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good job ladies
12th Sep 2013 21:38
12th Sep 2013 21:46
"Nice. Congrats girls! That sets up a great showdown with Bristol. Imagine having to play against them on the final game. If they win their 2nd last match it's gonna be a great match to watch. "
12th Sep 2013 21:48
"well done ladies ynwa"
12th Sep 2013 21:49
"well done ladies ynwa"
12th Sep 2013 22:06
"Another fantastic win! Well done LFC Ladies!!! YNWA! JFT96!"
12th Sep 2013 22:12
"Well done ladies, any chance Natasha could be on the bench v Swansea Monday night , 19 goals in 20 games is fantastic,"
12th Sep 2013 22:53
"Well done ladies,a great result and keep it going.This team has come a long way, thanks to the investment in players and staff."
13th Sep 2013 0:35
"get ur tickets for the final game it's gonna be historic!"
13th Sep 2013 3:46
"Wow, She's better than torres "
13th Sep 2013 3:57
"Brilliant job ladies. One win away...amazing, YNWA and good luck"
Super man
13th Sep 2013 6:30
"Bring the cup home!LADIES "
13th Sep 2013 7:33
"Why do we never get highlights from the ladies' games?"
13th Sep 2013 8:29
"19 goals in 20 games looks like a challenge for studge ;-)"
13th Sep 2013 8:44
"I actually watched the game and our ladies will certainly and deservedly be champoins."
13th Sep 2013 10:24
"Well done!!! YNWA"