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We should have a committee to arrange for buddha the Kenny hating troll to be tarred, feathered and put int he stocks to be pelted with rotten tomatoes.
13th Sep 2013 15:51
Norfolk in Chance
13th Sep 2013 15:52
"Having read previous minutes, it seems a paper tiger/ tick-box exercise. Hope I'm wrong & there will be meaningful outcomes, but I can't see it, given it's remit. It's a consumer focus group, which having been 'consulted' is then ignored."
16th Sep 2013 13:40
"I applied - unfortunately wasn't selected. good luck to those who get appointed. "
Denza Red
16th Sep 2013 15:21
"Having read every one of the published minutes of Supporters Committee meetings, it seems abundantly clear that the whole set-up is merely a PR exercise and 'talking shop'. Very few if any tangible advances appear to have been made. The owners and senior management seem to have every reason NOT to attend these meetings. A 'Paper Tiger' /'White Elephant!"
16th Sep 2013 17:55
"Hopefully the new Away fans rep can do something about the unfair allocation system that lets tickets get in the hands of touts."
Denza Red
19th Sep 2013 20:12
""therefore this role will particularly suit a parent with young children." So anyone else who has raised children will not be considered? Democracy at it's finest!!"
19th Sep 2013 22:04
"Hester u make me laugh kenny took us from nr bottom league to 5 then to to cup finals one won in Europe twice bought Suarez Enrique Carroll could not prove himself as injured and downing his setting up goals were missed by players not his fault lol"
19th Sep 2013 22:05
"Was not a jibe at u may read abit wrong "
23rd Sep 2013 12:54
"this is a wonderful opportunity for supporters who live in England. dont pass this up. i'm sure many who comment on this site would be delighted"