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Hope Fabio can put the Gooners to the sword!
13th Sep 2013 10:06
13th Sep 2013 10:47
"go for it Fabio!!!"
13th Sep 2013 11:25
"do what you do best fabio"
13th Sep 2013 11:34
"Grab a brace Fabio. Bury the gunners."
13th Sep 2013 12:19
"Great stuff hope he gets a good run and smash a few against arsenal for us at the weekend "
13th Sep 2013 12:37
"Do well Fabio. Get all the game time needed and come back to us a top striker. All the best."
13th Sep 2013 14:44
"we cant judge borini till hes given proper game time in the striker role! same way Chelsea fans thought sturridge was "rubbish" but we played him in his proper role as a ST and look at him shine! "
14th Sep 2013 0:16
"All he needs is confidence, come on FABIO!"
14th Sep 2013 0:54
"Go Fabio, O'Shea is a dirty bast#rd like another Irish ex Manure "
14th Sep 2013 2:26
"rednick68....ehhh firstly no he isnt. and yes im Irish but John O'Shea has never been seen as a dirty player. Secondly why would you appear to be saying this to fabio.. he is now his teammate. But whatever, best of luck Fab! you were epic for the reserves last time out, bit more of that and you could play a big part by taking lots of points off our rivals."
14th Sep 2013 9:32
"Hope he has a decent season and builds some confidence.Big season for him and jury,s out to say the least re;being an Lfc player."
14th Sep 2013 15:24
"it will only do him good. hope he starts. he needs game like hell."