit, works hard and scores goals. Your comments seem like wummery most of the time. "
Norfolk in Chance
15th Sep 2013 10:24
"Sorry lads, but you've not understood how the loan system works. Players go to gain experience in order to help them make the jump into the 1st team. It's not abandonment. Abandonment is being released from contract or sold for 100k. They may not play every week, but need to be around match day preparation more. It's sensible and essential part of player development."
15th Sep 2013 22:48
"Good to hear Suso playing 90 minutes in La Liga, no matter who its for. I thought Borini looked good in the 20 minutes he had. Robbo obv has a spot in the team there, and don't read so much into the others sitting. They'll get their chance -- too good not to!"
15th Sep 2013 23:41
"There is a video of Suso against Athletico Madrid. The boy looks super sharp, saw last few games and he's fast becoming one of the main focal point in the team, attackng wise. Heard Almeria fans chanting SUSO! SUSO! against Elche. I fear big bid coming for him."