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14th Sep 2013 13:49
Norfolk in Chance
14th Sep 2013 14:12
"Steve Cooper just seemed to disappear from the coaching staff. Don't know what happened there and I've not heard or read any reasons why...? Good luck to this new fella, but he's got a job on his hands to be better than Mr Cooper, who did well last season."
14th Sep 2013 14:33
"where the hell are canos polgar chirivella and sinclair???"
14th Sep 2013 15:00
"Norfolk in Chance(14:12)I think Steve Cooper has left to be replaced by Neil Critchley who is 34 of age and have a lot of qualifications however does not mean he is always the right manager because a lot of top managers/coaches do have little or no qualifications."
14th Sep 2013 15:23
"have to agree where's canos n chirivella? are they too young to play for u18s or u21s? anyway this is Critchely's first game incharge so lets give the coach some time."
14th Sep 2013 18:26
"Rough start for the U18s this year."
14th Sep 2013 19:52
"melissa - they're both 16...same age as most the u18 lads and rossiter whos 16 plays for u21 so not sure"
win the glory
15th Sep 2013 3:13
"International clearance and injury will delay the regular use of the foreign will be a tough season for the young side but people seem to forget its about creating players at this age......not just winning and the new foreign lads will take time to adapt...just luck at recent history...Pacheco, nacho, texiera etc......never easy...."
Norfolk in Chance
15th Sep 2013 11:16
"Bistry: I said Cooper's left and been replaced but wondered why. You don't know why, you have just re-worded my comment after looking up Critchley. You can't name a single top coach that has no qualifications either cos they all require Pro-Licences, it's part of league rules. Don't spread misinformation and pass it off as knowledge."