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To me he is the best signing of the season. Keep up the good work!
14th Sep 2013 9:58
Norfolk in Chance
14th Sep 2013 10:37
"I'm thinking of a number and I'll tell you what it is at the end of the season.... Wow, that's incredible, makes Derren Brown look like a muppet... Even Paul Daniels couldn't do better than that. Can't wait until the end of the season now :) "
14th Sep 2013 11:57
"Mignolet and sakho will be great players for LFC with Ilori to follow next season as I think he will only play a few games this season,Moses I don't know how good he is I am just disappointed we didn't get Eriksen or lamela,why did we need to sign so many defenders when we are crying out for a decent midfielder. "
14th Sep 2013 12:15
"Lets shut out Michu n gang..YNWA"
Innocent man
14th Sep 2013 13:33
"I respect BR for understanding our most weaken point last season that make us end up that position. mignolet is the secrete of our rapid growth and will continue like this.YNWA"
14th Sep 2013 13:47
"i think by the the time january comes,people will know that we are on our way back and that will open up transfer oportunities that were not available this window,happy with all the new signings,rodgers team is 80% complete,more to come"
14th Sep 2013 14:58
"Simon was was the signing of the year for sure. While I loved Pepe and have been a fan for years, he was beginning to show signs of age. A lot of the goals allowed last season were, I believe, ones that should have been stopped. Personal opinion though. Still love Pepe, he will always be one of my favorite Liverpool players."
15th Sep 2013 9:32
"One area definitely he should improve is his long distributions. Most to the time either it goes to the opposition or out of the pitch. Work on this area, Simon and John"