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Yes...Owen will always remain a hero to me..
13th Sep 2013 10:20
13th Sep 2013 10:49
"good to hear michael's regained his senses - he certainly scored enough goals for us!!!"
13th Sep 2013 11:06
"Totally do accept that Owen only ever did what he thought was best for his own career but that's also the problem I have with mercenary footballers.Liverpool is in my blood he says, I don't think so Michael or you would have stayed with Stevie and Carra rather than chasing more money."
13th Sep 2013 11:38
"Hard to swallow the manure stint but you did give us very many great times Michael. You will always remain a LFC Great."
13th Sep 2013 11:38
"Yes he is part of LFC history but the way he left for Real Madrid...."
13th Sep 2013 11:41
"... and the Arsenal FA Cup Final! Priceless memories. "
13th Sep 2013 12:02
"LFC may be close to his heart but not sure the likes of Gerrard,Carragher,Fowler ever sign for Man U."
13th Sep 2013 12:05
"To me a legend! The goals, the exciment he brought - fantastic and that "rub your hands" celebration - Priceless! Have a word with Danny boy and see if he can copy it mate!!"
13th Sep 2013 12:36
"Owen and Torres will always go down as players that betrayed the football club. .. Owen has realised that none of the other clubs, including Man Utd would welcome him and feels homeless. ... lick your wounds owen. You were money faced, and if you did the right thing, would have been here with Gerrard and Carragher."
13th Sep 2013 14:42
"owen is still a hero, and you cant say going to Madrid is "chasing the money" he was going to a massive football club and at the time probably the best team around! the thing I didn't like was when he went to utd, but like he said he would have ended up in the championship so cant blame him"
13th Sep 2013 15:19
"Owen is like Marmite, you either like him or hate him, me personally, life is too short to hold grudes, yeah when you look back on his career, some people want to think about the bad points...but boooooy, what about his highs in a liverpool shirt, rather remember him with a smile, leave the bitterness to the to ;)"
13th Sep 2013 15:22
"continued: leave the bitterness to the to ;) YNWA Owen and thank you for so many highs as a liverpool supporter :)"
13th Sep 2013 15:23
"ok we can't say t.o.f.f.s on here? can you at least star it instead of changing the word to "to" cos it just doesn't make sense lol"
13th Sep 2013 17:18
"You were still wanted at LFC but you preferred Real Madrid. You compelled LFC to sell you for cheap. And you accused LFC of not taking care of you. I personally won't welcome you back in our heart. "
13th Sep 2013 18:07
"I have forgiven him quite some time ago! The goals he scored for us were memorable and brilliant! No one can fault him for that! He was and still is my hero! YNWA!"
13th Sep 2013 18:36
"Owen went on the cheap because of our own doing by not tying him to a long term contract , rafa was right not to offer mike a contract as he lost his spark due to his injuries,he was a great teenager but when he left his teens he was average"
13th Sep 2013 21:13
"Shame the way he forced us to sell him on the cheap and his comments when he joined manure, I did love that chant where were you in Istanbul ."
13th Sep 2013 21:30
"i'll always respect what you did for us (esp the FA Cup final), BUT none of us who are a red at heart would ever sign for THEM! If that meant the championship then so be it! I prefered GOD anyways!"
13th Sep 2013 22:21
"No,No,No. I have no problem if he decided to leave for another club. But join in Utd is another story altogether, this is a betray to our great club. I could be an extreme case, but I wouldn't even have any of utd player in my fantasy team. We should always think about consequences before making any decision. "
13th Sep 2013 23:21
"U said in one of ur interview that u are a manu legend not liver, what about that. u tought we will never rise, just go away."
14th Sep 2013 1:49
"Judas! "
14th Sep 2013 6:12
"I never believe u and you are not welcome for us. You betrayed both LFC and Newscastle. You are just a idiot and looking for money. Go and support Man U team like a dog! Rubbish!!!"
14th Sep 2013 12:42
"Fans let their feelings remove the objective nature of football as a proffession, but i still have a lot of respect for everything Owen ever did for this club."
14th Sep 2013 20:01
"A LFC great but not loved after leaving for a fraction of his transfer value ... Wounds are still raw & always will be!"
14th Sep 2013 23:14
"No way back once he pulled on the manc shirt, irrespective of the way he left us for Real Madrid. Personally don't rate him as a summariser either. "
15th Sep 2013 4:47
"I never deny what Owen had help us in the past. However, it is meaningless when you talk about heart belongs to us. He has no regret because he does not feel shame at all. Selfish and only looking for money."
15th Sep 2013 4:49
"He said once he was in Man U when he won the EPL - If u cant beat a team, go and join it.... That's why he retire at Stroke with no one care of him...Like a dog crossing a street Imagine your wife/husband divorced with you and married the one u hated most. Then he/she said I am still love u. Owen is this kind of dog, no shame!!! "
15th Sep 2013 10:11
"Great striker . I would of had him in my best ever 11 players for Liverpool. Partnered up front with, Suarez and Torres. Wow that would of been a great strike force.... YNWA ."
15th Sep 2013 12:42
"You burned your bridges with us Michael by playing for the Mancs. You can't go back."
16th Sep 2013 7:49
"YNWA will always be a true Red for me."