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Its safe to say...we have Henderson now who is going to be future captain of England (mark my words) as our new Kuyt! YNWA Kuyt! Loved you when you played for us....hardly ever played as striker...always on the wing. 71 goals from a winger aint half bad. Also your hattrick against United as the most remembered moment!!
13th Sep 2013 9:36
13th Sep 2013 9:41
"Timeless legend of this football club. I'd love to see Dirk return to Anfield as a coach one day. YNWA"
13th Sep 2013 10:01
"An absolute hero! A real likeable guy, and that hatrick against united just wonderful. If he hadn't been stuck out wide at times I'm sure he would of bagged more goals too! LEGEND!! "
13th Sep 2013 10:36
"neil Said everything I wanted to :)"
13th Sep 2013 14:28
"agree with neil991 aswell! hendo is really coming in too his own now, and you see when he scores how much it means to him "
Vosta Lee
13th Sep 2013 15:12
"Kuyt is a legend alright. I'll never forget him popping up as an auxiliary (sic?) right back in the Champs League game against Arsenal ... and then popping up as a right winger before being a right back again. I don't know how many lungs he has."
13th Sep 2013 16:09
"Dirk.....Legend in my opinion Henderson has that ability too. Needs a little more time to mature"
13th Sep 2013 17:26
"you worked like a slave and we love you for that. A red forever YNWA"
13th Sep 2013 17:57
"top guy dirk never gave less than 100% an hero of the kop "
14th Sep 2013 8:56
"That's why every season I have the name "Kuyt 18" on the back of my shirt, no one worked harder for the club on the pitch."
14th Sep 2013 10:23
"What a workhorse he was and his irregularity in front of goal was oet by his incredible work rate. We have another in Hendo who has shown real character and is maturing impressively as a player. "
14th Sep 2013 11:39
"A down to earth guy who gave his all and never complained. In the WC he played as a left winger for Holland; no complaint from him about playing out of position."
14th Sep 2013 11:58
"Indeed Dirk Kuyt was a hero. Fantastic atude and very important goals. Was disappointed to see him go but I will always rate his as one of my favourite LFC players. YNWA Derek !!"