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Done nothing as of yet in the league
13th Sep 2013 9:47
13th Sep 2013 9:51
"Michu: shush"
13th Sep 2013 10:34
"Give the guy a break - he's still adapting to the style of the team and the EPL (Do no underestimate the difficulty of the latter."
13th Sep 2013 10:50
"jonjo - lovely lad, but was a little slow and not a good tackler for BR's system, plus an uncertain touch, so, good move all round"
13th Sep 2013 11:19
"I am a little worried about Shelvy's sometimes reckless tackles now that they will be aimed at us. I hope we exit this game 3 points in hand an ankles intact. "
13th Sep 2013 11:23
"it will be a great opportunity for jonjo to prove a thing or two.. we should also be wary of him."
13th Sep 2013 11:34
"shelvey is a good passer of the ball but nothing more, can't tackle, can't header , gives ball away cheaply "
13th Sep 2013 11:56
"Aspas was fantastic in the opener against stoke, but looked a fish out of water against United. I expect he'll start again on Monday night and have another blinder.... He's not ready for the big games yet, nor is sterling and to some extent coutinho - though all fantastic talents!"
13th Sep 2013 12:45
"Aspas needs to hit the gym and the protein bars. He is too lightweight for the EPL. Defenders are bumping him off the ball way too often. Not impressed with him just yet but can see he has got the skill and pace. His off the ball movement is also great..."
13th Sep 2013 12:57
"michu score 15 goals last season nd u say michu who?"
13th Sep 2013 13:11
"Definitely worth a fiver on a Jonjo Red this game. I reckon he'll be flying in everywhere."
13th Sep 2013 13:30
"I can see Aspas being one of those players who, despite doing a job for the team, won't post the figures to keep idiots from scapegoating him."
13th Sep 2013 13:58
"People knocking Aspas should spend more time watching him rather than the ball. His movement is incredible and creates space for others. He might not be dazzling fans with the ball at his feet, but his work rate is selfless and a big part of our early season success."
American Liverpool Fan
13th Sep 2013 14:08
"aspas has done something in the league, he has an assistâ"
13th Sep 2013 14:18
"I'm not so sure Aspas will start on Monday, with Moses in the team. There's only place for two out of these three: Moses, Aspas and Hendo. If Hendo is out, then Coutinho in the CAM role, otherwise as winger. We'll see."
13th Sep 2013 14:24
"give him time to settle then judge him!"
13th Sep 2013 14:46
"Also, if you analyze our performances so far this season, you will see that we have scored our goals (and created lots of other chances) in the first hour of matches, while spending the last half hour pretty much clinging on for the result. I don't think it's any coincidence that Aspas has started all those games and been withdrawn around the hour mark. "
Vosta Lee
13th Sep 2013 15:04
"Good reminder! Aspas had an assist in his first EPL game. It took the EPL experienced Stewart Downing a lot longer to get his first assist with Liverpool. Aspas will be class. You saw it here first."
13th Sep 2013 16:13
"I just wonder is he going to have a season like Borini where he gets game time but does not produce that added goals or assists needed to maintain his position in the side. I like him even thuogh he runs awkward, he reads the game well and gets into good positions. Hope he starts getting a few."
13th Sep 2013 16:29
"Binomial: 3 games in, calm yourself. "
13th Sep 2013 18:28
"aspas is similar to borini when it come to movement around the opposition defence and rodger should alert his midfielders to watch out 4 those runs also daniel sturridge should be told to luk out 4 him when aspas is in a better situation than him."
13th Sep 2013 23:24
"I like Aspas was great against stoke got an assist, people say he wasn't good against United but put 100% into his performance and challenged for everything! I like a player who is willing to fight!"
14th Sep 2013 0:43
"Aspas has been getting into great scoring positions but the ball has never been released, not knocking Danny here but he can be a little too selfish at times"
14th Sep 2013 2:34
"VixterK1J.. well said and noticed, his movement has been brilliant, he has also been good on the ball and has set up a few chances perfectly. not his fault stevie etc missed them. Those sayin hes done nothing must think only Dan has, cause he is the only one to score. Aspas will get goals. Coutinho has been quiet so far but give it time and all these players will gel"
14th Sep 2013 2:37
"Binomial... was watching lfctv the other day and program about Stevie. He was almost identical in his play as Jonjo when he first started. Very rash in the challenge and a little over eager. Shelvey has a lot of talent and has been very good at Swansea so far. He can also score and i really hope we have first refusal on bringing him back if he fulfills his potential."
14th Sep 2013 9:34
"Let,s keep the momentum going reds!"
14th Sep 2013 15:28
"Aspas needs to wave his hands about when he's in a good position. I think he's had a good start to his Liverpool career. He always looks so positive and keeps going. I'd love to seeing start scoring a few."
14th Sep 2013 15:32
"Aspas hasn't scored in the league yet, but neither has anybody else, apart from Sturridge."