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martin skrtel is the new beast in carnit , forget lesnar
13th Sep 2013 16:38
13th Sep 2013 16:57
"bring them on.In BR we stand and trust"
13th Sep 2013 17:01
"play toure RB while Johnson is out, and keep skrtel in the team! shouldn't change a winning team"
13th Sep 2013 17:08
"Good to hear BR saying some good things about Skrtel. After so many negative comments about their 'relationship' from all and sundry including Carra it's good to hear the manager making a fair comment about the player - let's hope he selects the best pairing in defence based on that as well. "
Dede 7
13th Sep 2013 17:55
"Congratulations BR."
13th Sep 2013 18:40
"agree with hester, imagine toure skrtel and agger from set plays against likes of davies,pabloy, dyer and routledge"
13th Sep 2013 18:49
"hester the jester - what a dimwitted chav"
13th Sep 2013 23:16
"kissmyclass your a troll get off the site"
13th Sep 2013 23:47
"Don't forget... Suarez is back this month. It will be like signing a new player!!!"
13th Sep 2013 23:59
"jester91 you are the kenny hating buttha chum chum troll"
14th Sep 2013 1:58
"I feel Agger, Allen, Coutinho, Alberto, aspas should be used more against tactical teams like swansea, arsenal, southampton, spurs whereas kolo, sakho, moses, wisdom should be more used against bully teams like stoke, villa, west brom, west ham etc.."
14th Sep 2013 2:53
"competition will help Skrtel. It's the same thing Rodgers said about Pepe Reina. Will Skrtel leave in January?"
14th Sep 2013 4:32
"YNWA capt madface ;-)"
Norfolk in Chance
14th Sep 2013 11:19
"No matter where we finish the season, if United finish 7th I will be the happiest man alive. I would love it! Just love it! Unfortunately Bacon face would be back in the job but Gollum would be a out on his thick ear, doing his angry faced, trophy-less punditry on ITV1. All the glory hunting mancs would jump ship and start following PSG or any other team with money. Win-win."
14th Sep 2013 11:22
"That's good for skrtel to come into the fold and give a brilliant performance. I think we'll see more of Aspas when Suarez is back because I think the both can link up well and we will see more goals"
14th Sep 2013 18:54
"i personally think that SKRTEL-AGGER combination is our ideal central defensive pair..made from heaven!"
Mr Ostrich
14th Sep 2013 21:15
" "I think that has been part of the problem here; players that have been comfortable and never really had competition." - Brendan has hit the nail on the head with this remark. One of Kenny's major faults as manager, was that he would continue to play the likes of Downing, every game, with no threat to their place in the starting line-up."