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The comment is no way related to the article. But the amount of interviews from the players is too much.. I don't remember any player not giving interview in the last 2 weeks. Let us maintain a low profile until we really achieve...
16th Sep 2013 8:56
16th Sep 2013 8:58
"Take us to the top with another clean sheet...."
16th Sep 2013 9:25
"Top top keeper thank you to everyone who got him here keep up the hard work YNWA"
16th Sep 2013 9:48
"Kidofkop88 u are right it is better we mentain a low profile 4 now b4 teams starts taking us extreemly serious."
16th Sep 2013 10:09
"KidofKop88, all these articles are from the same interviews just recycled over and over again. Mignolet has only given one interview but they have made about 6 articles out of it by splitting it all up. Same with the other players."
16th Sep 2013 10:37
"Quit moaning, when the footballs going well, you numpty's will always find something to moan at. I'm sure if they didn't have these articles you'd moan the site was a waste of money. "
16th Sep 2013 11:17
"Hmm, shouldn't he try to develop his strengths and work on his weaknesses instead? Just saying. Anyway, keep up the good work and the clean sheets. "
16th Sep 2013 12:10
"We are the best, Simon is number 1, vamos LFC!! We can win the league, we must believe."
16th Sep 2013 13:13
"When will the forums be back up and working? Can we at least have a update of what is going on?"
16th Sep 2013 14:10
"Most of the lads seem to be doing the right thing mentally regarding concentration and motivation, regarding the headline. Simon if you were poor we would let you know, that you can count on but you have been good and we also let you guys know when that happens but we can tell a good player and we think you are one of those."
16th Sep 2013 14:14
"I will like to see our first eleven slug it out in the EPL, then the rest do it in other cup game ALAYBIR - YNWA"
16th Sep 2013 14:14
"Very happy to have you Simon keep up the good work and stay humble because every day you start from Zero.. that is what my hero Pepe said. As soon as you get comfortable you know youll be mooving on.."
southbrook scouse
16th Sep 2013 14:43
"We must stop all the interviews with the players. This is not the Liverpool way. Let the football do the talking."
16th Sep 2013 15:10
"Couldn't agree more - we haven't achieved ANYTHING just yet - it is a LONG, HARD season. Feet on the ground and stay focused! "
Dede 7
16th Sep 2013 15:15
"Great keeper."
16th Sep 2013 16:28
"keep working hard boys, the good times are back!"
16th Sep 2013 16:29
" KidofKop88 - I've noticed that myself. Many of them are needless and you don't really think of it, but Interviews are mentally tiring. "
16th Sep 2013 17:02
"All i can say is "walk on m8,walk on" youve proved you are top class allready,do not fear mistakes now becaurse"ynwa""
16th Sep 2013 17:18
"I hate this showbiz thing these days, much too much interviews, too much talk and letting everyone know what you're thinking, just get on with the vital job of coming away with three points at Swansea, one game at a time, get the job done, that's all that matters 3 points YNWA "
16th Sep 2013 17:22
"Comments on a match that's just finished is ok but I hate listening to pre match talk. Get the job done, get the points and we can talk later. Anyone see 'The Good, The Bad and the Ugly? When Tuco shoots the one armed gunman says 'When you gotta shoot, shoot, don't talk'."
16th Sep 2013 18:12
"Kidofkop88 - if we have less interviews of players, they'll have to start laying off staff at LFC TV."