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Good luck at Swansea, Jonjo, starting on Tuesday! ;)
14th Sep 2013 14:26
Norfolk in Chance
14th Sep 2013 14:33
"Well apparently JJS is the new SG, so we should be in for a torrid time. lol.. My prediction: JJS to get sent off or do nothing all game, just like he did for us."
14th Sep 2013 14:38
"Very touching, you are a true red.. I was very sad after your departure, but I get it you need to play. All the best in your career Hope one day you return home. Try not to bit us in the arse monday night YNWA"
14th Sep 2013 14:44
"Never put enough effort in at this club !"
14th Sep 2013 14:47
"Good luck Jonjo except whenever you play against LFC."
14th Sep 2013 15:19
"goodluck jonjo, just not against us. thanks for not speaking bitterly or ill of us."
14th Sep 2013 15:19
"Thanks for everything Jonjo. Great spirit and a good player with great potential. Will always remember you having a right old pop at Purplenose Fergie. Good on yer! It's clear that you and your Dad have an understanding and appreciation of LFC as a club. All the best for the future (apart from matches against LFC)."
14th Sep 2013 15:28
"Very Humble from Jonjo, but I never felt he gave 110% like Gerrard has and some people may not agree with me, but Henderson also gives 110% never stops running and just keeps improving!"
14th Sep 2013 15:45
14th Sep 2013 16:46
"Hard to know how good JJ really is! at times looks brilliant others looks mediocre take it easy on our boys Monday night JJ no crunching tackles please,"
14th Sep 2013 17:33
"Jonjo- Had ALL of last Season to PROVE he is worth a place in Liverpools X1 but was NOT up to It- BR have found this out, Why do U think BR have kept Sterling and IBE? Shelvey is Just another Average English Player- He might Just TRY a WEE bit Harder on Monday- But I'm NOT sad His Moved On!!! We'll WIN 3nil(Min) "
15th Sep 2013 8:20
"Good luck tuesday lad but don't expect any mercy from us."
15th Sep 2013 10:06
"Good luck jonjo after mondays game lolz"
15th Sep 2013 14:33
"The one that got away. "